Photographer Evan Kafka makes a living off making babies make faces (12 photos)

Check out more of Even’s awesome photography at his website HERE

  • MeLoveYouLongTime

    Mr. Sandman bring me a treat

  • MigraineBoy

    They all look like the mailman…

  • notakidnomore

    those are some ugly ass buggers

  • whatsmyhouse

    This post could also be entitled "playing with your food"

  • Motoring SOB

    Most of these are shopped

    • MigraineBoy

      You can tell by some of the pixels? Did you see lots of Photoshops in your day?

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    11, Future Chiver…

    • Dang

      more like 12…

      • Hez26

        I think 12 will end up on the wrong side of this Chive business

  • bigdaddydrew


    • bigdaddydrew

      #3 Obama?

  • Jeremy Crabtree

    #6 Looks like Chris Farley

  • Equalizer

    #11 – Who's Awesome?

  • chiver

    #4 and #11

  • HellHath NoFury

    4 is so cute! Who says The Chive hates Asians? Awwwww

  • Evan Kafka's amazing pictures of babies

    […] Evan Kafka baby and animal photogrpahs, via The Chive […]

  • shanna_SA

    all are photo shopped….his work is too similar to Jill Greenberg's <- all the hype on how she makes babies cry for her pictures and used as political art……go check it out…

  • Learn to Spell

    Her pitcher? We talking baseball or beer? You're letting yourself down, Doucheface.

    But HH with a pitcher would be very tempting…

  • HellHath NoFury

    My pitcher is tempting. You should see the PICTURES of her. She's very pretty and has great throwing speed.

  • leo_enrique

    #6 needs a drawn on hitler mustache and bam! u got urself a cute lil nazi

  • Gdawg

    "Baby… da udder udder white meat"!! Fat Bastard

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