Awesome dude gets revenge against his fiance (19 Photos)

Thanks to one of our Chivers, Sean, for sending in the backstory on this. Sean says,

This guy was supposed to get married (to a women) but she bailed on him a few days later. He went around and took pictures in her dress, after that he sent the pictures to her, her family, and now they are on the internet...

  • Northman

    Um… wut?

  • blah

    This dude isnt awesome. =(

    • dorian

      yes he is

    • Shmo

      He is a legend

    • NTFW

      so awesome it's scary you mean

    • Phyro

      He is the very definition of awesome.

  • jerome

    i can't tell if the guy is crazy or not, but he looks like he's having a fucking blast i gotta admit

    • manwhore

      he's a freak, that's why she didn't show up. you should get drunk with friends, visit some whores for release and move on.

      • porkins

        Yeah, contract some syphilis, that'll make ya feel better.

    • CMG

      he's awesome!

  • gator

    i really dont know what to say about this….

    • H^S

      Then keep your mouth shut, otherwise you'll catch a fly.

  • haz

    for some reason I can't stop laughing. good on ya, dude

  • sean

    there is a story that goes along with these pictures that chive failed to mention. This guy was supposed to get married (to a women) but she bailed on him a few days later. He went around and took pictures in her dress; some pictures arent on here where he really ruins the dress. after that he sent the pictures to her, her family, and now they are on the internet..

    major win for this guy

    • stafferty

      I thought he just lost a bet with one of his buddies and decided to take it too far.

      The only fail I can see is that he was about to marry a girl who was the same size as he is. Otherwise you have to love his sense of humor about a bad situation.

    • jstave

      Thanks. that makes sense. except for the pic where he is gazing into that other dudes eyes.

      • stafferty

        The other dude isn't the most distrubing part, think about him and the cow in #6. That is by far the most fucked up.

    • John

      Just updated the story, thanks for the backstory, Sean

    • Rusty

      Okay, here's the thing. The dude is obviously Russian or some close facsimile thereof. You – with a name like Sean – are most likely NOT Russian, or any close facsimile thereof.

      So how do you know the back story on this picture?

      Not saying you're full of shit, necessarily, but inquiring minds want to know.

      • Captain Charley

        fuck you rusty

  • Stevo

    #3 UNLUCKY, his dress is gonna be dirty now!

  • tommy

    this guy is my hero

  • From Under a Rock

    More gay than awesome… you sure showed her…

  • w/eeeee

    epic beard

  • keithp420

    i can see why she left him…

  • Rick

    I'm guessing that he's burned a bridge or two with these photos – no chance of reconciliation, apparently!

  • vince

    Exactly HOW does this constitute revenge? Methinks he simply has a cross-dressing fetish.

  • HardCore Mike

    I need more info… I don't get the point. Why should the EX-fiance be upset? Does this not, in fact, validate her unwillingness to marry the guy?

  • aosux

    Kurt Cobain? Is that you?!

  • @Jeffrey__Scott

    There is still so many questions to be asked. Why did she bail? Did she find out about his cross-dressing fetish? Why did he have her dress? How do the pictures constitute revenge. Was it her mothers wedding dress or something like that? If he got the ring back he should have swallowed it, pooped it out, taken pictures, then sent her the ring and the pictures.

  • Surge

    Anyone else disturbed that he can actually fit into his finance's dress?

    • Kjellupa

      First think I thought of as well. Looks like he's better off without her.

  • Justin Hall

    Wait, wait … how does this embarrass the ex-fiancee? If anything, she and her family are looking at these photos saying, "Good call on the whole … 'not-marrying-the-cross-dresser' thing."

  • wierdo

    no wonder she bailed on the fruit loop!!!

  • Kyle

    The one with the Gold Swans is probably my favorite…. yes, because of the gold swans.

    • cara

      CONCUR!!!! I found the gold swans hilarious. I like this guy, that 's some funny shit.

  • Ken

    I think the idea is pointless, but I have to admit that the photos are well done. If the point was to make a satire of cheesy wedding pictures then it was a win. If this was supposed to be revenge, it was a fail.

  • mattythegooch

    Went a tad overboard for "revenge". Took some serious Glamour Shots photos all out of spite??

  • Mr. Awesomeness

    how does being in a dress on the internet make you awesome? the first time one of these photos is circulated without the prior story (which isn't that good to begin with) he fails.

    keep at the deliberation, chive… until you come to a different conclusion.

  • Joy

    Judging from the looks of that dress, the chick that dumped him was a fatty, with terrible taste. She did him a favor.

  • kim

    i don't get how this is revenge against the fiance. i mean, with or without the backstory, doesn't look to serve much purpose. except remind her how strange he can be. or that he's oddly comfortable in a dress. plus, he's the one spreading this across the interweb? seems counterproductive… counterintuitive? … of those.

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