Awesome dude gets revenge against his fiance (19 Photos)

Thanks to one of our Chivers, Sean, for sending in the backstory on this. Sean says,

This guy was supposed to get married (to a women) but she bailed on him a few days later. He went around and took pictures in her dress, after that he sent the pictures to her, her family, and now they are on the internet...

  • Mariairis

    – Okay this is not the first time this has happened to me when vineiwg your pictures. Sometimes I swear I know the people, i’m like hey I know them ! Of course I really don’t. I think I finally just realized that’s it’s because you capture the true essence of people so well that it makes them seem so familiar. Does that make any sense?Can’t wait to see thier wedding flicks! Thanks for the comment! You rock!

  • resist_boredom

    did she leave him cos he looks like a creepy stalker?

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