Send us the most bizarre thing in your home/office right now! (65 Photos, Session Closed)

Hey Chivers,
You're bored off your ass at work right now so let's have a little fun. What is the strangest thing in your home/office/dorm room? It can be anything you choose. Take a photo of it (be creative), and send it to theCHIVE using our handy-dandy upload page or just use thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Bob and I are standing by to field you emails. We'll post the photos as they come in. Feel free to put add text to the pics if you like. So let's have some fun, get a movin'. Do it for your country!

Chive On!

John n' Bob

*UPDATE: SESSION CLOSED* Thanks to all the Chivers for participating. Check back next week, same bat time, same bat channel.

  • BigDingo

    Pirate hat… clearly chivers are natural enemies with ninjas

  • man man

    It's Weird Wednesday!

    • Ralk

      Wacky Wednesday?

  • danny

    Mixing office gumby with half naked girls in a way that somehow makes perfect sense is the reason I'm hopelessly addicted to this goddam site

  • SG34

    OMG #5……u better be in Sexy Chiver's on friday with a face and of course more of that under boob!!!

  • rufus

    I wanna join Haley and co.
    I can't because I'm an accountant and my life blows more than you can possibly know

  • beige and blue

    Uhm, Chive.. Spelling error in title! Strangest, not stragest! Sorry, guys!

  • Andy gump

    In-N-Out FTW! I'll bear-chest-man-wrestle anybody who says it Five Guys is better. It's not.

    • Danny P

      Sounds like you'd like to roll around with five guys… Gay.

    • zym

      Even money you offer to "bear-chest-man-wrestle" anybody over any damn thing possible.

    • admiralevident

      Had both and I started with In-N-Out. In-N-Out is more addictive, but not as good.

    • Seth

      Gump i got your back, In n out kicks five guys ass

  • MarkAssBuster

    #14 – amputee bikini splendor!!! woot woot 😀

  • Dom

    #35, I'll take the poodle and some astroglide.

    • SG34


  • gem

    hmmmn weed isn't strange

    • ccornwall777

      It just may be oregano… LOL

  • Phil

    Hah sex shop wins.

    Who's mom is a Lesbian? 😉

  • daddyfatsak

    Illegal Pete's spotting, someone is in CO!

    • nucof

      CO FTW!
      The stickers generally hide the contraband inside the fridge…

    • illegal pete

      pete's FTW!

  • Danny P

    #26 is schwag.

    • zym

      Even schwag thinks that's turrible weed. Looks like lawn clippings.

      • blah

        I agree. Doesn't even look real.

    • Jess

      looks more like parsley or basil LOL!

      • VanIsleChiver

        enough for a pin joint I s'pose ….. but there ain't enough for all of us!

  • donald

    dude quittin' job is awesome

    • Danny P

      I am so jealous. Please go out in style.

  • Ralk

    #52 – Slap a bitch before you leave.. Get PICS!!!

  • marc

    some of these pics make me really hate what i do!!! can we get a post dedicated to Haley & co.?

  • drinkinguy

    #47 – one eyed cat with chicken foot and cock soup mix might be the winner for strangest.

    • Ralk

      Looks Chopped…

      • severedleg

        its actually a hawks foot

      • fishy

        Goshdammit why does everything have to be chopped shopped cropped or rolled in jelly.

  • Nikki Heat

    Yay Quagmire!

  • hitman219

    Hey my desk made the Chive!

    • hitman219

      Golfing Bear with Eddie & the Chive in the background!

  • ccornwall777

    it says 65 but I reloaded the page and there is only 57 pictures

    • Ralk

      Same here….

    • Dom

      Pretty sure the Chive hasn't set the bong down today. Lots of goofeyness.

    • ccornwall777

      Now it says 62..

  • fasterthanu

    #24 do you normally take photos of children?

    lol am only jokin ; )

  • zym

    Even though my Aquaman got chopped, Plasticman, Astley and sad Keanu are proud as hell today.

  • Ripley

    Our scary jackalope is now famous. Bow to the nefarious fanged beast of the plains…

  • Ben

    Shake Weight and Nachos the lunch of Champions! follow that with a Rockstar total BA!

  • trevor

    hahaha #43, i keep a bottle of Crystal hot sauce at my desk too.
    but i go with the "extra hot", man up, lol.

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