• kenny

    only in thailand is this possible =)

  • OneClownShoe

    Raff Out Roud!

  • PewPew

    If he had a black berry he would of defended him self.

  • Pretty good though

    Guys …. this's a set up ! Part of fast food ads in Thailand

  • iwain

    It's officially a set up for commercial in some schools in Thailand

  • Rolis

    i wish teachers in US had the balls to do this, and that they could not get sued, parents should be forced to sign a contract that the teacher has that authority and can do that. Then maybe more students would actually graduate instead of being pushed to graduate cuz if they get left back the class will be overcrowded, plus even as an adult i hate it when im doing a presentation and somebodys cell goes off, i feel like FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  • Oscar Cornejo

    to do it maybe if youre the last one on the classroom but at the first??
    the problem is that i think the teacher will need to pay it back xD

  • Virulent87

    Dont use phone =)

  • Anonymous

    Well done, madam teacher; well done.

  • Cravenmorehead

    If I was the teacher I would have just shot him in the face and then taken a picture with his stupid phone. Then I would pee on him. Then I would make the entire class write an Essay in english with proper punctuation, by hand pen:). The title of the essay would be" My loser generation that doesn't have the brains or guts to self terminate". Then I would shoot them in the face and pee on them. Thats alot of pee:).

  • Anonymous

    hahaaaaa…poor guy!

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