One awesome health department building?? (16 Photos)

This geometric shaped health department building is located in Basque, Spain. What’s the message here? Life is complicated??

  • Justinian

    Massive Dynamic?

    • galuhgani

      I'll be looking where agent dunham is

  • Goat Scrote

    Why does the Health Department have the money to do something like this?

  • stafferty

    This building is awesome on its own, but it should not be here. For one, It doesn't match the rest of the architecture in the area and makes it look ugly in comparrison to the other building and sticks out more than it should. Also, will all of Spain's Debt, is all of this wasted area ("cathedral" style ceilings could eaily have offices) in an obviously densly populated/high land value section like this the best idea?

    • BrutalDeluxe

      This is a picture archive. Fucking relax.

    • Nahia

      I live in Bilbao and I think this building is fantastic. Furthermore, in the Basque Country we have our own tax system which is different from the rest of Spain so we don´t have the Spain´s Debt. Basically, we collect our taxes and we pay our debts and the Basque Country still possesses the AAA qualification.

  • Freud

    Hope it's not a building full of psychiatrists or psychologists…it would make their patients even crazier!

  • Ken

    I think the building looks creepy and out of place. Inside it is cold and uninviting. If I had to come up with one word to describe it that word would be 'uncomfortable.'

  • Gregory Nelson Courtney

    umm. it looks really cool, but practically, isn't it a giant waste of usable space, where's all the offices at?

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    I think it is ugly.

  • Catence

    I like it except for the giant thing that looks like a horn coming out the top…why is that there?

  • Holly Reinders McMillen

    A whole lot of building, but I saw no offices. I think the architect needs to seek professional help.

    • drtx

      The wide open floors seen in photos #8 and #12 make it look like this building will be filled with cubicles.



  • Tyler Mars

    wow that building is sweet, night shot #12 makes it

  • Kjell King

    #11 one of these is not like the other…
    Reminds me of the public library in Seattle

  • equalizermax

    The architect who designed this probably in meth…

  • Shane

    lol @ "geometric shaped", as opposed to the other buildings of the world that are not based on geometry?

  • vince

    Bottom line: Crap. It is only the exoskeleton that is uniquely shaped- other than a few skewed lines to create asymmetrical lines, the interior is cold and drab. Too much of what passes for 'amazing' architecture is actually nothing more than 'differently shaped' or 'modern materials' architecture. Archies are taught more about form than function, and are given egos to believe their creativity gives them license to run amok with client's money.
    *This building will probably leak like a sieve within 10 years because aesthetics were more important than durability.
    *20' wide hallways? I'll wager there nearly as much cubic footage in hallways, utilities and unusable space than there is in actual office space.
    *The proper upkeep on materials used on the interior will probably be prohibitive for a public building. Cheap maintenance and under-funded cleaning budgets will probably lend to early deterioration of materials and visual appeal.

    I would not be surprised to see this building primarily vacated in less than 30 years.

    • Wadafakyatakinabout

      you said exoskeleton. how about you learn some architecture first before you start critiquing it.

      • vince

        Wanker. Shows what you know. There are a dozen terms interchangeable here. What, you heard the word in biology class one day, and now you think that is the only proper use of the word? I was an architecture student myself until I quit because of the pompous attitudes and teachings. I learned construction and design the hard way, and have designed commercial as well as residential construction since. I don't make 100K a year, but I have the satisfaction of knowing that my designs incorporate function before form- which is what matters most to the customer- not my ego, noch meine Über-Ich. You can have your critique back since you don't know "wadafakyatakinabout"…

  • Cajun Carrot

    Damn it must be fun spending other people's money!

  • amanda

    10 – oh yeah, those are some pimp access stairs…
    The rest of the building is pretty awesome though. So why include that shot?

  • Coldzilla

    So is the health department trying to explain what an Eyesore is?

  • Josh

    Looks like the ROM

  • dtriz

    Hope thats not what the healthcares gonna look like…

  • HLK

    I would be extremely pissed to see tax money intended for actual healthcare to be wasted on something like this

  • bebek

    Thanks Dude..
    Thanks Dude..

  • BIlbaino

    Is a library in Bilbao, Vasque Country.

  • dyrp

    i like how its really contemporary, contrasting the old architecture around it. reminds me of the citadel from hl2.

  • Sergio

    Heyyyy… the building was well built, the problem was a very fat black man that farted very strong when the concrete were not ready yet.

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