• firstest

    Not really very FIRST funny actually.

  • Sdrug

    guy in the red shirt is the man.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1541903808 Luca Bellone

    The famous fat-kid-seal-jump

  • chubby


  • jamie

    not so funny when its the real cops crashing the party .. they never bring chip-ins !!!!!!!

    • Rob

      Or home invaders pulling this.

  • Baldy

    hahah seal skid! thats money!

  • MaxMunch

    Just curios…What's funny about that?

    • the real d. nozzle

      seal kid. that's what. fat kids taking dives….priceless.

  • Dooshbag

    uhh… pointing guns at people is never acceptable unless you intend to shoot them. this isn't funny at all.

    • Jake

      ESPECIALLY when they're unloaded and/or fake. Because we all know that is when they are most likely to kill you.

    • Lame

      yeah I agree. Fascist playing fascist is never cool, even if its a joke. =/

  • top dog

    That oughta teach them not to skip school.

  • stroudarts

    That's why you always leave a note…

    • biscuit

      Arrested Development FTW!

      • cpt

        Michael Bluth: I need the guy with the fake arm, J. Walter Weatherman.
        George Bluth, Sr.: Oh, he's dead. You killed him when you left the door open with the air conditioning on.

  • Jonathan

    I disagree. I think this is hilarious. Take kids out of the "Call of Duty" world and put them right back to reality. Awesome.

  • jstave

    Haha the old SWAT prank. Gets um every time.

  • jake

    Well see now whenever the real SWAT busts down their door they'll just think it's a joke… I want to see THAT video

    • Six

      I gave you thumbs up, just saying…

  • Marmor

    This was hilarious, don't take it too seriously, its a prank… I would be mortified if those guns were loaded, but of course they are not, so no danger.. its a prank and if ever in the future the real SWAT where to bust though the door of one of those kids, that would more that probably mean there was a reason for it…. but they all look like good kids … so its prank !!…

  • murph

    fastest that fast kid has ever moved in his life

  • SweetAwesomeness

    i love the kid on the couch using the couch cushion as a shield!!! lol

  • http://DirtyFootHunters.com DirtyFootHunters.com

    Why was the fat kid so scared? Has he been stealing twinkies?

  • Coldzilla

    LOL that one chubby guy looks like hes done this before

  • Coldzilla

    Uh huh




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