Chicks with washboard abs -hot or not? (10 photos)

  • Ibrahim

    pspan class=”comment-author”Sarah To span-/span /spanThat is so awesome 🙂 let us know your Singapore dates so we can fly down and take you on a makan sutra /p

  • beef

    Very hot. Every single one

  • sara

    awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • billyjack13

    I'd bang em all…

  • jp26

    #37 is very sexy but the rest aren't my cup of tea.

    I like slender girls but ripped is a bit too much, and if you are gonna have crazy abs then you need some decent sized boobs to offfset them, preferably real.

  • Tamera

    i think #11 is the best on here .. that's where woman who work out should stop .. yep 😀
    and #5 , #15 and #35 are runner up 😀

  • Jim


  • elger

    Smokin hot. Take any one of them out on the town…. or back to the bed

  • don. P.
    had to check if it was nip slip

  • Logan

    Like someone earlier said, there is a line between sexy and masculine. I like girls with abs. But just abs. I don't want the muscular arms or nothing. And with the abs, nothing extreme. Just to where you can see the individual muscles in it. When it gets to really deep cuts, it's a little too much for me. And if the girl has a sexy body that's lean but not much ab definition, it's no deal breaker. The abs are just kinda hot.

  • true

    Some fap fap fap others I am throwing up arms nasty but the boobs nice abs on some

  • six pack

    The quick black wolf jumped over the lazy pet

  • naterio

    That's a lot of girly 6 pack abs all in one place!

  • reno

    I think it's funny when men say no to women that have better abs then they do. They are beautiful espcially number 44 with her nerdy little glasses and superman shirt

  • fitgirl235

    Strong is the new sexy, and those of you who think those girls are manly and gross probably have a six pack of beer under your shirts instead of abs… hit the gym for a change instead of the McDonald's drive through!

  • alex

    always, always, always hot and #19 marry me?

  • Jacob

    Hell yes all these women are fucking sexy!!!

  • James
  • waller

    Like most things it depends on the hotness of the girl. IMO it can't be too bulky and the rest of the body needs to compliment it by looking more feminine. If the girl does not have the physique to compliment it the whole look falls apart which is why from these pictures its obviously very hit or miss.

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  • Samantha

    Heck yes who says a woman can't be beautiful with abs? Men want us to have huge tits and tiny waists and huge asses and no muscle tone. More muscle tone more power. Better to punch these douches in the face!

  • shop hunter

    In general fit chicks are hot as hell, some of these are a bit over the top.

    #14 is photoshopped. Here is the original –

  • Jawbone

    #6 #36 Doesn't matter when you're a butterface.

  • Dile

    Sixe hot pohot

  • Jac

    Women with abs r hott nice chest C-D cups & sexy abs r the best

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