Hot Right Now: Here come the hunnies & funnies (20 Photos)

Time to christen this week with some “Awesome” (28 Photos)

  • Samantha Hampel

    I can not begin to tell you have excited I got when I seen #4

    • blastedplanet


  • Diana Santos

    someone explain to me why the gun in #21? is it to kill the hunger? lol :p

  • redstar418

    The chive staff went to college…?

    • Shawn

      Not sure IU counts as an actual college.

      • Maggie Karabel

        True story.

        • Ron Mexico

          Fuck you if you don't like IU.

  • paulhitchcock

    #13 – You can always count on The Chive to post some Grand Tetons.

  • aphthakid

    #20 If that's the reflection, shouldn't the "Towson" on sweatshirt be backwards?

  • jabroni

    I go to Towson!!!….but I kinda wish I went to IU…

    • Hello

      I go to Towson too. OMGz!

  • equalizermax

    I didn't know chive staffs went to college?

  • Pete Ribaudo

    So chive finally puts vag and tits on full display in a photo but they had to be camo'd…figures.

  • Alex McGlone

    IU huh? Hope you aren't basketball fans…

  • George

    #1- It's easy, you just don't lead them so much.

    And I'm going to hell now.

  • mase


  • Aucklander

    Seen 9 in person : D

  • Anonz

    You guys went to college at a university. Really.

  • doofenshmirtz

    Just wanna give a little credit to the artist for #4, since I just know. I dunno his real name, Kai or something, butt his alias for Deviantart is Ukitakumuki. He's got some pretty good stuff.

  • pokeman134

    #20 i know alot of people who go to that school. its halarious.

    • Hello

      And we know how to spell "hilarious".

  • F*** IU


  • fromwayback

    Number 19 is WRONG! In Zelda it is the heart at the far right that you lose first when you take damage, not the first one on the left.

  • Michael Dominick Crispo

    #24 epic lol. starwars rockband anyone??

  • Michael Dominick Crispo

    #14 Fine robin i'll change the tire ya lil bitch but your doing the dishes!!!

  • Always Last


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