Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

Oh yeah, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you Chivers out there!

  • @The_Scofield_

    Damn, now I want some #15 served by #33

    • jon

      How about #15 served on #23. Also no hands allowed

  • simon

    fuck it. first

    start 2011 as i mean to go on.

    like a douche

    • Justin Hall


      Well, you're doing that one right, you fucking idiot.

    • @The_Scofield_

      You're doing it right…

    • LeonardoB

      UR second u spastic

  • Lawl


  • Jimbo

    #28…good god

    • anonymous

      her name is jaime

      • AzzMan

        tell her this "i love you"

  • jag

    how bout #45 served by #49 now thats appetizing

  • pudd

    Woah. Kermit looks high as hell! #31 also #36 & #45 FTW

  • Terry Burke

    #28 is begging to be smacked

    • maxwell1965x

      No, it's begging to be licked!

  • smishra

    this is good.


    I'd like to boatermoat #28…….


      and motorboat #45

    • its_forge

      Clarification: Is boaternoating still done with the face, or with other parts of the body instead?

      • AzzMan

        it doesn't matter,you have to do this noise while doing it though "brrrrrrrrraaaaaaa, mmmmmmmm"

  • benja

    What is wrong with #49 upper back?!?!?

    • ollivertwisted

      This is a good place for Photoshop… Remove the back fat!

    • moop

      her face looks a little chubby as well, maybe just a weird angle because normally she is lookin' near perfect

  • gatorwolf

    can I get #38 in a poster anywhere?

    • CalculatedRisk

      Yeah, at the Jack Daniel's Distillery…

  • Guest

    #45 twice….please….who is she???

    • TheChipification

      jordan carver

    • James

      Jordan Carver

  • Taylor

    #28 was ridicalus

  • signup

    Name for #36?

    • Phondo

      Sparky LeBoob

    • signup

      Replying to my own post: it's Melanie Iglesias. Sheesh. She's had her own post already.

      From now on, all hot girls on Chive should have their names stamped on their foreheads. Invisible until scrolled over.

  • Patrick

    #28 Good Lord, great post

  • Joe

    #28 #45….I think I speak for all of us when i say MOAR!!!!!

    • moop

      um, there already was more #45 a few days. Check out the Jordan Carver gallery from the 30th

  • Dylan Termeer

    sometimes i come here to think

    • CalculatedRisk

      That's why I come on to the Chive…

  • Chris

    #44 was me after looking at #28

    • Zebulon


  • its_forge

    #16 a pair of genuinely beautiful, busty brunette sisters. You do not see really honestly pretty women like that all the time, usually having gorgeous cleavage is an excuse for having a face like a horse's patoot.

    #17 He is gonna hurt when he wakes up.

    #25 The other two are cute but that redhead holy wow, she is very fine.

    #33 I am unable to come up with anything that wouldn't make a longshoreman blush like a virgin princess.

    #45 Holy shit.

  • gorthaug

    need more of the red head in #25

  • Sam K

    #21 reminds me of minecraft

    • bupta


  • dnsbubba

    I do not know who you are #36, but I shall find you. Oh, yes. I shall find you and I shall make you mine.

    • Richard

      She was found already, she's got her own post. Melanie Iglesias. Her tits are freaking perfect

    • Tomasz Zee Buratynski

      Ditto.. but with #33

      • Gina

        Actually i think this is Misa Campo.

  • Not Again

    #11 and #25 Gingers of the Week….FTW…

    • RGH



  • James


    You MUST find the redhead on the right in #25. For both the good of mankind and to start of 2011 the right way.

    Get it, get it!

  • HHNF_Beau

    #44 Hey look, that bear can talk! I think it's speaking my language! Herp Derp! HERRRRP!!!

    • kevguy

      wait… is your name really HHNF_Beau?

      • Mel Gibson

        Its as if 2 half retards merged to go full retard. never go full retard.

      • Beau Young

        It's a website I manage. It keeps me logged in over there, and we use intensedebate, so it logs me in over here, too.

        • McBeastie

          cool story bro.

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