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    first! ha… jk. ah krumping. thank you to sytycd for introducing the style to me. the kids are awesome!

    • Flunky


  • GTO

    pretty damn good

    just wait until they are old like us….when our ankles and knees cant take that punishment anymore

  • bkfrijoles

    Krump Kids rocked it

  • Bree1912

    Wow, that's extremely impressive!

    • TheChipification

      It would have been better, if their moms hadn't yelled "yeah" all the time…

  • Big Los

    Am I Krumping? Am I Krumping Now?

    • bob

      community is awesome.
      i agree.

    • JBintheNC

      Exactly what I was thinking while I was watching this.

  • AR Groan

    That may be the worst music I've ever heard.

    • dez

      totally agree

    • johhny tsunami

      nahh screamo is the worst..just because most people here listen to commercial radio doesnt make this bad music.

      • Rob

        I've had speaker feedback that sounded better than that noise.

  • dog

    worst music ever. waste of time.

  • wtf

    dumb as hell

  • Big_5_hole

    No wonder the Middle East hates us.

    • bahaw

      thats not middle east. the kid shirt is a Philippines flag.

  • Paula

    But they are probably the coolest 8 year olds in the world….

    • Fred

      *Sigh* paula, the coolest thing you know is the freezer. get back back in the kitchen.

      • Kevin


  • BloodScrubber

    Just what the world needs. More children with attitudes. Not hating mind you….just sayin.

    • Ania

      100% agree.

    • doodle_cakes

      What attitude? Dancing? Ya they should totally spend their free time sitting playing video games and experimenting w/ drugs vs doing something creative and constructive

      • COD Fanboy


    • Larry

      I'm pretty sure that is hating. How can you say someone has an attitude just from the way they dance?

      • Heber Coll

        Stop kidding yourself. You know the attitude and narcissism is part of the whole style.

  • Rick

    Why do they have to grab their crotch? is someone kicking them in the balls? I just don't understand.

    • Ben

      Because Michael Jackson did it..

  • Jesse

    To be honest some of the moves are good but as a whole that video sucked for so many reasons.

    • chong

      what reasons are u talking about?

  • N00b

    This video is sort of awesome because it illustrates how little talent is required to be proficient in this form of dance. If a 5 year old kid can do it…. well…..

    • Ben

      Shows how much you know about it. And how much you understand about the learning capability of youth.

    • Alesis1984

      We're waiting for your video with bated breath!

  • Dave

    Not my thing but kids that age doing something like that is still pretty impressive. If you can just get past that noise they called music then they will be set.

  • BongPimper

    that some is still playing in my head

  • Nate

    Willing to bet those kids are nightmares behaviorally.

    • Ania

      What? You think they have egos? Where in the world did you get that idea?

  • Jak

    I take it krumping is crappy version of break dancing.

  • C.Rock

    Should I just give them my wallet now or wait until they rob me in ten years?

    • Train2k

      Just give it to them. You didn't wait to be a racist idiot so why wait on that?

  • Poopslikelittlebunny


  • McBeastie


  • randomhero1218

    Based off these comments it appears everyone on the Chive is super white.

    • Stats

      Based on your comment, it appears that you are a moron.

    • Clint

      hell, the fact that about 90% of the chivers/chivettes are should've been your first clue….

    • Sad

      Ignorant/racist much?

      • Annoyed

        No, he's actually not at all. Save your hang-ups for your sewing circle, you delicate little flower.

        • Mmhmm

          It's cool to make politically correct statements, in defense of self-loathing white people, who are trying to look cool by distancing themselves from their cultural identity because that's what's popular right now. Insert random sarcastic comment about "white people," receive applause from said white people.

          • Uuhuhhh

            exactly! 'cause no one can actually MEAN it, amirite?

            • Huuuuh?

              If he "meant" it, it wouldn't have a snide, sarcastic undertone, would it now – sweetheart?

              • Uuhuhhh

                (assuming you're talking about Annoyed) he wasn't being sarcastic, cupcake.

    • Naz1962

      Based on your comment, it appears you're a racist …

    • Butthurt White


    • Wahmbulance

      Yeah, damn those pesky white people, and whatnot…. zzzzzzzzzz.

      • Sidelines

        Wow. You're all a bunch of idiots.

    • quintus

      it's funny because it's true. well, 90% true according to Clint.

      interesting social sidenote: The racist remark about black kids growing up to be robbers and criminals received much less hooplah than the racist remark about white people unable to appreciate or understand? this music/dance/video.

      that's right. I said hooplah.

      • randomhero1218

        I just now noticed all this hooplah. I guess people can't take a white joke around here. I should of just made fun of those little black kids

  • Done

    DERP – dumb as hell. And at 8yrs old, they have crotch-rot bad enough they need to itch themselves in the middle of a 'dance'? Gotta love the folks they look up to – guess not much of anyone around in the way of a role model for those poor kids. Damn shame.

    • Train2k

      Yeah, they dance well so it didn't take any hard work, practice or anyone to teach or instruct him. All dancers just magically learn how. Oh, but I forgot. It' just comes natural to "those people", right?

    • Ben

      What they are doing is called dancing. Artistic impressionism is something that flies right over your head.

  • Finster

    somehow this video makes me feel inadequate when it comes to certain accomplishments in my life.

  • Phil

    The first 2 kids looked like the evolution of the Robot.

    That music was fucking terrible tho.

    So in a few years they'll be backup dancers for Usher hey?

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