It’s called ‘Go West Lloyd’ (1 HQ Photo)

Late last night I got an email from one of our Chivers, Madison Gregory. He said he’d just finished an oil painting the Chivers might like to see. All I can say is that if all oil paintings looked like this, I’d become an art collector.

Well done, Madison. Check out his entire collection here.

  • dolby

    that is seriously one of the greatest paintings i've ever seen.

    • Scortch

      Its good, but come on man, expand.

    • Ronin

      Upvote for not saying 'First'.

      • Paula

        Hey Youre first!!! Super duper!!!! I love firsties!!!


        • beoliveiraa

          lmao Paula. Wtf?

        • The Real D. Nozzle

          I am growing to like this cunt Paula…

    • AnyoneForCoffee
    • andy

      If I could have this and the painting of Rocky and Apollo from the end of Rocky III hanging in my living room, my life would pretty much be complete

    • BigDingo

      Definitely, I think we need a 'find him' so we can all say "Well played sir!"

  • phatass


    • jamison

      take the keyboard. hold it in front of you. feel that weight? good. now smash it against your forehead.

      • phatass

        now lick my balls son, this painting sucks

        • Terry Burke

          this painting is awesome and you're an idiot

          • Ron

            You're obviously not an expert on paintings. I'm not either but I can spot a mediocre painting and this is definitely one.

            • Keith

              Mediocre my ass. I'd like to see you paint anything better than this. Bet you can't, cause the painting is awesome.

  • ????

    i don't get it…

    • Twoody


      • nick

        and dumber

        • Stevo

          I see what you did there!! ZING!

  • cpt obvious

    I dont know, play on a meme or something? Lame.

    • Twoody

      And Dumber

      • cpt obvious

        Yah, I'll stick to my previous statement. Now I know what it is. And I still think it's crap. Yay.

        • paily

          you've never seen the movie. you weren't there. YOU WEREN'T THERE

          • yahyahyah

            I have seen it, I WAS THERE. And happily forgot all about it.

            • Bree1912

              Wow you must be a sad, sad littlee man to hate such an AWESOME movie!!

          • Joel

            What movie is it? It reminds me of a Canadian indie film I watched in film class.

  • I am Name

    No, it's called FUCKING EPIC!! I'm saving this to my computer.

    • cpt obvious

      ok mr FUCKING EPIC. what clue us noobs in on what is so epic about this aparent boring pos?

      • uber guy

        for a name like cpt obvious you have no idea what this is a painting of do you?

        • cpt obvious

          no, that's why i asked? duh?

          • I am Name

            Watch the movie "Dumb and Dumber". Then you will see.

          • Keith

            Then change your fucking name

  • portland

    this is truly a sad day. there are 16 and 17 year old kids here in the comments who don't know they are looking at Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber.

    They also say things like 'Bon Jovi? No thanks, I'm not hungry right now'

    • bleh

      portland, why you make me feel old?

    • phatass

      portland, stop touching yourself

    • I am Name

      I know what it was the moment I saw this Portland. That's why I think this is pic is fucking EPIC.

      • Bree1912


  • firemaker

    That is a breathtaking piece

    • Logic76

      Looks somewhat Impressionist to me. Nice

  • daryl

    That's a lovely accent you have. New Jersey?

    • andfukyamoms


      • dentonbeard

        "Well then Goo'day Mate!"

        • HankT

          "Throw another shrimp on the barbi"

          • Austrian Lady

            "Let's not."

  • GTO

    "Just when I thought you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!"

    • I am Name
  • Turduckenn

    new desktop background ——>

  • JustinFL

    So you're tellin' me there's a chance…

  • douche


    • Clamburger

      I knew it started with an 's' though!

  • The man withtheplan

    Hey Harry Ol' Buddy Ol' Palll!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron

    It's ok, not great. Look at the front of the scooter, the shadowing is horrible.

    • Jdksksksksksmsk

      Whatta douche

  • mike

    New desktop got. Thanks!

  • Nick702

    What if he shot you in the face?

    • SeaBassEX

      That's a risk we were willing to take.

  • GTO

    It is an oil painting….of HARRY and LLOYD!

    It is priceless and epic.

  • Jak

    Oh, do us all a favor. Kill yourself.

    • Ron


      • Quixote


      • Canuck

        i assume that your painting will be on here soon?

        • Ron

          No, I can't paint but I can tell a mediocre painting when I see one. The shadowing is absolutely horrible. Why is the headlight so prominent? If it's not on, then it should be just as dark as the rest of the shadowing. On the other hand, if it's on, the headlight would light up some of the area around it and it wouldn't be black. It's obviously simple, although it seems not simple enough for most Chivers.

          • Jon

            To quote the great Patton Oswald: "You stupid douchenozzle. You poor motherf**ker. You really don't get it do you? You're going to miss everything cool and die angry."

  • Cris_Ron


  • skylarrr

    100% AWESOME.

  • Jay

    This is my new desktop background. It actually scales pretty good.

  • pedobear

    Mary… I desperately want to make love to a schoolboy

  • Dave23

    How do people not know what this is from? HOWWW

  • J-red

    "I like it…I like it a laut."

  • ashleyging

    From a fellow long-time painter, it's beautiful 🙂

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