• qwerty


  • FixedinDC

    hahaha wtf

  • jdb

    lol he looks thuggin

  • chiverer101

    Really chicve "? lame post

    • TheChive

      really chiverer101 "? lame comment

  • Paula

    I am dissapoint in this post. Therefore:

    No hugs,

    • doofus

      you just dont give up

      • Paula

        I gave up once while working in the kitchen and gotten beaten for it badly. Therefore, I never give up, because I hate the wip.

        Slightly Bruised,

        • McBeastie


          • 8888


            • D.C

              Would you fucking assholes quit feeding this goddamn troll

              • Darksoul

                I for once find this trolling amusing, too many people here that takes things WAY to seriously.

                • anon

                  IHY Paula.

                • Shabs

                  *I for one

                  • BabyEater

                    Only could people with children find this amusing. The rest of us are not.

      • Paula

        The last thing I want to do is hurt you guys. But it's still on the list 🙂


        • the captain

          you say the things that don't make the sense.

          ten points from hufflepuff

          • Paula

            Read it again, it's quite funny once you get it 🙂

            Extra firm hugs,

    • Beano

      If we all ignore this ass clown, maybe they'll go away. Seriuosly, no comments-no thumbs. Just ignore this attention-starved fuckwad.

      • boner

        and why don't you just skip the comment section and get your ass out of here?

        • FU A HOLE

          and why don't you go back to fucking your mother? you're defending this troll?

          • aosux

            I don't actually care either way. I just wanna get in on this reply chain.

            "This is the song that never ends…

            • HANK

              Damn that ended a lot sooner than I would have expected

      • bean.

        never seen another beno before!! haha awsome.

  • Franq Spencer

    Who has raw rhubarb?

    • Gardner

      Uhh, anyone who grows it? Most grocerys? Really?

    • kaveman4130

      yer mommy does

  • BigDingo

    Give the kid some strawberry-rhubarb crisp… he'll see god.

    • left coast redneck

      ummmm no

  • yolanda

    chive censors certain words , WTF chive ?

  • Keith

    wtf is rhubarb?

    • Ryan

      It's like bitter celery.

    • Captain Obvious

      Rhubarb is a plant similar to celery, it grows in a stalk and it is very bitter in flavor. I think it is a weed, but many people like it. it is usually cut up and cooked with spices and sugar before eating. Sometimes paired with Strawberries. Still garbage.

    • JAFitC

      A rhubarb is an argument with an umpire during a baseballl game.

    • Paula

      "What is the ugliest male name in the English language?"

      "Hmmmm, is it . . . . . . . . . . Keith?"

  • qualitymahman

    Clearly theChive have never heard of "QUALITY NOT QUANTITY"

  • BDR529

    This should be on the Berry, not Chive…

  • tsukushi_

    Chive was once known for its randomness. Quite whining. >_<

    • ryan

      quite whining? You mean quit?

      • tsukushi_

        You're totally right. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Ben-Hur

    you should know better than to try to get people on the internet to not whine… when that happens we might be in some trouble

    • HellHath NoLife

      disappoint in u, we r

  • Statan

    where are the sexycamwhorecoeds w/ducklips? titsorgtfololroflcopter. chive – become the pornserver you are destined to become no moar of this lame stuff.

    • Shabs

      hah, roflcopter

  • kd888

    the kid looks like a pug

  • Diana Santos

    he has good taste ^_^

  • top dog

    #2. Now hear this, now hear this, Can't say I blame the kid, rhubarb taste like crap…..that is all….

  • jeremy

    I hope the parents realize that raw rhubarb is toxic.

    that baby probably had the shits for a week after that….

    • Captain Obvious

      Rhubarb leaves are toxic. Not the stalk.

      • Slappy

        No, the entire plant is toxic, just that the leaves have the highest concentration of the toxin. Even the stalks are not recommended for children because it irritates the bowels.

        • kim m

          The whole plant is toxic, slappy is right. dangerous to eat raw

  • Hungry NomNom

    WTF is Rhubarb? Also- baby durags are awesome 🙂

  • Dan

    Not all of the images on theCHIVE have to be hot chicks. You all realize that, right?

  • Rolis

    i love raw rhubarb, i like sour things in general, give me a lemon and i will be good

  • Sydley

    Baby is douchebag steves kid…hence the dorag on little whitey

  • Guest

    If Chive only posts tits, they'll completely lose the girl audience (such as myself) who are responsible for Sexy Chivers. so think before you whine!

    • Statan

      NO. WRONG. IT IS WHAT PEOPLE WANT. Don't ferget to send in your pix so I can fap at them

      • stan

        wouldn't it be easier if you just went and looked at porn?

  • MiddleLane

    That's the same expression I made when I finally decided to see what all the hooplah about Justin Beiber was all about.

    Youtube let me down that day………

  • Djz

    lol, I think panel #5 is the very definition of "squinch"

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