I rearry rove naturar Asian girrs (20 photos)

  • Boobie Muncher

    #8 should be FIRST

    • vicrom252

      Looks like your comment should be LAST

  • Random

    So today we have Asian girls & black history month LBP posts. This is why The Chive is awesome

    • GK-4

      indeed a winning combo.
      shit i love diversity

    • Leo's Big Fan

      Except I dont remember them posting black history girls with 'mammy' talk. . .

      Go All-white Chive!

  • Nick702

    #14 oh my my my #14

    • Love2LiveLife


    • brevard

      i see nip

  • derpson


    • Geo

      Brirriant! LMFAO!

      • fishnomz


        • abb

          best comment

    • Mikey WINS

      They only bad thing about fapping to this gallery, is that i'm going to feel the urge to fap again in an hour….

      OH WERR!

  • Richard Nixon

    I think #17 needs my helping hand

  • Fisheyes

    #6 Ridicurous!

    • Wolfram

      Seriously how can such a tiny girl have such massive titties??!

    • Wilber

      OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MUpde


    • hoovus

      anybody else see the derp here?

    • wilram

      hitomi tanaka
      that is all

      • king

        find her

        • BeardManly

          Her name's Hitomi Tanaka. She's an asian porn star. Not all that hard to find.

  • MacnCheese

    Yay! You took my advice on Yoko Matsugane #1. Got Hitomi Tanaka #6 in there as well. Can you tell I'm a little too much into natural asians, lol!

    • Wolfram

      I just googled the second one. Those things are actually gross when let loose. They droop so bad! I was with a chick with tits than hung like that once, it was a big turn off even tho they looked great in a bra.

    • Edward

      #1 is very hot . I would love to marry her if she want to

    • edward

      #1 is very hot lady . I would love to marry her if she wants

  • Neight

    So this is all the same girl?

  • http://www.facebook.com/thaipaige Ty Paige

    #4 creep ed me out. Luckly #5 was there to make it better

    • EasternCanuck

      If you only knew that #5 was actually a full sized doll

  • Lisa_Martin

    #5 #7 #10 #11Ahhhhhhhhh. Sweet little Asian girls. 🙂

  • DNA

    Damn these girls are stacked!!

  • Martina Navratilova

    More #10 preeze.

    • marriedDudeBro

      or at least her name so I can research for myself…

      Actually I demand names for all of these beauties!

  • Pat

    OMG!!!! Please Chive, dedicate one day a week for "Asian" Day……… please!

  • Sarah


  • The Dude

    I went to Japan just to see women like this.

    Never did find out where they were hiding.

    • DaddyD

      They saw you get off the plane and ran for the hills.

      Either that, or you never went anywhere in Tokyo. Gorgeous women all over the place.

      • The Dude

        True I forgot about the Ginza Strip . And they probably ran from my ugly @ss too 🙂

  • Danny P


    • Yo diggity


  • Stafferty

    #10 #14 I love the hair bra

  • GK-4

    that's a skimpy little dress

  • Bob

    I don't know how to pick a favorite, they all look so good, but I will say that I have been "in love" with #19 for a long time.

    • dude

      She was starred in a movie , I think she played a prostitute or something, I only saw the trailer with her in underwears sitting on a heart shaped bed.

    • bored

      That's elly tran ha for your viewing pleasure

  • HoratioBoobles

    Is the Pedobear after #9?

    • Frank M

      Reon Kadena is fine & the master of the underboob. Don't believe me…Google image search from proof.

  • BongPimper

    #19 the things I would do..

  • killemall420

    where can we find #10

  • jimbo

    #19 FTW

  • ire7ny

    thank you thank you thank you for not including Tila Tequila in this

    • ire7ny

      nevermind, i failed to see there were words on top of the page stating "naturar asians" tila is anything but natural…..still hate her…..

  • Pooper

    #14 and #19 more of please!!!

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