• Drumz

    "2 year old drummer makes Tommy Lee look like clown shoes"

    I certainly wouldn't go that far…

    • Tom

      Yeh but he's only 2 years old, and at the rate he's at now, by the time he's Tommy Lee's age he will be freakin' awesome.

      • Kyle

        and he has a huge wang

        • JHL1

          No, that's his name.

      • its_forge

        Or he won't. Child prodigies sometimes just turn out to be regular old not particularly talented people by the time they're adults. This kid's okay but who knows what'll happen by the time he's y'know, four. = )

    • Jack

      Tommy Lee sucks ass anyway he's a poor drummer, just knows how to look good

      • olly

        you obviously know fuck all about drumming

  • Paul

    what the eff…

    • Grifo

      Kept waiting for him to spontaneously combust.

  • Jdazz

    With a title like that, how could I not watch this.

    • OneClownShoe

      I was a little resentful of the title.


    No way……………..:)

  • THAT Guy

    who ever gave a kid that young a drum set is sadistic…. I'm speaking as a parent of course.

    • bobo

      ur just jealous ur kid cant do that

      • AaA

        that's retarded

  • you have no mawbles

    im on the first page yes!!!

    • Wolfram

      OMG so am I now! Thanks!! :@

      • Kristof

        Your a looser! YES!!

  • Eazy E

    His face when he moves to the symbols in priceless…."Easy does it…" lololol

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      When he moves to the…..what?

      Are his parents Satanists??

  • you have no mawbles

    D.C. is a fucking cock smoking homo

    • D.C

      Why because you were retarded enough to waste all our time by asking about you're equally retarded facebook girlfriend and her 5000 pics?

      Get the fuck out of here

      Ps. This kid is a boss

    • AaA

      Scumbag Steve??

  • you have no mawbles


  • you have no mawbles

    if you read this you are gay

    • Rick


  • you have no mawbles

    they see me trollin they hatin

  • Dom

    If I didn't see the video, I'd think it was a 2 year old drummer. But not literally a 2 year old drummer. Now I can't say, "that sounds like a 2 year old drumming". Good shit.

  • Jesus


    • Realitysetsin

      I still don't have that much talent. And now I'm sad, thanks kid

  • you have no mawbles

    everybody get your mothafuckin troll on

  • you have no mawbles


  • you have no mawbles

    this site sucks my dick and all of this shit is already on reddit

    • Thatguy

      get the fuck off of here then…. d-bag

      • Tay

        i think "Thatguy" is a chive executive like John, who has an different avatar to tell the bitches on thechive what's up. Get em Thatguy. Fuck you mawbles.

  • you have no mawbles

    chive sucks ass

  • Jak

    Tommy Lee was a crappy drummer anyhow

  • WTFever

    And if he had Tommy's dick, he'd be a tripod…

  • you have no mawbles

    dont worry ill be changing my name on here for the 100th time so you wont know who i am

    • hmmmmm

      why even bother changing your name? We can't remove you from the site. If this is fun for you go for it – kinda pointless but if it helps your life in some way, why not. Now your IP address on the other hand……

  • you have no mawbles


    paula licks my nuts

    • Boom Shock O' Lock A

      Minus the first part.. This was actually funny.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sanitariex Chad Deen


  • Swanny

    f'n crazy. a 2 yr old should not have rhythm like that…

  • thetech2

    can't wait to see what he can do when he's five

  • ProvenZer0

    Pretty good rhythm for a toddler.

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