Having a bad day? Not any more. (30 photos)

  • https://www.facebook.com/CashMoneyMoore Joseph Moore

    #2 I hate my job.

    • ERWE

      #28 two chivers expressing themselves

    • elbruces

      Batman does NOT watch soccer!

  • Sharky

    #21 I will have a nice day, thank you

  • yo yo ma

    #1 I laughed out loud the first time I saw that pic the other day. Though I feel like I've seen it several hundred times since.

    • yeshi

      getting old folks, get real old…i was in norfolk, didn't feel shit…no one died…shut the fuck up about it already…

      • jason

        Afuckingmen. The Chive thinks it's the funniest shit since the banana peel- they kept deleting comments yesterday from anyone who dared say that the #1 wasn't funny. I'm sure this one will be gone in minutes, too.

        • Pwithc

          How is this not funny? Do you have a facebook account? Did you not see all the retarded statuses about the quake?

          • jason

            nononono…the quake situation was funny enough- it's the so-called funny association comparing it to remembering 911 that wasn't funny.

          • jason

            No I don't have a facebook, I have a life.

            • dpr

              He doesn't have a facebook, guys…he has a LIFE.

      • Jimmy C

        I still think its funny. I like the other one better with the caption along the lines of "We will rebuild, Earthquake 2011".

    • andy

      we'll see how much you remember this quake after Hurricane Irene hits the east coast pricks

  • Juan

    #28 I pretty much had the exact same reaction as the guy in the middle…

    • Travis

      Funniest facial expression ever… well at least today.

    • Balorati

      What's going on here? Anyone know the story behind it?

      • Master

        i guess they just realised they were on the big screen and wanted it to be…. memorable…

      • zing.

        No story ,just 2 average chivers.

    • fabio

      AHAHAH I started to laugh in office

    • Penelope

      i can stop watching it lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/Shylagr Shyla Gordon-Russell

      he was clearly choking on a peanut…twice.

  • sshuggi

    #26 Louie CK is hilarious!

    • yeppers

      If you get a chance to see his live standup, don't miss it! I've seen him three times so far and he's yet to disappoint.

    • Tony

      And is Red Eye. 😀

    • Martin

      Is this scene on the youtube?

    • Joey

      I think you meant "offensive." What an a-hole.

      • Brutal Deluxe

        No, hilarious covers it. Pull that crucifix out of your ass.

    • Steamboat Willie

      Her name in Liz Holtan.

  • lame

    I feel like we've seen all of these a hundred times. Constant reposts

    • Henrik

      Still kinda funny though.

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    #22 – I was a "never nude" also, till I saw this………

    • AssClown

      Tobias Fünke – Analrapist

  • BaseballRube

    I believe #29 is where the term Boob Tube came from. (Unfortunately.)

    • toban

      shouldnt it end with "so i became a satellite."?

    • Rgx3

      Someone change the channel… Now!

  • Rose3191

    #10 The Rabbit of Seville!! That used to be my favorite when I was a little girl!

    • Kodos

      agree; classic warner bros. FTW

    • collector

      Shut up bitch

    • Mr. Nesbitt

      It was my favorite too, when I was a little girl. Thank god I grew up to be a dude. The pay is better.

    • Intensemasterdebater

      The music started playing in my head as soon as I saw this….

      • Sick

        The cartoon started playing in my head the first time i saw the actual Barber of Seville opera 😛

    • Ken

      This one's good, but I have to go with the "Little Red Riding Hood" bit as my Fave.

  • Spence

    #28 watched it like 20 times and laughed at the guys face every time. #26 I think we should all think about her when we masturbate, kind of like a petition.

    • Hide Salami

      or an attractive woman.

      • DrROBOTO

        done….and……done again

        • Aussie Slacker

          that was quick!

  • Micheal Scott

    Too many reposts. New content plzkthnx

    • Dwight Schrute

      I wholeheartedly agree Michael.

    • lonin

      Don't like it? Then fuck off, and your problem is solved.

      • truth

        no… you go eat a dick

      • Micheal Scott

        Did someone piss in your Cheerios this morning?

      • ERWE

        ah, there's one of the chive's resident shit-lickers. right on time.

        • truth

          eat a shit covered dick

          • truth

            go steal someone else's name after you get the chive's cock out of your mouth.

            • truth

              this is getting confusing…

  • jeston23

    #24 But… Why?

    • The_Dood

      Because fuck you, thats why?

    • TomTheCameraGuy

      Cause it's free!

    • Craig

      Goddammit Chive, stop supporting this stupid sh*t.

    • Jordan

      why not?

  • misschris

    #18 Kids like this never stand a chance….

    • collector

      oh she has a chance……………..of getting molested

      • Jen


    • KPD

      and another spoiled brat is born…

    • Handy

      these parents need to be put on an island scheduled for bombing

    • the_junglist

      These are the parents that buy the thongs and bikini waxes for their kids. http://www.cracked.com/article_19288_8-weirdly-se

    • Wastedtime

      Also Chive, put the 2 gifs in the correct order

  • Picard_

    #6 Fucking Hipster dogs…..

  • TheCureForHope

    I own #9. Doesn't get you as much puss as you'd think.

    • truth

      perhaps its just you

  • truth

    weak post… really, really weak

    • morebeer

      thats what she said….

      • truth


  • AssClown

    #28 OMF that face!!

    • Hand Of Fate 125p

      Me and my model `wife`.

  • kingsfan34

    #26 Best show on tv right now

    • Jason

      Turn on FX 30 minutes earlier and watch Wilfred. You will change your comment.

      • McBeastie

        Wilfred was a good concept and I really liked the first two episodes but as I continued to watch it got more and more formulaic and less of the dark weirdness came through. My opinion, I know, but it's not as good as Louie.


        I agreee completely sir.. Wilfred is the best show on TV… Hour long episode tonight!!!

        • JPV

          what really?
          Fuck my philosophy class tonight; I'm going to watch wilfred and show next class and expand on its awesomeness and the meaning of life

    • Jen

      i must google this man. do not make fun of me for not already knowing wtf it is. thanks

      • mAC tHE iNTERN

        Anyone watch Workahlics? I know its not new anymore but no one else at my job watches it 😦

  • 2cool4skool

    #5 so much disappoint.

  • laxcat36

    #6 That HIPSTERrier cracks me up every time.

    • Lil Jon

      kill yourself with a sppon please

    • _bigdeal


  • jac2448588

    #25 Tulsa PD-Hell yeah! I've seen that Escalade around town several times.

    • giggitygiggitygoo

      from the inside i bet.
      merica. fuck yeah

    • bab

      hell yeah! How cool that our laws permit legal theft as the answer to another's crime! 'Merka Yeah

    • quagmireismysexidol

      'Merica, the only place where you can steal someone's car as punishment for a crime.

  • Kodos

    I thought about Ellen Farber whilst I sinned.
    I did it because Baby Jesus told me to.
    And I 'saw God'.

  • JimmyZ

    FIRST!!!… wait. darn.

  • Kris

    #4 It's like a combination of David Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China and Arnold Ernst Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark (when his face is melting). Or maybe I watch too many movies.

    • Tony

      The eyes look like Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

    • Travis

      Which David Lo Pan? The little old basketcase on wheels or the ten-foot tall road block?

      • _bigdeal

        i must download that movie. cannot forget!

        david lo pan lol

        those creepy high pitched squeaks and laughs he does when he draws blood with the golden needle

  • jrey81

    #26, Louis CK, Fucking phenomenal standup, one of the best shows on tv.

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