There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (85 Photos)

  • @cscarbs

    Holy crap I think I just lost my freakin mind.

  • Ralfie

    #61 I have that camera!

  • Chivemaster

    #11 Have to love the irony of the Chivettes who send in pics of themselves in lingerie while wearing crosses.

    • Nathan_Wind

      Why do you think they call it the missionary position?

  • Scott

    This never gets old! Love it!

  • Christopher

    #34 Stunningly beautiful

    • Maid

      Having fun! 🙂

  • Christopher

    Correction #32

  • Blanco


  • Sweets

    #25…..awesome….however, definite Man-Hands

    • George Irons


  • Craig

    #70 looks fantastic! well done

  • George Irons

    #25 Anyone noticed that she's probably a guy?!

    • guyscanbestupid

      what guy gets their belly button pierced? She is just fit. Leave it alone.

  • the frenchman

    #80 You are sexy not scary. Please continue.

  • Anonymous

    #62 is amazing! So beautiful! And all of the Canadian chivettes are amazingly hot! Keep it coming eh?

  • docsully

    #25 WOW, #93 Nice

  • jeepjoe

    #89 totally a guy.

    • Dave

      you're totally a douche.

      • jeepjoe

        awwww dave did i hurt your feeling? sorry when you dress like a woman you still have mannish features. now simmer down and die from AIDS. fuck-o.

  • August K Ahuna Jr.

    #65 and #89 OMG.

  • creeper

    #73 is that a killer whale 😛 ?

  • Vino de Sousa


    not sure if hot or scary…

  • T_Bag

    #93 – Keep fucking that chicken!! (i.e. Keep up the good work!) MOAR!

  • T_Bag

    Well done to all the Chivettes, many thanks!

  • T_Bag

    #73 – MOAR! Loved the photobomb earlier also!

  • T_Bag

    #84 – Dammmmmmmn! Just a little lower!

  • ynotflyers

    To all the Ladies, Thank You !! Once Again it was a pleasure. My open door invite still stands should any of you finds themselves wondering around in Vegas….To the First Timers all I can say is …Your doing it Right !!!!! Thanks Again

  • Justin

    #30, you look so damn juicy! I love it!

  • Jon

    #8, #31, #50, #84, #93. You win.

  • mike Hancho

    Thank you girls! you make my week every week!!! I would especially like to thank all the Texas Chivettes

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