There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (85 Photos)

  • JOE

    #36 #37……….. UH….. NO!

    • Bucky Jones

      My internet standards is probably no. But my real life standards is a Hell Yeah!!!

    • thankschive

      couldn't disagree more, beautiful

    • krauter

      damn, i just fall in love with #36!!

  • Dano

    Thank you ladies. Love you. Every single one. Beautiful.



  • Shawn

    #70….it is very appreciated, keep up the good work and keep submitting

    • @HarlemsFinest7

      She is so cute….

  • Coolhand37

    #44 I've got a protein shake that will take care of those munchies

  • LG_

    #21 something so sweet and awesome about her. Natural, beautiful and innocent without a doubt. 🙂

    • Drewcifer

      She should grow her hair out. its a tad too short…. sorry.

  • Bless1

    #20,#34,#84- Thanx ladies, noice form!

  • Shawn

    #80 – challenge accepted

  • JOE

    #93 Let me lick past those bubbles to the promised land ^_^

  • ParryforPlay

    #28 and a lovely smile it is

  • Dave Gogel

    #52 wow! made my weekend!

    • KyleGamgee

      VERY cute!

      • lost

        I don't get it.

  • csor1120

    #25 and #6 and #25 and #6 and #25 and #25 plus #25 additionally #25

  • Erik

    #25 They're Man hands Jerry!! Man Hands!!!!!

    • JDB

      Yes, yes they are.

  • brn1dwn

    #32 is stunning! lets see more of her!

  • Tillman

    #30 is labeled correctly. Awesome. #51 is not fair at all!

    I could put every one of you in this! Thank you Chivettes! A great week!

  • Chiv3On


    You are beautiful! Your smile is incredible!

    • Joel

      This is what I meant oh well, defiant cutie though!

    • PhxChiver

      This looks just like a girl I used to work with. #16 is your name Krystal?

  • Nathan_Wind

    #11 Va-va-va-vooooom! #76 Happy Birthday to you! #91 Happy Friday indeed.

  • misschris

    #83 Lauren, you have beautiful lips – they go nicely w/ your beautiful face

    • LG_

      On that note Miss Chris, you have a beautiful personality that goes nicely with your beautiful self!
      (Yeah, your smile pretty much pwned them all last week, btw.)

      Thank you for the kind words, gorgeous. 🙂

      • misschris

        Aw you are so sweet! I bet we'd be good friends if we hung out. And we could fulfill the Chivers fantasy of a sexy pillow fight. LoL!

        • JDB

          Y'all can just keep on going with that…. Been waiting for a reply. Both of you are sexy as hell. Chive on.

        • LG_

          Pretty damn certain of that myself! Wish more chicks were as witty as you are (not many around where I live unfortunately) but a pillow fight would be quite badass. I would be so down for that. 😦 …How far from Boston do you live? lol

          • misschris

            Oh, only about 500 miles! Hahaha, I'm in northern VA. But I'm always down for road trips!

        • Paula_

          Can I play too, in the pillow fight?

          – mind you I'm quite strong, I might knock you straight out of the bed

          • Bill57

            yeah you're strong paula, but smell isn't everything

  • Hi Highness

    #25 You got a hot ass body but I need to see more photos cuz it looks like you got some man hands

  • ss396maxx

    Oh Dear God!! #34

  • Matt0001

    #78 shopped…i see teh pixels

  • Joel

    #6 Cutie in scrubs!

    • Joel

      I failed I meant #16

  • zimmy

    #65 Absolutely gorgeous, #76 made my heart race!!!!

  • Tillman

    #64 – Mind numbing, your beauty is…

    • jjj

      give it an Eh+

  • Selmy



    • thankschive


  • sheoncebelieved

    #34 is fake…it's photo shopped. Makes me wonder how many other of these photos are fake. Sheesh, come on Chive, losing credit….

    • Ellen

      that's not photoshopped, that's me 🙂

      • Nathan_Wind

        Sexiest maid ever!

    • demitri

      yeah, I'm headed over to the other website that does this… wait

    • ChronicUser

      I agree. Look at the bend of her arm in the mirror and hello? Mirror girl is a lot tanner.

      • Brad

        It's a reflection. The bend in the arm at that angle won't be the same in the mirror. Notice how in the mirror she is facing you more and turned?

        • Remy

          Maybe it's twins?

    • sheoncebelieved

      What cued me in is the note in the leg, it's too perfect, with perfect writing and tucked into the stocking perfectly. that's too fake.

    • Guesty

      Yeah, not even trolling, but I did see a few of these on other sites, with Chive photoshopped in. Pretty lame

      • Blanco

        Would you like me to send you the original

        • Squiggy

          Yeah, it is becoming a more obvious scam theChive is running. I guess that's why the posts about hiring an intern emphasized the need for photoshop skills so strongly. Some of the posts are legit, but my guess is around half are fake. John, cut out the bullshit… 45 real pictures are better than 90 with half of them fake.

    • Maid

      I am not fake! My husband took a shoot of me in a maid clothes in our app. We have plenty of picts like this!

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