A few clever Halloween costumes to get your creative juices flowin’ (35 Photos)

  • gunnerx

    #26 Rocks

    • WTF

      I dont get what he's suppose to be…

      Looks like a guy sitting down holding a sandwich

  • 6655321

    #6 Gross. They got sparkling cider.

    • LC

      i think what's grosser is that this looks like an office halloween party…eesh

      • disturbed

        Huge Heffer… Hugh's adopted brother

  • blub_glub

    #29 MOAR!!!!

    • DaddyD

      I think you meant to write "kill it with fire!"

      • Hrmmm

        Don't care has boobs

    • Buster Cherry

      Future lower backside problems.

    • cincy o

      I know a guy that would DO IT!

  • Still_Counts

    What a big turd…


    • DaddyD

      Shittiest costume I've ever seen.

      No flies on her … wait …

    • The_Dood

      Where's the bread? I smell a presidential run!

    • Dr_StrangePants

      regardless, i'd hump the shit out of you

    • kanda

      i guess she's feeling… (puts on sunglasses) …shitty YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  • blub_glub

    #6 .. must. wash. eyes. with. dish. soap.


    • dudeontheranch

      cannot be unseen

  • wordisbond

    spends 2 weeks making his costume perfect, puts 1 night into sons

    • Vanilla Gorilla


    • capitancoolo

      scumbag dad

  • NateyTheGreaty


    Awesome, a Shy Guy costume!

    • Dr_StrangePants

      This should not be as strangely arousing as it is

  • andos

    #18 Jewbacca!

    • Brock Sampson


    • Birdhaus32

      Jewie Chewie

    • pathos


    • MattKL

      Awesome costume!

  • Robert

    #30 Why your holiness, you are early? Don't you have to die before you get reincarnated?

    • Dan

      Dalai Lama wants to retire, so they are looking for his replacement.

    • cheezman100

      LOL I love this Harry Potter costume! ❤ ❤

  • ChiveTasting

    My cheeks are sore from laughing my ass off @ #24 Fucking EPIC

    • Johnny

      I was so confused by this until I realized where his legs actually were. This is hilarious!

  • ydodonutshave2die

    lmao im mad u reposted this after the downpour of negative comments u recieved about ur comments on it the last time.

    • amplidudes

      agree, this is perverse chive, isn't it? … outch

      • jamie

        yes, but reality.

      • fuzzybeard2016

        You say that like it's a bad thing.

    • daveh873

      They didn't get negative comments for posting it the firsdt time, they got negative comments for attacking the guy on the left and trying to ruin his life without explanation. I'm surprised they re-posted it due to the backlash they got for ripping the guy the first time.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1458486799 Chase Patt

        the guy just wanted to bring his kid to the office party, what's the big deal?

        • Jay

          If we're being honest, it's the most realistic costume on here.

      • Jen

        what was said about the guy?

    • Meh

      I was about to ask the Chive staff to keep calm considering the previous drama, but the redundancy would have been redundant.

    • Dan

      What, you mean the dude in the middle ?

    • DirtyArmySpecialist

      this is so old… From the Frosty Heidi and Frank radio show like 4 years ago or something.

      Frank is the man! Best costume on here.

      Frank Army.

    • Frank

      It was a different picture last time.

    • Hypno
    • MonkeyMadness

      The Chive sure does love its child porn.

    • Likie likie

      To all the negative comments stop being so stuck up live a little and laugh ;)lmao

  • Dan

    #8 is awesome!

    • houtini

      Just what is it?

      • Chris

        its called a Big Daddy from a game called Bioshock. the girl on the right is called a Little Sister and the one on the left is a Splicer.

        Yeah I know, I'm a geek.

        • houtini

          Thanks. She looks like Alice in wonderland.. WITH ZOMBIES. 😛

        • Mrs_Conejo

          great game

          • Johnny

            First Bioshock = easily in my top 5 best single player games of all time.

    • Sovem

      Awesome? It's bloody epic!!

  • Farther


    ere we go again

    Onya Chive

    • Ezee

      We need his address so we can track him down ans harass him for his costume!


      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1458486799 Chase Patt

        it isn't a costume

      • Ali

        I wouldn't harass him, I would tell him he's damn hilarious!

      • Hypno

        This is Frank from The Heidi and Frank show. Go to http://www.heidiand frank.com

    • dea9

      Much less of an outrage this time.

      • beeline

        That's because the outrage last time was about Chive asking people to ruin the guy's life. I'm still waiting for an explanation from the staff as to why that one was ever posted in the first place…

  • Horseface

    #11 – Bryan Cranston as Tio Hector…….now that is awesome.

    • swisschiver

      breaking bad IS awesome

    • theyellowfever

      Best show on tv.

    • sshuggi

      This cast is amazing. You can tell they love what they do and are more cohesive than that of any other show, even when they're not filming.

    • hMMMM

      What a great picture!!! I agree with all the praise of this show, but I feel like it really could have ended how it did last season. Just PLEASE don't fuck up the last season….please….

    • Jen

      I was afraid thsi wonderful picture wouldn't make it onto the first page after scrolling.

  • The Jib

    white people have too much time on their hands…..

    • The Jab

      Shut up, you damn fool!

    • Amazo

      Perhaps because we don't spend all our time eating fried chicken and watermelon.

      • http://theadventuresofjim.wordpress.com/ theAdventuresOfJim

        and grape drink

        • The Jib

          i'm not black…….

      • hMMMM

        let me guess, two white frat boy fans of the Chappelle's Show?

    • Logic

      WTF man… Now your making the GOOD black Chivers look bad you weak fuck!

  • liquid muff

    #11 is that the dude from breaking bad?

    • Horseface

      I just googled it. Apparently they have costume parties as the wrap party for each season. Cranston has dressed as Jesse, Skylar, and Tio (in this picture), and Aaron Paul has gone as Walter, Jane, and now apparently a Los Pollos Hermanos chicken mascot.

  • agonystes

    #2 and #8 are F'ing incredible!

  • chivingchiver

    #8 #10 #33 are awesome costumes

    • CMF

      Pretty sure 33 is in Innsbruck Austria. Saw this guy last September, wife got a picture with him. He mostly stands around and reads the newspaper, oh and scares the crap out of people who aren't paying attention

  • Freddie

    #11 That is definitely them! Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston…

  • The Jab

    You're damn fool!

  • Mack318

    #11 Is that the legit Jessie Pinkman????

    • Jen

      Mr. White in the chair as well.

  • liquid muff

    You guys ever played dont drink and drive? you play a game of mario kart(N64) and you have to finish your beer before the end of the race. Only rule is you cant drink your beer while you are driving. Too much fun.

    • Favio

      Wow, seriously sounds so much fun, your parties must be really wild.

      • Kin

        shouldn't you only drink while driving so you have to play one handed =P?

        • Savio Vega

          see that makes more sense, that is more of a challenge.

    • ThatGuy

      1. Slam beer
      2. Race
      3. Win
      4. ???????
      5. Profit!

      • ThatGuy

        you sir, are not ThatGuy

  • swisschiver

    #25 troll face is trolling

    • wrangler86

      troll face has some awesome legs! find them!

    • pops

      If that was a dude, that would truly be a good costume.

  • Juoil

    #14 Careful there, or Leo will (ask his friends to) kick your ass!

    • Ezee


    • ???

      explain joke please.

      • Juoil

        Some time ago Leo posted several pictures about who-knows-what.
        One of the pictures was a guy wearing a costume like this one (could be the same picture, even), and with a comment saying something like "this jackass! The users from the Chive should find out who he is and fill his inbox with crap yadda yadda".
        The majority of the users proceeded to tell Leo to go fuck himself and get a sense of humour.
        And he removed the pic.

  • hipster

    There was some cool stuff here.
    Sadly, #25 wasn't really one. Nice try and nicer legs, but that's what happens when Chive starts to go mainstream.

    • causticcorsair

      You're an idiot if you think Chive is the only website featuring trollface meme. Almost everything on this site is hijacked from reddit.com and placed in tidy little packages for easy viewing.

    • http://thechive.com/ JTJGME

      Lol gtfo

    • Innocent Bystander

      hipster, are you trolling a troll face picture?

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