The “self-pop-tart”: I’m a sucker for horrible new trends (32 Photos)

Via selfpoptart

  • Karl

    What the F is this?

  • Dank

    Please don’t write first anymore.

    • fritz müller

      write 8======D instead!


    #19 FIND!

    • Mark

      This ^^^^

    • Broadbem

      She is pure hotness….

    • thesideburnyone

      isnt that Mari from Smosh?

    • Underbaker

      I think it is a frosted strawberry pop-tart, you can find them in the cereal aisle at you local grocery store.

  • Holy Hell

    The "Walking Dead" pop tart ?
    Show is awesome.

    • BentWrenches

      I like the flash.

  • Dodey G


  • etcrr

    #5 hot, very hot indeed

    • Brian

      Beats the hell out of planking. At least with this one.

    • paul

      why do her flbs's look like they're pressed into some glass wall?

    • james

      somehow she looks like kate from fates playground

    • Michael

      "Self pop tart" indeed….

  • etcrr

    Do trends get any dumber than this?

    • Evan Seiler


    • Chan


      • Donovan

        There is a new version of planking, called "milking." I would say it is the dumbest and no idea how the world has come to this.

    • Guesty

      This is why life is ending in 2012… Its not a natural disaster.. its a self inflicted aplocolypse…

  • Guest

    There are nsfw pictures of her out there

  • max


    Source? More?

    • Ned Flanders

      It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Hipster!

    • Mr. Primal

      I've been a naughty boy. Spank me then feed me please teacher! 🙂

  • thrust parker

    BS smh

  • MylesofStyles

    #6 Dude is looking at it like he's an Ethiopian holding a chicken.

    • TheAutomaticMan

      no, he's looking at it like he loves penis….

  • emini

    i like it

  • Xion

    #26 Love normal girls

  • CDN

    WTF is this? Lame post.

  • wrangler86

    i'm more of a toaster strudel guy myself.

    • Guest

      #22 is your kind of picture then.

      • Underbaker

        Just say no to Fish Face.

  • Anonymous

    #5 #17 fap first then to wal mart for pop tarts

  • Ryan

    I think it's pretty funny. It really brings out how ridiculous people look when they take those stupid self-portraits.

    Also for anyone who is slow on this monday morning— they've shopped in a pop tart in place of the camera the people are holding…. have a feeling some people will think that it's all the rage to take pictures with pop tarts.

    • TheAndychrist

      OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH, I see. That actually does make it kinda funny…

  • steve

    most of them have the same photoshopped pop tart.

    this is a waste of a post.

    • KINGER

      They are all PhotoShop.

    • nose

      i know. its the same damn pop-tart. Not even creative enough to use their own pop tart.

  • bse35

    stupid trends

  • notwill

    WTF kind of hipster shit is this?

  • R2GFan

    #5 FTW

  • DirtyDougie

    #17, I'll give it a shot…

    • R2GFan

      Worth the risk, me thinks.

  • hMMMM

    #15 – Rebatart. I would so do her…

    • Bob

      A Reba's Shirt flavored Pop Tart…Sounds like a great idea to me.

    • Conan Smith

      you have to stop doing your mom first!!!!

      • the other OTHER Jen

        imagine her voice while you are doing her. OMG

  • Jason

    is #4 Mickey from American Chopper?? So looks like him

    • The Dream Is Dead

      Dear God Man, the name is MIKEY…not Mickey and no it isn't him

  • Mista Dabolina

    does nobody else know that you can make the camera point at yourself on an iphone so you dont have to use a mirror?

    • Commando00

      ummmmmm……….turn it around

      • the other OTHER Jen

        there is a icon with a camera and arrows around it. press it.

        however, not sure it stupid or trolling…

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