A luxurious house on the water (10 Photos)

Via designsnw

  • Anonymous

    Its still a boat

  • Anonymous

    And again with the firstness

  • big red


  • Foreverwaiting

    nice house, but some seriously disturbing decorations!

  • bse35

    no wave action allowed near this baby, I'd feel better with at least a foot higher than the water line

    • fed

      if the harbor is built properly, there will be no waves (unless there is really a shit storm happening)

      • thepoopsmith

        I like this comment

      • Flow

        True, but then again there are only very few places on earth where you can comfortably live for 20+ years without ever having mother nature kicking the shit out of the local coastline.

        • thom

          Lake Union is a tiny lake that is between Lake Washington and the Puget Sound, connected by the locks. For the most part there are no waves and definitely no tides. Though, as Flow said, we do get some storms and wind that will cause some rocking on the rare occasion.

    • Jay

      Look at #2
      House actually floats! You can go to their website as well…..It's called the Lake Union Float Home.

  • etcrr

    nice house, Mooring fees must be enormous

  • bob lee swagger

    I'm so jealous that I want this house torpedoed immediately

  • varlotto

    How did you find out about my Pog collection?

  • http://gravatar.com/shadowwight shadowwight

    Yeah…it was nice yesterday…and still nice today….

  • Sergio Fromrio

    Looks like something out of Minecraft

  • BlLL

    I'll take one that's smaller and simpler, and be twice as happy because it cost half as much.

  • Bullet knuts

    I’m on a boat muthafucka don’t you ever forget!!

  • thrust parker


  • McChiver

    Looks like cargo containers stacked on top of one another. The property itself may have been expensive; but I'll wager the actual construction costs were minimal.

  • dan

    I know that place. MacGyver lives there…

  • Dick Folgers

    I would guess a TV, but I'm okay with calling a nice flat screen art…

  • dsfvvfvfdfd

    Great overall concept. Exterior is unimaginative. Poor taste in boats.

  • Primo

    This could provide good zombie Apocalypse protection….can zombies swim?

    • justsaying

      Yes. The last (maybe second to last) episode of the Walking Dead they found a swimmer in the bottom of a well.

      • ...

        Didnt he just stand around on the bottom of the well?

    • Tempest

      Not a classic zombie flick, but I have to cite Pirates of the Caribean. They just walk along the bottom.

  • CWP

    Nice Cobalt moored up outside too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/clayton.culler Clayton Culler

    #4 #5
    Nice, they changed channels so potential buyers know they get more than one

    • peanut3603

      1 pic is with the side wall open. Like a garage. The other is with it down.

      • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

        I was wondering if anyone else spotted that roll up door.

  • Langleylogan@rocketmail.com


  • WTF

    Zero to sixty in 3 days.

  • Dan

    It’s a wake-less lake and there’s never any waves.

  • Underbaker

    Even if some turd in a speed boat goes flying by? Because I would not feel safe in the bedroom if it started rocking. #10

    • ...

      You have much to learn young one… you do want the bedroom to start rocking, sure maybe not by waves but still

  • rable

    more motion on the ocean

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