Does anybody else pee on the side of the toilet to make less sound?

  • Anonymous

    Right here!

  • RyLo

    The XX on the beat. Nice. If I don’t do this within 4 years u will have failed at life.

  • Anonymous

    Oahs ur not alone

  • Anonymous

    Literally just did it less than two minutes ago, strange you mention it

  • stuthejew

    What song is this? What artist?

    • W..

      Intro by Xx

  • Pepermunt9


  • DC22

    damn….I'm shitting my pants just watching this. this is like the extreme of extreme!

  • Furg

    How do they land??

    • JSBC


    • SpacemanSpiff

      Like a Boss

  • JSBC

    Grinding the crack – Jeb Corliss. Better video, better song.

    • Guestbest

      Better go kill yourself

  • SpacemanSpiff

    Like a Boss

  • Missoula

    I did this as a kid with a plastic garbage bag and an 8 foot porch. Almost broke my goddamn neck. If only I woulda had a flying suit…

  • Anonymous

    Wingsuit videos apparently DO get old. Thanks Alec, for reminding of how you’re the only part of the chive that sucks. Do the guys at the chive owe your dad a favor or something? How did u get this job?

  • Ispeakchive


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