That’s what I love about these childhood memories, I get older…and they stay the same age (35 Photos)

Yes, they do….

  • Anjin-San

    #27 fucking epic

    • BMerce33

      Original Prince of Persia…. cooler than gay cowboy

      • bramer666

        such a hard jump , played this a ton on my IBM PS/2
        ah childhood

    • AHZ

      Greatest game ever made… PERIOD!!!

    • Chazz_B

      man this was the first game i ever got addicted to … freaking fatso in lv7 and your mirror clone that you had to parry, it was fun =P

    • MRPOOP


      • bob

        dumb ass doesnt remember mighty max

    • wolftec

      best every made no doubt. At 38 this is the ONLY computer game i every played and finished again and again and to date i have not played any other game. amazing memories. Paxar SVGA monitor on a 286 box

  • ding dong


    • THISguy


  • chetvik

    G I Joe toys were the shit

    • Iceman2509

      I still have a ton at my parents house. One day I will break them out once again.

    • @valorikx221

      were the shit? Still are

    • devin

      Zandar was the man!

    • hMMMM

      the worst was when those rubber bands that held the torso and the legs together broke…there was never a replacement rubber band quite the same size

    • SimonPhoenix

      GO LOOK UP http

      FUNNIEST shit in the world .. You will LOVE IT!

      Seriously .. go do it. or youtube it.

  • franktt6

    Cruisin my game back in the day!

    • Katie

      I always ran into the houses on the San Francisco track.

      • funkrushing

        I always used the school bus, which sucked since you couldn't see where the hell you were going.

  • booyakasha

    first? and what are those things in #34, can't remember!

    • MRPOOP

      mighty max balls

      • hMMMM

        speaking of balls….why does the Hulk have 'em shaved onto his chest? #6

    • Niko

      Dude, you just failed hard.

    • AZE

      i got the shark one.. hahahaha!! those miniatures were awesome. fail if you dont know mighty max BTW..

      • imright

        i knew about them before all of you so stfu. balls.

    • georgehalse

      MIGHTY MAX!! Like polly pockets, but for totally rad dudes.

    • AceJiggy19

      Mighty Max dude!

  • Anonymouse

    #18 #34 thank you for this post. I still have these kept away in a box. no way in hell will I ever get rid of them.

    • jjj

      #18 Millions of Unusual Scary Creatures Lurking Everywhere

      • MylesofStyles

        I'm going to say San Francisco. Final answer.

    • LansingMI

      Mom just brought the last box of crap from my old room. Full of Muscle Men, Micro Machines and Nintendo games. My wife said, "you could probably get something for that junk on E-Bay." I've never been more ashamed of her.

  • Nathan Hart

    #3 is a street gang, clearly

    And in #32, why is Joey's arm around Becky?

    • MonkeyMadness

      Because Joey was secretly pounding Becky and those kids weren't Jesse's.

    • james

      and to think, one of those people turns into a coke head, I think…not sure which one that is? ah damn, both do

      • Colleen

        little Stephanie shes a coke whore with 2 kids I think lol

    • roclawzi

      By that logic, why is Stamos's arm around Candace Cameron?

      You think the Olsen twins argue over which ones were in which scenes?

  • Dan

    #26 Not as hot as I remember.

    • Anon

      that's just a terrible picture of half of them. The one on the right looked way better than that and the one on the left is great as always 😛

      • DeRaNgEd

        Posh was always hot….
        Mad Crush on her…

      • Holmespump

        Yeah – Sporty looks like she's missing tooth in this pic.

    • Anon

      Geri Haliwell (red head) looks even better today than she ever did back then. She has definitely aged well.

      • Ace

        If by age you mean plastic surgery, then yes she has done well..

    • TheAutomaticMan

      You read my mind dude…..

    • Michael Price

      That was my thoughts exactly.

    • MRPOOP


  • Katie

    Still my favorite game.

    • JOHN

      I have known so many women with N64 in their apartments. They all love this or mariokart. Its embarrassing for them when they think they can beat me. Nope.

    • Biggus Diccus

      This was all I did in college from 98-2000

      • texjosh

        Dont play it today. It will ruin it for you. A buddy and I were all stoked to play it about a month ago and its fucking awful. Sorry.

        • DrROBOTO

          lol the size of the levels get ya? just broke it out recently and it is amazing how multiplayer levels would consist of 3 of my living rooms put 2gether

  • Kristijan Gašparac

    #27 Heheh, even after almost 20 years, in my mind I can still hear those sounds of spike traps, bare feet running, bricks falling and lowering gates :D. Prince of Persia, Amiga… ahh, nostalgia :D.

  • Alf

    Where is Road Rash???

    • Bobbo

      That would be #35 Anyone one else intentionally hit the spectators at the end?

      • Justin

        #35 is Cruisin' USA, isn't it?

  • James

    #26 amen brother

    • JOHN

      Mmmm Gerri Spice

      • MonkeyMadness

        Ginger Spice.

        • Troll_the_world

          cum despository spice?

  • Seldi84

    #28 Was a staple of my weekday afternoons.
    #34 Mighty Max was awesome, I would have killed for the Scorpion set.

    • walther

      i had 2 scorpion sets coz i got them from 2 different ppl at my birthday :

      • Seldi84

        I had the same thing with the Snake set.

  • Ceige

    #13 I now remember why sharks are my favorite animals

    • Raliegh

      Street Sharks!!! best show ever!

  • BornSlippy

    Run DOS

  • MattKL

    #4 Hell yeah! Saw it in the theater with a hundred other screaming kids when this first came out.

    #12 MacGyver taught us all the value of preparedness and carrying paperclips and chewing gum with you wherever you went.

    #26 Scary Spice, still hot.

    • Johnny Two Toes

      The three greatest names in television history: Richard. Dean. Anderson.

      • SimonPhoenix

        He was pretty fuckin' awesome in Stargate SG1, too!

  • t-spoon17

    what's the name of this epic game?i used to love it! #34

    • AceJiggy19

      MIGHTY MAX brah!

      • Bored at work

        I still have the giant mountain one from a christmas back in 90 something

  • t-spoon17

    actually this one #33

    • dave_d

      waverace 64!

      • bob

        Still play this shit

        • Vlad

          Still play it even though I have a PS3

    • Peacock

      I loved this game

    • VooDoo

      My brother in law had this – all I had to do during weekends with the in-laws for about 2 years…

  • manchakattack

    Woah… wtf #26?
    I remember the Spice Girls being a loot hotter.

    • Kyle Bartley

      You sir, are mistaken.

      • Dex

        I dunno man, those teeth on the right one…

    • 6655321

      Watch the videos. It'll come back to you.

  • moses3

    The golden days of MUSIC television

    • TheRealSnowman

      Yeah, back when they actually played music videos, and not like now just showing brainless show that have absolutely nothing to do with music.
      Major fail, MTV.

      • DeRaNgEd

        They now have a MTV classic Channel with only music…

        • The_Dood

          For a few more months… Remember when we thought the same thing about MTV2?

    • Hah

      i'm buggled by this photo.

    • Brian

      I want my M T V – the one that played music videos.

  • Turduckenn

    why do they call it an xbox 360? because when you see it you do a 360 and walk away.

    • Chet

      And end up facing right back at it? Idiot.

      • Simon Vega

        or you do the 360 and then MOONWALK away like a boss

    • Thefrdbj

      360 degrees and walk away? Wanna try that one again buddy?

      • Umbra Fractus

        He's walking backwards?

    • josh

      i lol'd……dumb

    • Kenny

      Guys, guys… he's been posting this on all theChive posts…. Troller be trolling.

    • Biggus Diccus

      Have fun getting your Gaystation account getting hacked!

    • georgehalse

      You'd actually only do a 180 to walk away……

  • etcrr

    #19 Lincoln Logs and tongue depressers, They were so cool

    • Hah

      Federal soldiers, fall in! The Rebs are attacking with their dinosaurs!

      Must be an old set. Mine had green roof slats.

      • etcrr

        so did mine, I think they used tongue depressers with the ends cut off for the roof. even in the 60's they had green roof slats

        • etcrr

          i turned the roof slats brown by sticking them in my butt

          • Just sayin

            We all know yiu aren't the real one cause you don't have the score behind the name so why make an ass out of yourself?

  • Machinist

    Bitch, please! Jodie Foster was 32 when the Lion King came out! 😀

    • Tommy

      :Facepalm: It's a joke….

      • JHL1

        but not a funny one

  • Jason Nelson

    The only thing missing is Boglins 🙂

  • Anonymous

    #1 and #15 are amazing…

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