• Shadowwight

    Geez! Is she trying to give the kid nightmares? Sounds like psycho-mom…

  • einhorn87

    Jesus I was as confused as the kid……

  • Piper

    Babies are smart. She scares the hell out of me too.

  • Mike

    She is scaring me!!!!!

  • james mfp

    Wtf is wrong with her

  • http://www.facebook.com/ladiedragonfli ladiedragonfli

    I thought I heard her say something about barney, maybe she’s doing an impression?

  • tomchalm

    Why did mickey break up with minney? Because she was fucking goofy.

  • Carnoculus


  • D_drogo

    theres probably a big ass mole on her nose

  • James699

    someone had sex with that laugh?

  • Anonymous

    Obviously she was just playing with her kid, wtf is wrong with that? I

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