24 month old deaf girl has conversation– Amazing (Video)

This is a video of mother Lilli and daughter Ava, aged 24 months, having a conversation at the dinner table. They are both deaf and thus were able to sign from when Ava was born.

Sadly, many families are not getting the support they need to learn to communicate with their child, particularly those who want to learn sign language. Language is not a privilege, it is a right. If you’d like to help petition please go HERE and support the NDCS (National Deaf Children’s’ Society).

  • Work is Daily

    First to say awesome!!

    • jed

      aged 24 months…or they could have said 2 years old, either way, awesome

      • Groggy

        Wait, the sign for "India" is pointing to the middle of your forehead?

        That's racist!

        And hilarious.

  • Maybe first

    First, but that is one cool ass kid

    • Work is Daily

      U were second asshole!!

      • asdf

        way to take it to the extreme there buddy. I'm sure you're real proud of yourself too. geesh.

      • Maybe first

        Read the name, your a donkey's asshole :p

  • shouldntasaid that

    I thought I had it on mute until the baby laughed

    • Mr. Scott

      Asshole. (still funny!)

  • ROET

    I bet she gives a killer hand job…

  • Turtle


  • pjsupremex

    wait, what?

  • https://www.facebook.com/nick4761 Nick Caminita

    thats truly amazing

  • Jo Mammy

    That is absolutely amazing

  • Nargon

    i had would-be mother-in-law who was completely deaf, most talkative person i've ever known…

  • Crag oag

    Doesn't that just put a smile on your face

  • Work is Daily

    Can we see moms hump

  • aaron kirkpatrick

    That’s amazing. My nephew could talk some when he was two. But not a whole conversation like that. AWESOME!!!

  • Kris

    My daughter is not deaf but is unable to speak. I tried to teach her sign language but she just wasn't able to pick it up from me. After a few years I put her in therapy to help us, and once we were able to communicate I felt like I was meeting her all over again! This video tickles me pink!

  • Balley

    If we're incredibly lucky she will be President someday.

  • D-Tam

    DAR the mom!

  • toogeekyforyou

    That is very awesome. Based on the conversation, it seems as though she is speaking more and having a more intelligent conversation than your average 2 year old. But I don't have kids so I could be completely wrong.

    • Tim

      It's awesome. I child can understand and formulate words and syntax before their wernicke's area fully develops (are of the brain that essentially makes the words come out), all while their motor cortex is quite apt. This is why a lot of parents teach their kids sign language even if they are able to hear/speak. It ultimately allows earlier communication and seems to ease communication barriers between parent and child. It is certainly what I'm planning to do when I have kids.

      • Scott

        My wife and I have no hearing issues, and both of our sons were born with normal hearing, but we used videos to teach them ASL starting at age 2. It was an amazing tool for them to be able to communicate their wants/needs using ASL when they could not yet formulate words by speaking. HIGHLY recommend this to avoid the child's frustration when he/she cannot yet communicate via speech. The series we used is entitled "Signing Time" — it's geared toward teaching ASL to young children, and I always recommend the product to new parents. I have no affiliation with the producers, just used and believe in the product. Get the 3-pack of Vol. 1-3, and that's likely all you'll need. For reals.

        • rayvonsunshine

          I did the same with mine – they are not hearing impaired in any way, and did not learn full sign language but about 50 differnet signs for things like "More" (amazing how many things they wanted mroe or!) and different food and so on.

          Worked amazingly well, and the whole issue of being able to communicate before they can speak really opens them up.

          As Scott says, it's the way to go!

          • greg

            That's a great idea. Wish I would've done that with my 2.

  • oldmanmcdiii

    I go to the Rochester Institute of Technology and we have have a pretty legit program for Deaf students here. The daycare on campus teaches all of the children sign language when they enroll, and they're pretty much fluent by the time they hit kindergarten. Its pretty nuts to see little kids signing better than you can.

  • mefime

    I like the blueberry part…watch it again

  • mefime

    yummy blueberry

  • JtheProducer

    Kinda makes me feel like a failure when I was a kid, drawing on walls and stuff I don’t think was speaking in coherent sentences like that at two, or even in her case where she was signing

  • Poop Indeed

    "They are both deaf and thus were able to sign from when Ava was born."

    A few strange facts are conveyed by this sentence:

    1.) As a newborn baby Ava could use sign language
    2.) Lilli suddenly started signing when Ava was born
    3.) Sign language is a genetic

    … I weep for the future

    • Bluebury

      That…doesn't makes…any sense, dude.
      1.) If you look into it, very young babies are able to communicate basic signs very early on. It was part of a study that found out that, though babies take a couple year to develop spoken language, they can communicate earlier than that via means such as (waaait for it) signs and signals such as sign langage!
      2.) What? They meant that because Lilli was deaf, she already had the sign language skills when Ava was born instead of having to learn the language.
      3.) Shut up. You're dumb.

      I weep for your future.

      • catlady

        lmao @ blueberry for

    • Kirah

      seriously dude ease of the bitch flakes and take it for what it is…. an Awesome video….

    • ASL

      It isn't genetic. Most deaf people have children that can hear. Also people that can hear can have deaf children. Obviously she learned from a newborn on. Like the same way you were an asshole since you were born.

      • ASL

        "It isn't completely genetic"

      • DC22

        lmfao….great reply on that asshole!!

    • threatlevelmidnight

      If the baby could sign from birth what did it say on its way out of the vagina? HERES JOHNNY?

  • Chris

    I was having a crap day. That little angel just made me smile.

  • Thomas

    Why couldn't it just say 2 years instead of 24 months? It seems weird to tell a child's age by months after the first year.
    But this video truly is amazing.

    • Shawn

      I never got the month thing either, until my son arrived. I now see they calculate age monthly because there is a huge difference between a child who just turned one (12months) and a child about to turn two (23 months) Developmentally speaking.

  • Jala Meladuro

    Anyway you look at it.. And to you ppl criticizing.. Little girl is smarter than most dumbasses posting here. here’s a little sign language to stupid idiots *raises middle finger*

  • winston002

    my fiancee is deaf and i am hard of hearing but never learned asl as mine was a work related injury that happened at 19. its been amazing learning and growing with her. its a double edged sword because of the things she is left out of. for example, we went to disney world for her 24th birthday. there is a guided tour for every language under the sun with provided translators but no enterpretor for the deaf. the options were rent a closed caption device that did not work, or come back on sunday or tuesday. she is born deaf but still went on to be miss deaf alabama and is currently working on her masters in photography at uab. she is the light of my life and makes me a better person, and i wouldnt have had any of this had i allowed comunication to be an issue. just wanted to share 🙂 good to see the chive giving some love to us deaf chivers and chivettes

    • cre8iveartist

      AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! i love you baby! im so glad you learned sign language and i am so happy to have amazing guy like you in my life! 🙂 P.S. this video made me smile!! So cute!!

      • cre8iveartist

        And i can't wait to marry you!! December needs to hurry up! 🙂 i love you so much. You are a blessing to me, I am so thankful to have you in my life, you have no idea how happy you make me. Everyday with you is always an adventure, and i'm looking forward to more! 🙂

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