Remember way back when… (35 Photos)

  • Matt

    Im 25 years old and this fits my childhood perfectly! I take it the chive admin must be about the same age?

    • Who knows

      Jon's 30 isn't he?

      • @McBeastie666

        certainly not mentally.

        • pooper


          • DrROBOTO

            29 here and they hit a 99% accuracy on me too. It literally hurts my heart to read these most of the time.

            • Max Renn

              So you remember BTTF Part III from 1990 do you? I remember it because I was 15. You were how old?

              • Alpha0010


    • Michael~

      25 as well

  • joesudz

    I still listen to bloodhound gang almost every day

    • mattythegooch

      "Use Your Fingers" is one of the sickest albums EVER!!

      • Michael~


        • mattythegooch


          considering it was 1995, and the samples they used were unique….

  • Pants

    #34 I'm listening to the tony hawk soundtrack right now ^_^

    • Lisa

      that game introduced me to Goldfinger. every time they come on my iPod i have flashbacks

      • davoinc

        yes! superman! time to dust off the 64


      WTF this is not even that old, fuck off young punk

  • thatguy

    chucka chucka…

    • marcochan

      I heard this morning that there's going to be a new one – a teaser says "how am I going to get out of work today" and then the ch-ch, chicka chicka plays.

      • myself

        I do believe it's just for a Super Bowl commercial.

        • Pete

          I doubt that they'll make another one – Ruck apparently doesn't like the character anymore as he was typecast for so long after it. Shame though.


      I like watching this movie and considering that the entire thing is Cameron's death dream; that he dies after the first phone call from Ferris and the rest is a Fight Club-ish fantasy. Makes it interesting to watch again.

    • true

      Uhhh, you sure? How does that movie end dude?
      Uhhh, I can't remember it. Ooo, yeah, he bangs that old lady and then they play that song from the 80's: Day Bow Bow.

  • Mad Hittman


    • Kyle

      Is it the shoes!?

      • Scott

        HES ON FIRE!!!

    • KipsBigBoy

      It's available on the iPad. I just downloaded it yesterday. Goodbye productivity.

    • tvalora


    • Sticky Wickets

      Can't Buy A Bucket!

  • Rollout25


    • Ned Plimpton

      "Now you're probably asking yourself, Matt, what can I do to get-back-on-the-right-track?"

    • Xaphod

      Dad I wish you'd shut your YAPPER

    • tvalora


      "I want to live in a van down by the river….."

      "welllllyourgonnnahaveplentyoftimetoliveinavandownbytheriver WHENNNNNN, YOUR LIVIN IN A VANNN DOWN BY THE RIVERRR!!!!" hahah…

    • Red

      I saw Tommy Boy on TV last weekend, man I miss this guy.

  • JimmyBoPeep


    And I still prefer the older ones.

  • joo

    #31 pedo!!!!!

    • pooper

      or his son?

    • F.S.M.

      WTF kinda childhood did you have that your nostalgic moment is pedophilia? It's pointing out the twin towers in the back……

    • Jim

      Or maybe its just Dad….

    • Cqc008

      relive your childhood not your fantasies

  • POSTdiluvian

    #13 You could dupe all the bottles you wanted, play tricks with the ocarina, and get all the piece of heart; but OoT really boiled down to how much better at tennis you were than Ganondorf

  • dashete

    #17 Begged parent for it for 5 months
    Lost interest in it after 3 hours.
    It's like the iPad of my childhood

    • newscot

      Haha, well put.

    • somethingsomething

      Still have it. Still play with it.

  • blah

    #31…..never forget

  • Teh_Shard


    That music still gives me goosebumps.

    • Mc3


    • 1C451

      The anticipation during the model town flyover only made it that much better.

      • MattKL

        That was my favorite part. I'd love for them to bring the flyover back, even if only for a little while.

    • saltygary

      How this was made was a big deal back then, there used to be a short documentary about it. I remember that the lights that spin at the end was done in a "ground breaking" way. They should bring it back once in a while.

      • saltygary

        The doc is on you tube:

    • Unfkngblvbl

      they cut the gif before the best part

  • pufffdragon

    #29 I have the weirdest erector right now

    • jaynecobb2

      I see what you did there

  • Seldi84

    #6 I've still got my gameboy, had it since '89 and it still works. I've gone through 3 DS since they've been released.
    #25 Got that was a cool toy, mediocore film if memory serves.,
    #26 Got to say it. Where does he get those wonderful toys.

    • Vance

      #25 was a show, My Pet Monster

    • drew

      In the movie for #25. . .doesn't a kid get turned into one of these while looking at a statue of one in a museum? Do you remember what the movie (or the toy) was called?

    • Stacey

      Dead on the money re: #25… I still have the Monster, but the handcuffs went missing years ago. I'm too scared to ask my brother or parents for fear I don't want to know…

  • Max_Power

    #35 Later bitches!

    • testudo321

      Respect my authoritah !!!

    • JLC

      I have a scar on my forehead from riding mine with my eyes closed, while singing. Ran into the back of the neighbor's van. I probably haven't gotten any smarter in the 24 years following.

    • Franklin1138

      I had a Dukes of Hazzard one and my best friend had a Knight Rider one. I always tried to get mine to to the handbrake 360 like they always did in the commercials, but it never worked.

    • jussayin

      isnt this just a clip from The Wonder Years

  • anon

    #23 that place was EPIC!

    • bubblerider86

      i actually stopped and had a moment of silence for it…. R.I.P. DZ!!!

    • Adam

      I've never discovered what I could do on my own since!

    • MMM

      Way too much piss in those slides!

    • P J

      That place always smelled like BO…imagine the germs that were crawling on this walls and mats…

    • frogger

      DZ was seriously awesome. I'll never forget the time my Dad had to crawl through the tunnels with the kids because I wouldn't get out on my own, haha

      • Jwise

        We played tag in there for hours on end!!!

  • Eric

    #4 is awesome. And I am going to see Howie Mandel in like fifteen hours.

    • Biggus Diccus

      Holy crap I never realized that's who it was. This was one of my favorite movies growing up, along with Goonies.

      • elliott

        what movie?

        • newscot

          Little Monsters

          • Craig Millington

            thankyou!!! I've been trying to rmember the name of this movie since Monsters Inc came out.

    • tvalora

      Classic…. "GOT EM GOT EM NEED EM GOT EM"

  • Nanno

    #2 You from the 209?

  • chrisdg74

    #30 – "Put your hands down my pants, and I'll bet you'll feel nuts."
    Bloodhound Gang classic.

    • bubblerider86

      still a favorite to this day!!! 🙂

      • chrisdg74

        "Hooray For Boobies" sits on my phone in its entirety.

        • mattythegooch

          Use Your Fingers was the shit!

          Until Daddy Long Legs left the group…….

      • kingblc

        OFBC is an amazing album, they are still one of my favs too.

    • AmBush Steve

      Classic line from one of the "Reds", Buttons or Skelton. My favorite line was "let's do it doggie style so we can both watch x-files".

    • Anomanom

      I was just listening to this song the other day.

    • thechairman

      C´mon! That was like yesterday! I am not THAT old!

  • etcrr

    Damn I'm old

    • The_Stif

      sucks doesnt it. Looking at all this from my childhood and realizing how dated it is.

      • etcrr

        In 1986 when Ferris Buellers Day Off came out I was 35 years old, Yes it sucks, lmao

        • relaxx

          And I thought I was old being 19 when FBDO came out- you are the winner sir! Keep Chivin' On- respect.

  • Soap

    #35 Like a boss!

  • The Bandit

    #7 …Burt "The Bandit" Reynolds…the reason I bought a '79 Trans Am…great movie. Still a favorite!

    • jasgat66

      " Gimme a diablo sandwich… A Dr Pepper and make it quick because I'm in a goddamn hurry" -Buford T Justice

    • bisonbade

      Hold my Hat!

    • The Hick

      Except his wasn't a '79. lol Still a good year, though. Sad that Pontiac is dead.

      • The Bandit

        …yep, he had a '77 I thought…but was hard to get my hands on a good Trans Am from that year in my country. So I went for a different year (with the new front). Cool cars!

  • Otter

    #6 pulled out my Game Gear to show the kids and the damn screen doesn't work properly anymore. Dammit. They thought it was cool anyway.

    • Just Sayin'

      why is that game boy classic so god damn filthy?!! i still play mine 🙂

  • superman

    #34 My inner child just screamed out "because I am a superman!"

    • Goldfinger

      Gotta love Goldfinger. I played in a band that sung that song – because of this game! So many good songs.

  • Steve

    #31 Never Forget.

    My father was a NYC fireman and was on the 12th Floor of the South Tower when it collapsed. He was trapped for over 7 hours before being rescued. He is 1 of 13 survivors of the people who were in the building as it collapsed. Seeing those towers is about as nostalgic as I get.

    Never forget those lost. Much Respect. Loyal Chiver

    • Lowrent75

      Good story man. Glad he came out alive. Never forget.

    • Ned Plimpton

      What did he say it was like?

      • steve

        He wrote a book about the events. Its called "last man down"

    • zachary

      great story man True Americans will never forget that day

    • truth

      We will always remember those lost and revere those that chose to serve on that day. A question to ponder; is 9/11 = Pearl Harbor in that we (US) will continue to mark its anniversary with somber regard and only as the generation passes will the country heal? I know some wounds are just too deep to heal in a lifetime, but at what point does our country start moving on?

      • relaxx

        I think we have moved on; life always goes on (I live right across from it in Jersey- saw the whole thing), but we will not and should not ever forget- the big problem is many people want to diminish the event or compartmentalize it. The media never shows the footage of it anymore- the whole event should be rebroadcast every year on the anniversary to remind each of us and to show our children what happened and what can happen again.

        Keep Calm.

        • Franklin1138

          I agree with you. I think we've been moving on ever since, but like a divorce or death or some other devastating life event, it takes a long time to really heal from that. On one hand, I definitely agree that we as a nation need to not forget, or at least to not sweep it under the rug and forget why and how it happened in the first place. But I also don't think it would be helpful to rebroadcast it every year, mainly from the fear that it would become trivialized and lose its impact.

          • Just Sayin'

            Definitely don't forget or sweep it under the rug. It was not just a tragedy, but a moment that really united everyone. Not just in the US, but here in the UK too…Many were lost, but so much more has been able to build from it too.

            I'm glad to see that at least nobody has started screaming "omg you posted the twin towers that's offensive and too soon". As sensitive as the topic can be, (and i'll probably get thumbed down for this) it's good to see people are moving on and becoming stronger from it all.

            Chive on america!

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