The St. Patrick’s Day KCCO has arrived!

ireland lead The St. Patricks Day KCCO has arrived!

The wait is over, it’s here.

With St. Paddy’s day on a Saturday this year, you’ll need the Luck o’ the Irish to get your hands on this special-edition shirt.

St. Paddy’s KCCO available right here.

Good Luck!

INSTANT UPDATE: The KCCO’s are not Sold Out. But the overwhelming demand for the shirt is crashing all of Shopify, our eCommerce ordering system. We are trying to resolve the issue with them right now and we’re sorry for this Irish shitshow.

UPDATE #2: In order to remedy the issue, the Shopify Admins have marked the KCCO Irish ‘Sold Out’. It is not. The checkout page was receiving to many hits. Shopify is hoping to have a solution in place shorty. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE #3: Shirts are back online. They will last a couple more minutes.

All sizes SOLD OUT.

  • riley

    my guess – sold out in 2 minutes

    • Billy

      We're experiencing a technical problem and we are doing everything we can to resolve it as soon as possible.

      We at apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

      • Alex

        That was the most intense thing I've ever done on the internet. Only one out of every 8 tries would work successfully, and each time it took forever to load. BUT I FUCKING GOT ONE.

      • Tom

        Men's Medium isn't sold out, it just says -12 left. makes sense to me. ass clowns

      • theeemightybuck

        im only replaying so this shows up earlier in the thread, because honestly- who reads after page 2 or 3? needless to say, this "we're working on this right now" doesnt seem to be to hasty.

      • yana

        still not working

      • LcG

        Still not working!!!

    • YourMom

      fuck you chive. I understand demand and supply but this is fucking retarded

      • naa

        THEY OBVIOUSLY DON"T .. or the shirts would cost 100 bucks each… stupid

        • Dr. Fap

          Do yourself a favor and take a microeconomics class. Learn about price points and demand curves, then come talk…stupid.

    • Paul from the gump


    • Monk2204

      looks like mens small are sold out… dang

    • BullShit

      Seriously WTF chive. I was waiting at 3, and still due to slowness was not able to get my hands on one. Bull Shit.

    • Just Because


    • Backseat Chiver

      how about you retards set up a deal with your screen printer to jsut make the shirts on demand?

      WTF is this one time deal BS.

      3rd time i've trie. what a fucking joke…just sent in my first pic today, sorely regretting it…

    • tim

      guys copy the web adress BEFORE the stock issues one…and paste it every time it says out of stock and try to reload

      i JUST got one at 1:45 AZ time

    • whooo hoooo!


      • le sigh

        what size though

        • whooo hoooo!

          mens medium… it told me about 100 times that it was sold out but i kept pasting the furthest screen I got to before the "stock problems" page….

          Good luck ; )

    • 4Eng

      Got three at 340

    • this is BS

      eff it… I am making my own

    • Pissed

      Been trying since 12 pst on the dot and still haven't been able to complete a fucking transaction. Giving up on buying a shirt. You would make a shit ton more money and make people a lot less angry if you wouldn't do these one time only specials.

    • Marko

      Knockoffs available. No checkout frustration when I got one. See what happens when you don't fix your shit Chive?

      • haha

        thats awesome

      • WWAZN

        Fuck buying scalped shirts on ebay for $90… Generic works just fine :-)…

        .. never hyping myself up for this BS anymore…

  • sheoncebelieved

    show us your tits!

    • Bob

      Sold out… I fapped to the Ginger instead. I feel much better now.

    • KroD

      How would you like to proceed?

      St. Patrick's Day KCCO – Men's / XL: Only -70 left.
      Reduce quantity to -70.
      Remove item from order.

      Hmm… ok reduce my quantity to negative 70 to proceed with order. Does that mean I have to send 70 shirts to you guys?

      ////alrighty then
      ///// gonna go make my own

      • Planning Failure

        haha i know right, just get a green shirt and write KCCO on it

  • TheySeeMeChivin

    Aaaaaaaaaaand cue bitching about the shirts…

    • matt

      yeah some people bitch who havent been able to get even 1 shirt ever

      • SweetAwesomeness

        bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch……got to checkout and said they were negative 2 shirts in stock…WTF?!?

        • SweetAwesomeness

          screw this…im just going to order a berry tshirt

      • KroD

        That is true. I should be happy I have an original chive shirt.
        And that ebay crap for the shirts from here? well. thats just cray.

        the 17th will be here soon. its a saturday. and it will be good no matter what you be a wearin'.

        peace and be safe.

    • Paul from the gump

      One update? Seriously, can't you even give us an update of what is going on and if we are wasting our time?

  • tobym

    lame. sold out before noon

    • Grant

      What would be so hard about them ordering enough shirts for everyone to get one?

    • Terttt

      How can I update my cart to -6 shirts. Man it is all messed up

      • mina

        lol yeah we had that problem for about an hour, then called it quits.

  • the only Qualk

    got mine haha haha

    • the only Qualk

      first time and only bought 1 for myself and my chivette.

      • TommyD

        Got one too just now (12:20) you just have to keep trying

        • TommyD

          Every time you get an error message or an out of stock message, hit back on your browser and retry. Just keep doing this until you get through all the steps.

          Until they say at the top that they are sold out, they're not.

          • Haezeus

            I hit refresh maybe 100 times before it went through. Whoo! KCCO!

  • dan

    yea that was pretty lame

    • Paul from the gump

      if only i could thumb this up 1,000,000 times.

    • some-dude

      No kidding. Total amateur-hour.

      It isn't _that_ difficult to setup an online shop that doesn't break, and to set up a reasonable limit to the number of items one person can buy….I don't want to have to drive down to Venice to show you…

  • NorthEast Chiver

    Glad I at least got one for my Chivette before the error message popped up… Let the bitching ensue.

  • JonnyLils

    Just got it baby!!!!!!!!! But don't worry, I only purchased one shirt and wasn't one of the assholes that buys 12 and screws over 11 others.

    • easydoesitt

      i hate that guy….what an asshole.

      • TommyD

        I bought 2. One L and one XL to see which one fits better. Will throw whichever one I don't want up here in the comments.

  • Brad

    Can't even get past check out before it crashes, lol.

    • MOAR

      Great business model, theChive. Fantastic stuff.

  • Swizz Mac

    make better quality shirts

  • haha

    For the love of god please have these delivered by the 17th!!

  • wow

    sold out

  • Jenkins McGee

    Yep, sold out at 11:58

    • Alex

      No bro. I finally got all the way through checkout at 12 after noon and got mine. You have to be persistent.

  • ctuck

    GOT HEM!!!

  • Joey

    Got mine

  • bdnnbd

    wow. fix your bandwidth so i don't get mine stolen from me trying to reload due to "errors."

    • jimstarswagg

      ha.. same thing happened to me. Guess I know now to start 3 minutes early lol!! KCCO!

    • Dext


    • theeemightybuck

      ill just start next time at 11 pst, and waste an hour of the work day.

      • feeling squatchy

        by selling a limited number of shirts at a time theChive creates the shortage which increases the demand.
        If I saw 50 assholes wearing a KCCO every time I went out…well I'd still probably rock it but I like the false feeling of superiority

        • theeemightybuck

          you sir, for your "false feeling of superiority," are a douche.
          maybe you're not, but let's be honest, that was a douche thing to say

          • feelinglesssquatchy

            I live in my parents basement. I need all the confidence boosts I can get.

      • Drew

        "Keep Calm Chive On"

        Live it.

        • theeemightybuck

          well said, i let the 43895725872456872504765479659675391275 times i reloaded my screen get the best of me

    • forsyfe

      shit is fucked up and bullshit

    • paul

      it's not the chive's fault. it's not 'thier' bandwidth. they've actually managed to single handedly crash all of shopify, one of the largest ecommerce sites in the world

      • MOAR

        1) Stop using shopify
        2) Order more shirts so the masses don't collide on the same site at one time.

        Seems like a couple easy solutions.

        Trying to KCCO but theChive is making it very difficult for the Chivers out there who want to support a site they enjoy.

      • KSinz

        Yeah and they've never had this problem with that site before? NO! FUCK THAT. YOu see something like this happen everytime these shirt go up. We know it's gonna crash they KNOW its gonna crash. Thats why they put up the fucking silly messages like good luck, hahahaha. I mean there are problems all over the board with this. The distribution site clearly cant handle the shit and hasnt been able to for a while. And also as pointed out earlier, is there a world shortage on tee-shirts and dye? Is there some reason not to just make a shit load of these? Have they not sold out a ton of times already? And last is there something Im fucking missing?

  • CallsignMigs

    Holy crap! sold out at 11:56? WTF!

    • tommy

      right? jokers

      • TommyD


        • Jessie

          i am trying to get a w smal or med and mens xlarge and it keeps saying they are sold out@

  • not a happy camper

    We're experiencing a technical problem and we are doing everything we can to resolve it as soon as possible.

    We at apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

  • Jeff

    Sold out at 1:59 here during my checkout, so stupid

  • 01100101

    booo they went up before 12 pst and your site is tanking

  • MatadorPride

    does ginger come with every T?

  • Martha

    Yay! Can't wait to wear it and send in a pic for Friday's!

    • Martha

      Aw. Don't hate guys. Just keep hitting refresh. It's a PITA but it worked. Hope you all get one

  • Grant

    Submitted credit card info and got the sold out message…

    • TommyD

      Press back on your browser and resubmit. it will go through eventually.

      • Kyle

        Yea. Fight through the pain.

    • Loadedsin

      happened to me too

    • frostbite

      same here guy kinda BS

    • Capitalismsux

      Happened to me over and over! Such bs! Logged on early and tried til 4:30 cst. Fed up…supply and demand? Apparently loyalty doesn't count…

  • Tp621

    was going fine thought i was gonna get one fillin out information a hundred miles an hour till i clicked next page and it said temporary error. 8 months and counting on no shirt.

    • Martha

      Just keep hitting refresh. I got that message about 30 times but refreshing each time I did got me the shirt. Hope that helps and good luck!

    • Bullshit

      Right there with ya. Pissed….Was waiting at 3 here on the east coast and couldn't get shit finished. Every time i typed my billing crap

  • KCCO Manhattan

    GOT 2!!

    • Brad

      Yeah… fuck you.

    • Nope

      Fuck you piece of fuck

      • KCCO Manhattan

        KCCO Bro

        • Urbanite

          You're everything the chive doesn't stand for. selfish dick

          • Nammer

            I was also looking for two bro. One for my brother, who's working as a mercy pilot in Africa. Is that something the Chive stands for? Didn't get it anyway, FFS

    • Ned Plimpton

      Eat a dick.

    • KCCO Manhattan

      Why do I feel so hated right now??

      • Brad

        I believe it's the fact you got two… that might be it. I'm not really serious with my comment. Not getting a T-shirt sucks, but I'm not about to riot and overthrow Chive or anything. 🙂

        • KCCO Manhattan

          I know it sucks! I just got lucky this time, been trying for long ass time while all my friends get to rep the Green! Hope you get urs soon bro!

      • KSinz

        Maybe it's posting how you got double while everyone who tried just as hard as you got none. What did you think would happen after posting a smart ass comment about how many you got right after a bunch of peoples post about how they got screwed out of just one? I mean can you really not draw logical conclusions? I guess it's true what they say first you herp then you derp.

        • KCCO Manhattan

          I was being sarcastic. If you guys were just patient and Kept Calm you would of gotten your shirt like I did. Now I'm Chiving On!

    • matt

      how is it one person can get 2 when 100 other people are just wanting 1

      • KCCO Manhattan

        I got one for my sick brother so back off and KCCO!

        • Cory

          Let the haters hate.. I grabbed one for my brother too while he was in class.

          • KCCO Manhattan

            Thats what I'm saying! KCCO Cory!

        • Ned Plimpton

          The shirt won't make your brother better…. Eat 2 dicks.

          • KSinz

            Hahaha. Love it.

    • forsyfe

      Fuck you.

    • Carlos

      Word of advice. Keep how many shirts you purchased to yourself. KCCO.

    • Pedro Burrito

      I buy 8 shirts. What is problem? They for sale on ebay. You go buy now.

      • KCCO Manhattan

        I only buy what I need though.

        • Nope

          If that was the case you wouldn't have bought any of these stupid fucking t-shirts.

          • :-D

            got mine last order 😀

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