A powerful message from a father to kids everywhere (Video)

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His daughter told him she didn’t like him because he was fat, and that inspired him to share this message.

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  • Lewis Guilderson

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  • 16inchzipper

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    • Thisguy

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  • steve

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  • Discoberry

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  • AmBush_Steve

    Father of the year nominee.

  • AmusingHat

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  • tronhelm

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    • Karlos

      No, that's Dcigs. He doesn't have kids. This is someone else.

  • Kyle

    So instead of acting like a responsible parent, you cussed out your own 5 year old girl??? My advice, G.O.I. and love her instead jackass.

    • A2_tha_MFK

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    • Michael

      Are you serious? wow.

  • Dan

    I love this man

  • bil

    instead of making fun of him for being fat, perhaps the daughter should have made fun of the purple earrings

  • ry_linch

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  • aa7

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  • http://Google Kiev

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  • Giggity

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