Kids: innocence found (33 photos)

  • James

    #12 says Fail. But at least he's spending time with his kid.

    • Morley Dotes

      Ain't parole grand?

  • Kyle

    #12 Big dogs are awesome. So protective and gentle with kids.

  • Kyle

    #23 Big dogs are awesome. So protective and gentle with kids. (Fixed)

  • Me2

    #11 Epic Parenting win! FMA rocks.

  • Matt

    That's new. I've never seen that picture.

  • k2s

    #18 – a young Jason Segel?

  • BrisbaneChiver


    Burn grandmas face off

    • Morley Dotes

      Then she sued him for a million dollars and drove to McDonalds

  • Anonymous

    #22- chive needs to find your sister

  • brian

    #3 ive always wanted to see a little kid dressed up as cancer for halloween.

  • JCB

    #21 and that was the day little tommy was swallowed whole.

  • SARmedic

    #5 Well there's your problem.

  • Jon

    #12 says fail cause he is the owner of failure bike co also a millionaire funny how people judge from a picture!

    • Nick

      Seriously. He’s better then a lot of dads just by being there. Nothing fail about that.

  • brandon

    #4 future taliban of afganistan

    • Anonymous

      #4 that’s sad, already tell how shit there future is going to be…

  • sopac

    #12 Mr. Wylde, fail? Nah…

  • LazerGunzPewPew

    33…that kid knows what’s up!

  • Skrattt

    #12 is not Zakk wylde .Zakk dose not have tattoos

  • Dr. Evil

    I have taught you well my son!

  • morgan

    #11 Is winery!!! Love fma

  • Jezdezpez

    #6 is definitely all American! awesome

  • moeshere foxdale

    #33 Starting to chive early hahahaha…

  • Always Last


  • jhf60

    #30 — When in doubt … go for it.

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