• Mondiggler

    Haha glorious!

    • GeorgiePorgie

      So was that a 6-pointer??

  • cuebe

    That's a 10 second violation. WTF Ref!

    • ref

      no its not, learn to count or read the rule book

      • Buck

        ref, they take possession of the ball at :06 and still have it at :17. That's eleven seconds. After you learn to count, you should learn addition and subtraction.

        • Cole

          How about looking at the scoreboard's clock. The Ref was at no fault here. Clean play.

          • Blake

            Yea, I never even thought to look at the clock on the video…how could a timer on a video EVER be counted as official…scoreboard clock calls it fair.

      • cuebe

        They gain possession at 0:06 and the ball leave his hand at 0:17. How many seconds is that?

    • BSS

      Don't have 10 second rule in most high school games.

      • Bill

        Actually they do numnuts

        • Ted

          You can actually see the ref counting it too at half court, so yes you are a numnuts

          • Just Sayin'

            Is anyone positive as to whether or not the 10-second rule applies to a jump-ball as well as an inbound pass? There are other things the ref could've been counting, BTW

            • Slappy_McGee

              Any time a team has possession in the backcourt, the ten second rule applies. Even if it's after a tipped pass while you're on offense, you still have 10 seconds to get it back across.

              • Really?

                Why do you guys care so much? yiee….

              • FSU

                its only a small school team with hardly a crowd, i dont think they care that much about time

          • cuebe

            It looks like he started counting late.

        • Jack_LeMac


    • MylesofStyles

      So whoever wins this argument is Master of the Universe or is it King of the Galaxy?

      • who cares

        Goddamn right they do! This is sirius!

    • nico

      the snapper was not touching the ball, technically the ball was just sitting there on the ground, so he was not in position of the basketball… no 10 seconds penality

      • cuebe

        His hand looks like it's on the ball to me.

      • dawgbone

        Doesn't matter, he had to catch the ball to put it on the ground, which is supposed to start the possession.

    • aaaa

      That's what she said

      • kc1
    • mike

      LOUD NOISES!!!!

      • Tom


    • Rye

      I hate this make it stop

    • Tom

      Do you point out minute inaccuracies in awesome films too? I'll bet you have to watch movies alone.

  • Rye


    • Rye

      Sorry is not

  • MikeHock

    the wide receiver crossed the line of scrimmage early

    • Abel

      Where was the flag!!??

    • Daemon

      Totally legal in arena football…

      • Jim Beam

        and the Canadian Football League

  • Dr. FAP

    That was sick, would rather watch that then the NBA.

    • FoCoLivin


      • Austin

        ever think that maybe he meant he wants to watch this then go watch an NBA game afterward?

  • Loud@theClouds

    That's pretty disrespectful

    • Abel

      The team didn't put pressure on them. Their fault.

    • tag

      This is basketball

    • Rack 'Em Willy

      yeah it was. the defense didn't even guard them. no respect for their offensive ability

  • Endo

    Too bad they didn't get called for the 10 second violation and ruin it. Watch the clock they didn't get over in 10.

  • Sterling Archer

    If I don't see this in tonights game I'm deeming myself Unentertained.

    • Lana Kane

      I'm sure you'll be too drunk to remember how entertaining it was.

      • Cheryl Tunt

        Both teams can cross my line of scrimmage any time.

        • ShakeyTheMoyle

          Ohhh you are sooo filthy…that's why I love ya :*

    • Black6dog

      I'm not doing a mid-court alley-oop without a turtle neck, that's for damn sure

    • Kennedyirl


    • Cyril Figgis

      i don't like watching contact sports

  • Danny Hutchinson


  • bob_the_cook

    Penalties ignored and points granted for originality

  • Matt

    HTML5 Video is for winners. I thought you were winners.

    • BostonChiver.

      HTML5 is whack.

  • Tui

    sportscenter top 10. this shit better be #1 by the end of the day

  • ref

    The ball left the players hand right at the 10 second count. Good no call.

    • schnizz

      it was close, but i got them at only 9 seconds

      • Joe

        try 11.5 (licensed official)

        • James

          haha so a licensed official is therefore better at counting to 10?

    • james

      It's when it's caught anyway

  • etc4779

    Disrespectful, at second 28, a player should have gotten lit up!!

  • Ricardus Rodríguez

    WTF REF!!! R U blind?

  • norriega

    the dumbest thing i have ever seen.

    • rusty shackelford

      fuck off

  • Anonymous

    love it

  • Because Boobs

    This made you watch! If it were just another two points who would of cared?? Well Done!! You are doing it right!!

  • Merle

    Well, that was pretty idiotic. Someone is getting some Blake Griffin treatment next time down the court.


    That was awesome. Isn't that what high school basketball is about?

  • giantsfan428

    This is also on BroBible, and on there it says that this is a high school All-Star game, which (I assume) is the only reason they did such an incredibly ridiculous play, and why everyone here should chill out.

    • Yessirr

      Thanks for the info. I was about to side with the "That was disrespectful" guys, but that makes sense now. Those are usually a lot more laid back. Most coaches (good ones at least) would not allow something like this to happen in a regular game.

    • mike

      Pretty white for an all star basketball game

  • Austin Ray

    I went to school at this place… It's called Wayne County High School and it's in Corydon, IA. It is an all-star game…

    • Spike Lee

      No way this was an All-Star game, there are 10 white guys on the court…

      • ^idiot

        OMG I NO RITE!?!? I mean, shit, look at Duke, UNC, or any other top ranking basketball team. All those white kids must really suck.

      • Austin Anderson

        Yea your right.. because every good basketball player has always been black. STFU

        • Yessirr

          It's called a sense of humor guys, and Spike Lee's got one. Lighten up.

  • about

    Even better than the famous barking dog inbounds play.

    • zoomba

      The barking dog inbounds play!

  • @weavty1

    I'm so happy there wasn't some stupid ass Tebow pose involved. Epic 'play' by that team.. Got skills.

  • Patrick

    For an All-Star game, there sure aren't a lot of people there….

    • perryinjax

      All Star game?

    • phinkle

      It is still high school basketball.

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