No rockstar is complete without the jewelry to back it up (34 photos)

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    #2 Fuck Metallica

    • Meh

      Amen, brother!

      • Lil John

        Yea… used to be a big fan. Then I graduated high school, and they never got any better.

        When your lyrical arrangements mimic Yoda-speak to sound bad ass, well…

        • Bill

          Your name says "Lil John".. your argument is invalid…

      • Nick Name

        Are you fucking kidding me?! Without Metallica we wouldn't have a fourth of the metal bands we have today! Fuck! Metal wouldn't even be what it is today! So you fucktards should be thanking Metallica! Fucking idiots!

        • Bullet Nuts

          I'll thank the old school Metallica, not the Load/Reload/St. Anger era.

          • OpMongoose

            ^ thanks that's the best thing said musical all day

    • stonewall_79

      FUCK YOU!

    • crazydog

      Metallica can create shit for the rest of their lives if they want…..everything before the black album KILLED

  • lol

    My nipples are so hard, theyre like diamonds

  • LucretiusCarus

    #2 Maybe the biggest D-bag on the planet.

    #24 Maybe the whiniest bitch on the planet.

    I can't imagine ever having to be in a band with both of them at the same time–good God.

    #28 No label love for the Misfits? Wtf. Just as well. You probably would have misspelled it anyway.

  • Joe

    "Deaf Leopard"? Really?

    • njactor

      Weren't they inspired by Lead Zeppelin and Leonard Skynard?

  • echogeo

    Jewelry & jizz running down your chin.

    • asdb

      doesnt matter got mad chicks

      • frankus

        actually it does matter when your getting snowballed

  • MOAR

    Filler post just to keep us occupied until Burn Your Bra Tuesday megapost?

    • Guest

      except burn your bra is Thursday

      • MOAR


  • AmBush_Steve

    #13 – Wonder where the drummer's custom ring ended up?

    Guy's an absolute drumming genious to be able to do what he does with one arm.

  • TylerG_76

    #7 That guy's Fuckin' immortal.

  • TylerG_76

    #22 Led Zeppelin FTW! 😀

  • nabA

    #25. I want to leave that imprint in someone's forehead. In a calm fashion, of course.

    • MayerJacobysdad


  • Brian


    The actual G n R, not the d bags just inducted.

    • Him.

      Think Axl is a big enough dbag to taint any lineup..

    • Amber

      No doubt! Slash refuses to talk about the induction anymore. Will actually be seeing Slash in concert at Rockfest! Can't wait. Know it isn't going to be as good as seeing the original GNR back in the day but I'll take it. Will be rocking the KCCO and can't wait to see how many Chivers I find in a crowd of 55,000!

  • jmdmn


  • Woot

    #28 the misfits ftw


    Shouldn't jewelry posts be on The Berry?

    • Showtime

      When it deals with rockstars, the dream job/person most of us wish we could be, no. I'd wear all the leather, tight pants and jewelry I could if it ment I could be a rockstar.

  • Mn dude

    Spreading satanic love for all from the looks of it. Great thing to support chive (sarcasm)

    • The_Dood

      Really? And how the FUCK did you come to that conclusion? Do you know how many of these bands actually "love" satan? My guess would be zero. I don't claim to know for a fact, but out of the whole list, the only one that I can think of that might actually be satanic is Slayer, and according to Tom (the singer/bassist), when asked about the band being Satanic, "Okay, you got us. We’re not practicing Satanists. I guess that the best way to describe our fascination with Satanism or serial killers and the psychology of murder is to say that we are all on this planet to learn and experience.Those are the things that I’m learning in my lifetime. They really just spark my curiosity because all of these things are really about the mind. When you write about stuff like that, you have to be really creative and use words you wouldn’t think of using, like “decorative.” You wouldn’t think to use a word like that in a Slayer song, but if you make it “decorative splatter,” it gives you a very visual image. I want people to read it and just think, "FUCK.""
      This is probably the case with most of the thrash/black/death metal bands out there that deal with these and similar themes.
      Most of the time, they're just trying to make you think.

  • @RndmThtz

    This is probably one of the worst ways to work in a paid advertisement that I've seen. Love the music stuff but GTFO with the jewelry push.

    • Dapper_Dave

      You know they cram as much advertisements on this site as possible.

      Chive is great but the greed is starting show.

      • @RndmThtz

        I understand the need for advertising revenue. I just think it sucks that they taint legendary bands with some jewelry that I can't imagine anyone that visits this site would actually buy.

  • Meh

    #17: a gratuitous picture of Iron Maiden.

    While still epically cool, what is the point? Where is their jewelry?

    On a related note, July 19 at the Klipsch Music center in Noblesville, IN. WHO'S WITH ME?!?

    • Lil John

      The good ones didn't overdo the jewelry.

      Maiden put their swag in giant, anamatronic monsters.

    • C_D

      I'm wondering if they made Bruce's "Eddie" belt buckle that he wore for years back between NotB and Powerslave.

    • Zach Rochner

      It's still Verizon to me.

      • mittens

        It's still Deer Creek to me…

    • Plurp

      Independence Day in Milwaukee, Bay-Bee!!! Up the Irons!

  • det.junior

    #30 Lemmy! 49% Motherfucker, 51% Son of a Bitch

    • Master_Rahl

      and 100% doesn't give a fuck – so awesome

    • Sun

      Lemmy is god!

  • f1junkie

    #32 Kiss, one of the most over rated no talent bands ever.

    • Ekajevans

      Well, the reason they got famous was because their concerts had a lot of fire, a lot of explosions, and a lot of topless girls. Not sure I've ever met a non-biker who enjoys their music.

    • stonewall_79

      Are you fucking stupid???

  • lorycowery

    Thank goodness they existed


  • Kris Warwick

    What has nine arms and sucks? Def leopard

    • HamSamich

      dammit! I was just typing that and looked up to see you beat me to the punch….with one arm.

      • mini93

        could just look at them as the best band in the world…. with 9 arms

  • tv_paul


    The Misfits – just straight ahead punk rock plain & simple. I used too see these guys showing up at The Chiller Theater in NJ always a good time when they wee around. Loved their Crimson Ghost logo.

    • @RndmThtz

      That's not Misfits. That's Danzig! 😉

      • ^This guys an idiot

        Noooo Unless Doyle and Jerry got drunk and joined Danzig.

  • Gabe

    The terrible concept of this post was made up for by horrific execution (why so many photos with no jewelry influence?) Quite possibly the worst post of 2012.

    • Guest

      Gabe I'm just as pissed man

    • Mario


    • mittens

      Worst post of 2012 belongs to the make up girl, or whatever other crap should have been on theBerry, but wound up here…. This may be a contender, but no way is it the number one seed.

  • Obliquitous

    This post gave me cancer.

  • CC Josh

    what has 7 arms and sucks? Def leopard sheeeeit!

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