No rockstar is complete without the jewelry to back it up (34 photos)

The Great Frog NYC / 72 Orchard St 10002 / website HERE
The Great Frog London / 10 Ganton St London W1F 7QR / website HERE
The Great Frog Los Angeles / 4567 Hollywood Blvd 90027

  • sconnie22

    Sorry, this post was kind of lame.

  • jgos929


  • Rememo

    Skulls, crosses, eyes, horns…. yaaaawn. Not a single original piece among them.

  • b3nje

    I cant imagine Black Flag, Sex Pistols, the Clash, Dead Kennedys or the Misfits ever indulging in anything so pretentious…

  • Dr. Evil

    I don't see a rock star, I just see a giant crybaby who ruined it for everyone.

  • Dave Davies

    Used to be a great frog in high street, auckland, NZ, but it shut down years ago

  • Magee

    #30 IS GOD
    named my newest Bulldog Lemmy Kilmister!

  • lars

    im a little confused as to why black flag is here. I pretty sure henry rollins is to fucking manly to wear jewelry

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