Boy’s wish to be Batman comes true (18 Photos)

A 7 year-old-boy named Kye had his wish to be Batman and battle the bad guys come true over the weekend. A Wish With Wings teamed up with the Arlington Texas Police and Firefighters for an adventure of a lifetime. Kye is no stranger to battles, he's fighting leukemia.

With elaborate sets, actors, and a small film crew ready for his big debut, Kye starred as the (mini) Caped Crusader in this short video produced by the Arlington Police Department.

Kye's surprise adventure included apprehending the Joker during an attempted robbery and foiling a 'car bomb' set by the Riddler near City Hall. Kye spent the day thwarting crime against a team of villains.

Afterwords, Kye was presented the key to the city by Arlington Assistant Police Chief James Hawthrone.

Full story at the Star Telegram.

  • straightouttanaples

    Play sports instead

    • Martin_McFly

      Yea, that's easy to do with leukemia, Asshat.


      You're a fucking cunt.

    • Fucknaples

      you are the worse kind of person… but I guess I'd be upset if I peaked in high school too.

      • The_Dood

        More like kindergarten…

    • Fumfer

      you're a fucking dickhead

    • helpyhelper

      What a dick

    • Ray

      How about you go play in traffic?!

    • nemesis darkstar

      Hey dipshit are you that fucking ignorant that you would suggest sports to a kid with cancer of the BLOOD! People like you should be eaten at birth.

    • Habsy

      I wish chive would grab these dick's IP addy's and ban there asses from here.

    • @DiscoZombii

      Something tells me someone skipped the pictures and story to make a "witty" comment…

    • Dickerson

      I take this idiot can't read… What a goon!

      • Dickerson

        Ummm guess I can't finish a sentence… Meant to say " I take it this idiot can't read"

    • Cummins

      Chug a bottle of bleach

    • Evan

      I laughed. Haha, a good joke is a good joke, even if it's awful to say. I also think it's cool that this kid got to be batman, I'm jealous.

      • Disappointed soap

        Not cool dude , not cool!!! Number 1 rule , don't make fun of things people can't help! We don't make fun of the fact someone pee'd in your mother!

  • Name

    #17 is awesome

    • Big_Curt

      might be the best wish ever

    • Josh Gorter

      It was all fun and games until they completed the fantasy by killing his parents.

    • Armed Ann Dangerous

      My kid is beating ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia), this is so good, I cannot stand it!

  • iinferno2010

    good for that kid, hope more people and counties do this…


    • banananah

      bananananananana bat man!

  • KeepCalmDriveOn

    #17 Good job kid,

    • Dirty_Dingus

      Always be yourself…unless you can be Batman….Always be Batman.

  • MIZZOU22

    I have always believe that villains wear KU hats.

    • Hendo

      F yeah!! Chive on from MO!

      • Oriada97215

        Rock chalk Jayhawk! He was framed!

    • KU_Fan

      Nice sentence structure. I think you meant, "I have always believed that…." I see your MU education has served you well….NOT

    • Shinanigins

      I think it was very nice of the KU fan to help make this kids dream come true.

  • Lex Williams

    awww that's great… now if only the piggly wigglies would use our tax money for say… doing their damn jobs.

    • FacePalm

      How about refraining from the cynical commentary since these officers are obviously going out of their way to make a difference in their community…

      • Lex Williams

        "going out of their way" dont give me that crap… if your boss told you that tomorrow instead of doing your usual tedious work you could dress up as batman or the joker and do something like this for some dieing kid you wouldn't think "that's really alot to ask, but i guess i can make that sacrifice". no, you'd be thinking "fuck yeh! lets do this shit!"
        dont get me wrong, it really is neat they did that for the kid, but there's so much more important work for them to do that we pay them to do that they dont do.
        maybe i'm just bitter, but i know too many victims of too many crimes where the cops simply didn't give a rats ass to their damn job that we pay them to do. the downside needed to be pointed out too.

        • Ray

          Maybe you've never watched a person die from that particular disease. Maybe you have and you are an angry person who will find any and all ways to bring someone else down. Maybe, and I'm really reaching here, maybe you're just a sour ass little bitch who likes making fun of people because they screwed at a very young age in their life. I hope you never know anyone in your life who has to deal with Leukemia or any form of Cancer. May your life be blessed from this day on.

          • Lex Williams

            i've had several family members die from cancer. what does that have to do with what i said? learn to read dumbass. doing that for the kid is all fine and dandy and im sure it was great for him, but that's got nothing to do with what i said. go attach your shit to someone elses comment

            • ASHley :)

              Jesus get over yourself. This probably made that little boys life, a bit more enjoyable.

              • Lex Williams

                another person who obviously didn't even read what i wrote before posting a "reply". go attach your shit to someone elses comment, it's obviously not related to mine.

                • Ray

                  Actually "dumb ass" I did read what you spewed from that garbage disposal you call a mouth. I know where I live, the cops are always doing stuff on their OWN time. Maybe you think they should work around the clock. When I go back and read your comment for a third time…it has/had nothing to do with the fucking story at hand. You fucktard. This wasn't a post about misuse of tax payer monies. That would have been better suited for your comment.

                • Grant

                  Hey Lex, you lost. You can try to cling to your original argument like you were enlightening all of us, but more than 20 comments prove that you lost. Get over it, go troll somewhere else. What you don't seem to understand is that your conclusion, while arguably solid, is completely inappropriate to draw from this story. Your argument would be better suited for a story about police relaxing on the job or avoiding duty; none of that happened here. Arguments, like jokes, are all about timing. Yours sucks.

                  • dumb

                    Yeah this is great. Let's lie to this poor white kid because his life is so tough. White kids shouldn't know how bad the real world is, especially when they have cancer. Yeah cancer sucks and so does the treatment, but you know what sucks more? How about people living in poor or dare I say Black neighbor hoods. I just love America and how much we love our white people. U.S.A. U.S.A.

                    • Epitomizer

                      Move to Africa and see how well you get along over there.

                    • dumb

                      africa? There are problems here in wonderland too. Real world problems like not getting enough health care or food or shelter. I know it may be tough, but if you look closely there are other people on this planet. Man we sure are great at spoiling our kids. Kids don't need life to be sugar coated for them. They need the real world.

                    • Derp

                      The real world for this kid is this: he is probably not going to live much longer, and what these people did for him most likely brought him so much happiness.

          • Habsy

            I think he just has a bad uncle in the family.

        • truth

          You don't respect the uniform, nor the sacrifice. Why should your opinion matter?

        • antitango

          If you do not show the cops who it is they are doing their jobs for, they will have no incentive to DO that job. As far as your victim friends, it's sad but the police are under no obligation to protect the innocent. It's a fact of our society. (Gonzales vs Castle Rock)

          In my opinion, this puts the public right in the sights of the police. The police will see those that need protecting and who need to have someone looking out for them.

          Besides… who's to say the police involved didn't do this on their own time?

          • Lex Williams

            well, damn straight! i like your logic and agree with your point.
            thank you for actually saying something and not just doing what the rest of the comments have done of just trying to bash me for disagreeing with them.

        • helpyhelper

          You sir, are a tremendous dickhead

        • Nicnac

          "if your boss told you that tomorrow instead of doing your usual tedious work" You don't understand the term 'off-duty' do you? If my boss gave me an assignment on a day off … well he would probably be someone like you…

        • Cummins

          "dieing" is spelled d-y-i-n-g you illiterate heartless fuck.

        • Matthew

          perhaps you don't know all the facts! for instance that the cops who were doing this service for this great little kid were off duty and were taking time out from their day to help this kid. perhaps you should think about what you say before you make rude comments!

    • Grant

      Actually, this IS how police officers do their jobs. How could you possibly disagree with this?

    • asdf

      How sad is your life that you find a way to trash one of the few nice and decent acts in the news nowadays? E

      • Lex Williams

        my life is pretty great thanks for asking.
        trashing it? no. just pointing out they've got more important duties which they constantly neglect. i find it rediculous that they have the time and funding for this, but not to do their regular duties

        • matt h

          they were off duty and the police didnt fund this, A Wish With Wings funded it, now keep your negative comments to yourself you douche

        • truth

          Since you have all the answers, give examples of where they don't do their regular duties. Better yet, find a different forum to address your concerns because you are just coming off sounding like a petty douche.

        • antitango

          The police's job is not to protect, but to clean up the messes of others. When is the last time you heard about a cop entering someone's home DURING a home invasion and was successfully able to defend the homeowner? It doesn't happen. The chances that an officer is close enough to the incident to do anything but mop up is 1 in 1000.

          The time the officers took to help this kid out kept them from passing out 4 more traffic tickets. 4 traffic kids or give a terminally ill kid some hope? You sure have your priorities straight…

        • taylor


        • Habsy

          If you want to bitch about funding, why don't you figure out why they spend 50,000$ on a sting that gets 200$ worth of weed off the streets by busting dime bag sales.
          Common Merica where is your head at.

        • Kane Chopwood

          Lex, just…shut the fuck up.

    • Anon Anarth

      Or, ya know, they could be off duty? Just a theory, and a slippery one at that.

    • LOL

      it's called community policing, look it up @$$hole..

    • st33

      Serve & Protect….Hmmm, looks like they are serving their community. Douche.

    • Web2992

      Keep calm and don't be a fucking piece of shit.

    • Carlos Rodriguez

      I'd hate to see the ignorant rant you'd spew if you ever saw a police officer at home spending time with his family or getting a good night's rest in between shifts. Or even worse, getting something to eat (Oh the horror! Let's pray they don't want donuts). Being a police officer is a job. They do have time off, they aren't working 24/7. Go be bitter elsewhere.

      • narnia

        actually it is a 24/7 career, but I get your point.

    • jkmcdermott

      Cna you please try, really try to not be a dickhead for just a few minutes and let someone do a nice thing for this kid?

    • Adam

      I'm pretty sure they wouldn't pull active duty coppers off to do this, it was more than likely a volunteer effort by those involved… so not only did their boss not say "go and do this and get paid for it", they went in on their time off to put this together….

    • jenner1185


      • Habsy

        You're hot

        • jenner1185

          Thank you:)

    • Evan852

      Like some other people wrote, they probably were doing this on their own during their day off as community service. Even if that weren't the case, isn't it worth the expense to let this kid have one of the best days of his life? I think collectively the people of Arlington wouldn't mind spending a few pennies to support this. In conclusion, you're a douche

    • Kelsey

      Their jobs are to protect people from harm, and to make their city a better happier place.
      As far as I'm concerned, they did a job well done.

      Stop being damn selfish, your tax money went to helping a child who may die soon be happy, and live his dream what would you rather it go to? War? Killing people?

      • Brick Tamland

        LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!!

    • Nighthawk

      Ahhh let me guess…you are a 17 yr old 'occupier' that doesnt want to work, wants all his bills paid and wants to go to college for free and think that cops represent some fascist regime that doesnt want people to exercise their first amendment rights. Am I right? If I'm not please 'enlighten' me
      This was done while off duty, probably by guys that worked the midnight shift the night before or spent all day in court dealing with some EDP crazy a-hole for 19 hours and instead of going back to his family, he helped out a kid that deserves a little happiness in his tough life.
      I hope that when you need the police cause someone you care about was hurt, please show them some respect as they do everything in their power to catch that person and put them in jail.
      I hope you have a good future and mature a little

    • Don Terry

      I live in Arlington and I can tell you that your assessment of using the tax money is wrong. This was paid for by the Make A Wish foundation, and not tax money. There were only a few officers used for the whole thing, so it's not anything that would have made a difference on the streets. Also, they used officers that normally serve administrative roles as opposed to patrol officers.
      Now, please take your negativity and go play in traffic for a while.

  • Sirgallahad

    Faith in humanity restored.

    • Web2992

      i was smiling the entire time i read this ……………until i got something in my eye.

    • PTESLA

      Really Cool, I'm glad they didn't go all out and kill his parents.

  • ChicagoTommy

    Chive on kiddo!

  • WOO


  • Mr. Mackle

    Really? They couldnt have got a better mask for him? That thing sticks out like 3 feet from his face. He probably couldnt see anything. : (

    • TiaP

      Hence the video. =)

    • Don Terry

      He wanted to wear his own Batman costume instead of something new.

  • Wet_tosti

    Always choose Batman!

  • Rawter84

    #15 like a boss

    • Guthrie

      His real crime? Stealing Matthew Lesko's suit.

  • Ned_Plimpton

    Doesn't look like any of the villains put up much of a fight… Just sayin'

    • Evan

      Could you imagine if they did?

    • Steve zisou

      Ned i am your father

      • Ned_Plimpton

        I love you, dad.

  • mid13

    Awwh, this is so sweet. That community must be awesome.

    • show it!

      nice cleavage.

    • Habsy

      Yep, tits or GTFO

  • Underbaker

    #12 My favorite villain, I like the alternate earth where he is the hero and Owlman is the bad guy.

  • etcrr

    Very cool that they could do this for the kid

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Very cool you thought of that comment all by yourself.

    • Trav1121

      Holy Epic Adventure, Batman!

  • Woody

    Why wood you say something like that….not cool dude.

    • TheBatman


      Just passing through, policing the grammar on my post…

      • Woody

        My name is Woody…..i use wood on porpoise….

        • Phooey


    • Woody

      Thank You Administrator

  • Rick

    Wow this really is an Epic thing to do my hat goes off to the Arlington Police and those involved this must have meant the world to him god bless everyone of you!

  • Grant

    Way to see the positive side of this. You obviously have no experience with leukemia, so you couldn't possibly know that hope plays a pretty big role in recovery. This is a heartwarming story that allowed a sick child to be on top of the world between painful treatment sessions. You make me sick.

  • SaltLakeChiver

    Good job kid. Not every kid at school's gonna have a Key to the City or a movie where they lay the smackdown on The Joker, some pursesnatcher, and the Riddler. When you beat Leukemia, you're gonna have some major bragging rights. KCCO little buddy.

  • baldy

    #9 resembles Tony Romo, which explains why in #10, he got sacked.

    • iinferno2010

      if that were the case he would have fumbled the purse than the refs would have given him the benefit of the doubt…

      • Master_Rahl

        sounds spot-on, inferno

    • Oltimey

      Only thing that would have made #10 better is if the kid Tebowed over the guy

    • Habsy

      hahah nice.

  • Gorgeousglenn

    Nanananananananana bat man….awesome story….


    You're a fucking cunt too.

  • RGT1026



    Things like this are pretty awesome and need to be done more often. I know there are things done that aren't so extravagant but they should be publicized a bit more.

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