Double check before you upload (28 Photos)

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  • MattKL

    #25 Meanwhile in Tennessee…

  • SARmedic

    #25 Don't listen to the comments Mr. Dad, aside from speaking about it outside of Vegas, which is a big no-no, you're doing it just right!

    P.S. If you need somebody to document your adventures next time you go, call me…

  • Varth Dader

    Best Album. We need Moar!!!

  • GuyJanie

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  • Derp

    Wait….shouldn't #28 be posted directly before #27..

  • Kenny

    #5 Exchanging vowels on their special day!

  • Rybo


    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • bro bro my go go

    what was #5?

  • SquishyFlint

    #13 Well played, Brian. Well played.

  • tommy2X4

    #13 ~ Gotta be 21 by now.

  • Crozzie

    Fab Gallery, loved them all !! Think i may not stop smiling…

  • Drew

    Great post!!

  • justaguy

    #1 Find them all and bring them to me immediately. They will all make a nice addition to my stable.

  • tommytwotime

    hahahahahahaha!!!!! Holy shit I laughed so effing hard at all of these!!!

  • Mitchiver

    great post!! had me fuckin rollin!

  • Jake Anderson

    #10 is by far the funniest! HAHAHA Quick witted people rule!

  • Watain

    #15 (and pretended to enjoy black metal)

  • Loveland

    This is probably on of the best albums on here. Laughed pretty hard in the public place i was mooching internet from. Excellent Job MAC.

  • RiosDorothy

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  • TheFrozenNorth

    #21 i think i know them…

  • perryinjax

    Tatoo Timothy also misspelled the word "too" in his FB comment/rant 😛

  • Bitter pill

    Wow….small text,no ability to enlarge type….thank you.

    I do notice rhat the ads are able to come thru loud and clear.its not enough that people PAY YOU… to advertise your website,wow ,they pay you to advertise your website….gee,can i buy a t-shirt? Stickers? Look! Its like nascar without the advertisers paying….well done,chive…..

    • Happy camper

      Right in,we all need to chip infor venuce beach,CA address….not KONY 2012…..should be CHIVE 2012( psssst,send money)

  • Ross

    Can someone please explain #11? I didn't get that

  • jarod

    # 3
    It's actually Cheryl (谢蕊) William (威廉).
    Picnic table would have been 野餐桌. Picnic (野餐) table (桌).

  • Mr Schneebly
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