Glamour shots add instant sex appeal (37 Photos)

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  • LukeTheTerrible

    I think I know a bunch of these people.

  • Paul Revere

    #30 your front sight is on upside down… should've got an AK!

  • Phil Honk

    What a bunch of sad ********* u all are – are u so insecure u have to laugh at other pple – lets see some photos of the Chive team from the 80s and all have a laugh at them.

    • Doctormom

      Yes! Yes! Chive team photos from the 80s! Hot babes in dirty diapers!

  • Witchypoo

    How was anyone given permission to publish these? I hope these people come forward and sue the pants off of you.

  • Franklin1138

    Half of these look like dudes in drag. Also, nice front sight #30. Good luck hitting anything with that.

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  • redhead

    I want my mommy now 😦

  • Guest

    I am feeling much better about myself after viewing these, er, portraits. Thank you, Chive.

  • Michael

    MY EYES!!!!!!

  • Doctormom

    How do I get one of the funky glam photos down here with my little comments?

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  • Mike

    is #32 the guy from joegeniusshow on youtube?

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  • always

    Come in people! He's just doing this to get ratings. Most if these BBW are just trying to feel good about themselves and the guy who posted these pics bamboozled these poor people.

  • kathleen

    many of these are done my a current photographer who goes by WOLF CHOIR.

  • J....

    #22 Dueling Banjos—Deliverance

  • gtfo

    Ha, i went to highschool with #28!/SexyTexie

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  • Scarred For Life
    17, the hottest, 27 1st runner up, 16 2nd runer up. OK, now having said that is the best of these 37. I'm thinking many of these photos would have looked much better if the photographer had cosen to leave the lens cap on instead of trying soft focus.

  • Jodi Jenkins Shaw


  • lavmdmv

    #7 omg kill that thing kill it with a stick

  • Pangea250

    I seriously hope that the Secret Service is already aware of #30.

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