Mac Faulkner is using the Twitter machine…. unconventionally (26 Photos)

Let me start by saying that Mac Faulkner, senior editor here at the Chive, is an idiot, but he might be brilliant. As a cat owner, consummate philanderer, and pun champion, Mac is a bit of an enigma, a misfit toy whose dry humor is lost on the living.

When Mac started his Twitter machine last year, I didn't visit it much at first. But I've found myself reading it more and more lately, laughing out loud at some of his Portlandia-esque quips. Mac has no idea I'm doing a post on his Tweets but I thought some of you might enjoy them considering, of course, that you're dead.

Follow Mac right here.

Mac’s Twitter.

  • Dr. Evil

    Hmm, no sign of Mac's biggest "fan".

  • Jacki

    Omg Mac will you marry me? Lol

  • statutory crepe

    This was the hardest I laughed in a while. #15 and #16. Thank you.

  • CanadianGirl

    He's so fuckin' sexy, it hurts.. but I can't stop looking. Yummy.

  • maria

    seems that he is a funny,crazy,cool guy, which i like :D:D
    KCCO from indonesia
    (sorry time different, so i always get to see THECHIEVE late, one day late)

  • Nick

    #ThatAwkwardMoment when The Chive is so out of ideas and originality that they resort to making posts about their interns Twitter.

  • Miagi-son

    He's actually Faulkin funny… For an intern.

  • Keep Guessing

    I have noticed though in all the pictures of Mac, he may be the only person I've ever seen who actually has less facial expressions that Kristen Stewart…

  • Bob



  • Dries

    If that @Katie_Faulkner is his sister, I want her for chivette of the week!

  • @EminentFate4L

    Mac needs a raise!

  • M4jestic

    #9 lol

  • Christy Terwilliger

    Love. That is all.

  • Kelly

    Mac, will you have my baby?

  • Big Steve

    Holy crap. I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard. This was brilliant.

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