Soldier makes it home just in time (4 Photos)

Here's the story behind this airman's amazing photos:

This is my best friend, Adam. His child had been in an improper position for birth for weeks and the doctor told them that their child had less than a 5% chance of turning (breeching).

Two weeks before her due date, Adam and Rebecca were informed that the baby had finally turned. To avoid further complications they had to induce labor. One problem, Adam was not scheduled to be home on leave for 2 more weeks.

Unknown to Rebecca, Adam went to his superiors and asked for 24 hours. He got it.

Adam made it home less than two hours before the birth of baby Owen. Chive, I'd love it if you could share this moment with the Chivers. God Bless the USA and the men and women who fight for its freedom. Oh, and Chive On!

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