• BabyFarts Magizax

    I don't want kids…at least not at the moment, too much partying to do!!!

    • KeepItHid

      Ya. Especially when boonstock is just around the corner

      • BabyFart Magizax

        Yaaaa buddy!!!!

    • Fact

      You party? Seems like you're too busy commenting on everything theChive posts right away. Must not be the life of the party, ever…

      • yes

        this is the party he is referring too

      • BabyFart Magizax

        Actually, puking on the toilet the other night from too much drinking, while puking… Why not chive… So I can chive and party douche

        • j_rizzo

          Cool story.

        • tic

          You sound pretty cool

        • Steven B

          10 bucks says nickleback is your favorite band

        • st33

          Can I be your friend?

        • Liver lips

          I agree. The fact you still throw up after drinking your boxed wine and haven't learned your limits shows you're not ready for kids. I'm all about drinking copious amounts of alcohol just as much as the next guy, but I haven't drank so much I could no longer control the direction of my digestive since I was fresh into college

    • Bud

      Everyone who gave a thumbs down on this is just jealous because they have kids and forget what it was like to go out without having to plan it 3 weeks in advance.

      • Frank

        Or realize people that are scared to have children, are really frightened children themselves, obviously.
        Or can't find a chick that will bang them, let alone father their kids.

  • noegod


    • TheAutomaticMan

      This is exactly the reason I love watching football with my daughter, she might not get it all the time, but she gets just as into it as I do. It's a special feeling when your kids take in interest in what you're doing, not just the other way around.

  • ALT

    Rethought the whole kids thing when with 3 minutes left in the Pats-Giants Superbowl, my daughter decides to hit the red button on the FOIS connection, requiring a reboot of the whole system. The game came back on with 50 seconds left.

    • flaccid@$$hole

      Well your real mistake was FOOD…

      • flaccid@$$hole

        wow auto-correct… I wrote FIOS and I meant FIOS!

    • ImBlackHesTan

      Who doesn't have more than one tv these days?

  • ku2tca86


  • Dee

    2001, Homer Simpson: "Aw geez. How come they never call traveling anymore???"

  • Abe

    "A travel? Oh NO!!!" Haha, so cute.

  • etcrr

    What a great lil girl she is. You an tell she adores her father that is so sweet and precious


    My lil girl is like that during football season….she also know not to mess around with daddy if the Chiefs lose on Sunday 🙂 my kinda girl 🙂

    • colonelreb

      Ya'll don't talk very much during football season then huh?

      • Hendo

        Best. Reply. Ever.

        • Ned Ryerson

          haha, go Raiders!!

          • Jamie

            Fuck the raiders

    • Scaggnettii

      from a fellow kansas city resident. the chiefs lose EVERY sunday. They are fucking awful. every sunday.

  • Attaxia

    A-Freaking-Dorable !

  • bigfan

    "Kids are great. You can teach them to hate the things you hate. And, they practically raise themselves these days, with the internet and all." -Homer Simpson

  • Mcchocolate

    felt crazy one night and thought i wanted kids… i got a dog instead…one of my better life choices 🙂

    • truth

      Not everyone should have children. If you think a dog is the same as having a kid, you are definitely one of those people.

      • amykayyy

        He didn't say it was the same.

  • colonelreb

    That's only 53 seconds.

    • Crabby Patty

      0.00 to 0.99… is the magical 54th second

    • chibwack

      Damnit, now I have an extra second and nothing to do with it

  • http://facebook.com/cre8ivdzine Bryan_W

    Girl is going to grow up loving sports

  • BenCruz00

    Awesome kid, is awesome!!

  • Dork

    Cute but… Dude! turn off the TV and play with your kid! She will be grown up and gone before you know it. You can watch all the sports you want after that.

    • Dick Salad

      You saw 54 seconds out of his 84,600 second day and you are going to tell him how to raise his child?

      <img src="http://ct.fra.bz/i47/5/1/13/f_2b166341f8.jpg"&gt;

      • Bud

        I never thought I would say these words together but… Dick Salad is right

    • Moi

      Yes, because being a parent automatically means that you can't have time for yourself or do any of the things you enjoy doing. Seriously? Watching a few hours of T.V. instead of spending time (or in conjunction with spending time) with your kid isn't going to hurt anything. Get off your high horse.

    • chibwack

      I wouldn't put watching sports with the kid in the same category as "tv". Teach the kid to respect and like sports and they'll wanna play sports, and that's always a good thing…

  • Pablo

    Thumbs up if you think the TV should be where the mirror is, and vice versa.

    • fuku

      actually the focal point of any room is either the TV or fireplace, so instead of splitting up the room they put their TV over the fireplace, problem solved.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=46204551 Brad Altone

    that's awesome!!!! And your a douche^ for trying to market on here, and @ DORK, smh, how is his kid not enjoying life right now? your not worthy of the chive…

    • Mickens


  • Yo Yo Ma

    Adorable kid. Still don't know why people put their TVs above the fireplace though. But frickin' cute kid.

  • JDB85

    My daughters are my little partners. We do everything together.

  • Vic

    Actually 64 seconds with the ad.. but hey at least it wasn't a one of the really annoying 30 second spots. Later, Chive. Im not switching my browser just to block your ads. The real suckers are the advertisers who think the ads they are paying for are actually being seen.

    Cute kid though!

    Flame away Lemmings!!

  • st33

    If you aren't smiling by the end of this video your heart is broken

  • bert

    thats 54 seconds why i dont want kids

  • benbobbins

    That dad should teach his daughter sometime about watching a real sport.

  • chibwack

    Guy looks like turtle (entourage)

  • http://www.facebook.com/XxgabemoreiraxX Gabriel Moreira

    im dead

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