Asian women that have me wrapped around their finger (35 Photos)

  • stumeister

    #18 #19 #23 Just a few examples of balance in life, Male Asians = small dicks, Female Asians = big tits

    Saying that, I'm pretty sure majority of those tits were made in China

    • ubdilly

      you have a small winky!!! hahhahahahahahahah

    • kylecali

      you're a dick

    • HerbieHancock

      Asian porn is hysterical. The girls are screaming like they're being murdered, meanwhile the dude's hung like a pinkie finger with a grape on the tip.

      • oldjeezy

        I love how all the Asian guys are thumbing these comments down. Yes, u all are on the smaller end, but my hat is off to you for dealing with an asian gals BS. My ex ( asian) gf was just a toy,fun for a while in bed, but there isn't really a future there.

        • typicalwhiteguy...

          let me guess, you're white? couldn't get a white girl? typical…

        • Iknoright

          you actually believe that races have bigger/smaller penises? lol what a dumbass.

      • zgl

        i dont think its that asian guys have small penises, its that asian guys tend to be shorter. generally people are fairly proportionate – a 6' asian guy will be the same size as a 6' white or black dude (problem is that there arent many 6' asian dudes). similarly, the whole "big black cock" thing is a myth too; ur not gonna find a 5' black guy packin 8". do any web research and youll see that theres been plenty of scientific research and there isnt any correlation between race and junk size – all media. side note: i had a jewish friend in college who said that they may be the smallest, but have the best cut/best looking dicks. meh.

    • Paul

      Hello u are one hot lady just perfect my name is paul

  • bristal palin

    Alright, who do I need to kill to get me some #17

    • guest

      prob the yakuza boss

    • Brooks

      How can I contact u. But u can contact me 7706855537

  • COCHESE kramer

    #17 and #23 DAMN, you ladies are hot!

    • The Bandit

      …exactly my choice too…I would also put #32 there…

    • SockMoney17

      So, this is what the top of the food chain looks like….

    • fact

      Many Japanese women enjoy being pissed and shat on…. if you like that sort of thing

      • mcfadinj

        Fact: The chiver above me is a huge douchebag who keeps subtly letting everyone know what his true fantasies are.

        • Iknoright

          it's the truth. they love golden showers.

          • guest

            how would you know that?

    • Joel Vinson

      #23 is Amy Fay, import model. She works at the Cafe Lu coffee shop ( body paint woohoo!) in Anaheim.

      • Oregon Trail

        Where is that room she's in. I seen another sexy lady posing in that same spot. Veronique Popa

      • fritodog

        You have made my weekend. I have seen that room a few times and It was driving me crazy wondering where it is at. Santa Ana here I come.

  • Fall

    #1 what an angel!

    • Ptesla

      You had me at Herrro ( I can say this if im asian too right?)

    • PubicJones


      • Mike

        Lighten up, Francis

      • mcfadinj

        Calling a dude gay because he thinks a woman is hot? Cool story bro.

        • Chuck Norris

          i'm sorry. but calling a woman an angel/goddess is gay as hell.

  • Attaxia

    #11 does it for me ! Amazing

    • wimpy

      and #20! oh… and also #27… i love asian women

    • Falthor

      #11 and she's just wearing plain cotton underwear… imagine if she dressed it up?

      • eddy

        or wasn't wearing anything

        • Falthor

          well I have to have something to take off her, it's more fun that way… 🙂 but I agree.

    • Randy

      FOUND: Her name is Sun Yu Er. You're welcome 🙂

    • mmmm

      wait. lame boring comment. could it be? etcrr?

    • D3rtyharry

      Yep I agree !! I think she's the best one

  • TokyoFace

    #16 ..the hotness

    • ferrelon

      Look at her fone cover, it's pedobear!

    • disturbed

      Pik afuckin chu!

    • Alan Carlson

      love me some asain bitches

    • 000
  • Bob

    #3 #25 #29 #31 – DAMN! Who are they?

    • Bob

      #23 too!

    • Bernie S Frias Jr.

      #3, Ai Shinozaki. #25, Rui Kiriyama. Not sure about the last two though…

    • B123

      #29 has been in numerous posts and still hasn't been found?? Let's get to work Chive!!

      • Joshua Mercado

        This is Dannie Riel.

      • Freeride
  • John Robert

    As long as the photo depicts a biological woman. No ladyboys, no cross gender, female appearing, fooled you, but if you're drunk, you won't know the difference "women". Those photos creep me out.

    • Dusty

      I'm glad you wrote it so I wouldn't have to. Never trust and Asian "girl".

    • Dork

      There is always so dip-shit that has to post a comment like that. Yes, stay way from any attractive Asian female! Their beauty is not to be shared with ass holes like you.

      • Chris

        Yeah, as soon as I saw the post I was wondering how many comments it was going to take before someone made a lady boy comment.

      • Chuck Norris

        "Their beauty is not to be shared with ass holes like you"

        you certainly live up to your name…….

      • asdasd

        I'm just surprised they were able to find this many pictures of asian girls on the internet with their clothes ON.

    • mcfadinj

      Sounds like someone has already had that experience.

    • JOHN

      pass on all. Asian women couldn't even make it wiggle.

    • Derby

      I've been to Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, L.A, etc……If you can't tell the difference..Yeh, you're gonna have hard life. My sympathies…

  • John Robert

    #17 #18
    NEVER cover up the throat. Need to check for an Adam's Apple. Just to make sure.

    • Beaker

      I see you've been to Thailand javascript:insertSmileyReply(":)");

    • NebraskaGuy

      HA! I hadn't thought of that but you're absolutely right! 😉

    • Frank M

      I think #18 is CGI.

  • Ubdilly

    mmmmmmm nice, and they not used to big cock!!! Win

    • Ash

      At least they will feel at home with you then


        and your dad

    • zing

      But many Japanese women enjoy being pissed and shat on…. if you like that sort of thing

      • mcfadinj

        Another subtle fantasy from the same person. I know for a fact that one day you will feel comfortable enough to change that sentence to: "I love being pissed and shat on." Don't worry, that day will come eventually. Until then, keep projecting your fantasy onto others.

        • suck me dry

          suck me dry.

    • Jin Jung

      And they still wouldn't feel you inside them. You sir, are a big tool.

  • John Hopkins

    This should be a weekly thing

    • Jason

      I'm thinking daily, but I like where you're going

  • adonisallan

    #1 to #35

    Me love you long time!!!!!

  • Larry

    #3 #11 I rike dis post!

  • maboze1x

    asian FLBP ar spectacular! #23 and #32

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #10 now thats more like it

    i love how asians are defying the stereotype of being small breasted by getting huge jugs

    • Brian

      But still dressing like Pikachu.

    • vegasnites

      Was never into Asian chicks till they started doing that..

    • Notme

      I still like my asians with small breasts

  • mso4ivp

    #23 #27 #32 FTW!!

  • Chester


  • Cutta

    Why Herro #23

  • dawg065

    #35 moaaaaar!!

  • John Kenny

    I'd make a helluva sandwich with #35 and #28…

  • RealZoo

    #4 #19 #23…..I likey!!!

  • Jeralin

    #18 Not sure if heavily airbrushed woman, or really lifelike mannequin… either way, would bang.

    • Brian

      or a man

  • Brandon

    #17 ITS A TRAP

    • Buzzin_Neon

      only if that person is taking heavy doses of hormones…


    #3, #6, #7, #8, #10, #14, #20, #21, #22, #25, #27, #31, #33, #35.

    God, I love ’em. As an aside, too bad Asian women seem to have taken up the Western habit of shaving their lady fur, at least in my experience..

  • bill boner

    until you see the hairy pussy

    • James

      You can always shave it for her.

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