Amazing girl shows how to get dressed without arms (Video)

Her name is Tisha UnArmed, and she was born without arms and with a right leg shorter than her left. Of course, she didn’t even come close to letting that stop her from doing anything she wanted, and now she’s 25 and responsible for the largest collection of how-to-do-stuff-with-your-feet videos I’ve ever seen. This one’s on how to get dressed, and it’s probably going to stop me from complaining about getting up in the morning for a while.

  • Homer Jay

    Precious VENUS….. 🙂

  • stu

    I'm blown away

  • Sade

    Do a lil' jig! 😀 Thanks for sharing! I still don't get the button part though >.<

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! The hook and button part was the best. So smooth.

  • Jared

    Cool stuff, Keep being awesome !

  • the_mike

    And suddenly my life seems a lot easier.

  • Tiger

    I'd hate to be a chick in line behind her at the bathroom.

  • Verbal_Kint

    amazing. at times i thought her foot was a hand and then I was like *wait a second*, with my head cocked to the side… very impressive.

  • Kevin Mills

    Wow, most days I can't put my pants on, and I have both arms. very impressive.

  • .Krookz

    Woh! Bravo

  • yotapdat

    Amazing how flexible she is. Nice tight body.

  • Matthew

    I will never complain about anything ever again!

  • orangenod18

    I tried it and my legs got cramps!

  • bau5s

    did anyone else think that the person holding the camera was perving in the beginning of the video.

  • Brett Hall

    Amazing and how cute is she. So cute.


    and you thought your life was hard…

  • socket2me

    high five !

  • Guest

    Looks like a hassle to have to go through that when you need to go to the bathroom!

  • Paddy O

    Truly incredible and inspiring. No one should ever feel defeeted after this….

  • Al Gore

    I have the weirdest boner right now

  • m a shah

    so sad

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