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Hungry? The best BBQ Joints in America (25 Photos)

The following list is in no particular order. Please feel free to chime in with your favorite and we'll do a 'Chivers Picks' on Thursday.

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  • Aaron G

    The salt lick. Austin, TX. Nuff said

  • Daniel

    Many of the photos on this list are mine and were used without permission. Remove them.

  • vwgto

    Zion is just okay. You need to get to central Texas…

  • Brantley

    17 is Snows BBQ in Lexington, TEXAS

  • Otis

    SNOW'S IS NOT IN LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY! It's in Lexington, Texas. FTFY.

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  • AmericoPolk

    #21 Hell's Yes

  • Tony

    Pappy's in STL/ #10/ is the bomb! Waiting line around the building at 11:00am. Man vs. food was here! Unless u want bad service and bad McRib's, go to 17th st. in O'Fallon, IL. They absolutely suck. Worst food, much less BBQ that I have ever had in my life!!! And I have lived in Texas, Memphis, and STL. I would rather eat vomited McRib sandwiches from McDonalds than ever eat there again! Try Bogarts in STL, a new place in Pappy's style!

  • Devro

    I'm gonna call it, this list is bullshit.

  • Gene

    JMuellar's BBQ is now named LA Barbeque (Lee Ann) and is by far the best BBQ in Austin or anywhere I have found in Central Texas. Coopers BBQ in Gruene and Llano Texas were my favorites for the brisket and pork ribs until I tried LA Barbeque a couple of months ago. Now we go about 25 minutes from our house north of Austin just for their brisket, ribs, and the great sausage. Hook Em !!!!

  • Gene

    The pit master from Franklins BBQ, John Lewis, is now the pit master at LA Barbeque and is the BEST !!! 1502 South Congress about 4 blocks south of Town Lake and has FREE Lone Star beer and live music while you are waiting in line….can't beat it!!!

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