What a few American cities looked like 100 years ago (34 Photos)

OK, so the shots aren’t all exactly a hundred years old but they’re all in the ballpark.

  • bigcityreem

    #31 I believe this is Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn.

    • Adam B

      Jefferson Market Courthouse, Sixth Ave in Greenwich Village

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  • Bryan

    Too much fucking NY.

  • jkmcdermott

    #24 – is not NYC City Hall. No idea what it was, but I will tell you it doesn't exist now (Damn shame, too). Our city Hall was built in 1820 and has been on the same site at Broadway and Murray Street ever since. Its home to the mayor's office and Ciy Council. Abe Lincoln lay in state there after his assasination (they sent him up by train).

  • Zine

    #5 This one was missing the city name. It's Pensacola, FL.

  • Kat

    I loved this gallery Bob the pics were awesome! Do some more cool history pics like that!
    -From a Canadian chivette!

  • voonoo

    wish i coulda seen Camden NJ in here… it's a shit hole now

  • J.S. Wright

    I'd like to know where they got these (if they're from one site, that its) so I could see if any are of my city.

  • SacocrapSacocrap

    What's with all this Yankee crap?!?! THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!!!!!!

  • East Coast Bums

    All a bunch of dumpy hell holes now. The west is the best and has none of that old crap you east coasters have. East coast is now irrelevant!

  • Jessica

    #11 sad to see Detroit looking so good,.Nw its full of crackheads, pimps, and it's decaying.

  • ChiveGuy

    Happy to see some Cincinnati in here!

  • Junkbond trader

    #31 It's on 8th street and Avenue of the Americans. I used to go there!!!

  • Titties

    But what about New York?

  • Nice

    So all new York garbage…well done

  • Kakumei

    Hah I know exactly where in Richmond that is. Nothing has changed except how fast you get pulled over

  • Trauma

    Looks like someone found shorpy.com

  • myourdoor4u

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