What a few American cities looked like 100 years ago (34 Photos)

OK, so the shots aren’t all exactly a hundred years old but they’re all in the ballpark.

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  • Static

    #1 very cool!

    • Toba

      There's a 12 frame poster of this. I have it on my living room wall. It's a different angle, but the same badass construction from back in the day.

  • anguish

    Being a Detroiter, I would have loved to have seen Detroit back in the day. So much of it is run down..

    • From the D

      Im a detroiter as well. I agree. Its sad how much the city has changed over the years. But there are still some beautiful buildings…

      • Kristen

        Detroit sucks, Michigan sucks, GM sucks.

        • joseph

          Take your badittude somewhere else

        • Brad

          u suck black cock

    • James

      Because it's so cold in the D?

    • http://seanharts.blogspot.ca/ SeanHarts

      From across the river, I would have love to seen it back then too. The buildings even run down are amazing!

  • Mike

    Should have put Pittsburgh on here!

    • Firefighter23

      Probably couldn't see through all the smog

    • Kristen

      Pittsburgh sucks, PA sucks, Steelers suck, Penguins suck.

      • Ryan

        Y do ppl always hate our teams just because they are winners

      • tony

        you suck…yeah

    • Ryan


    • MattyDeuce

      Actually, the PA city I would have liked to see is Reading. It used to be so industrious with the textile mills and rail yards and was actually on Hitler's list of the ten most important cities in the US to "take out," but now it's considered one of the 3 worst cities (depending on what article you read) to live in. Times have changed.

  • Dan

    #15 aside from some new buildings in the back drop…still pretty much looks the same.

  • GeeROiD

    first. …. get mad

  • Frank

    Everything looks cleaner.

    • davo

      sadly the reason is most likely less immigrants

  • twoedges

    The post should be titled Photos of Manhattan 100 years ago (and maybe some other cities too)

    • christiantf9


  • jdfish2279

    I've always been impressed with pictures like these and how much things have hanged over the years.

    Plus its always good to see your home state make the list! #25

    • Kristen

      Nobody cares, cunt.

      • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

        Maybe you hadn't noticed but yer name precedes your post.

        So really, you don't need to sign your posts around here.

    • b.r.

      Where from in Alabama? I'm a Dothan girl!

      • jdfish2279


  • Observer

    #12 What a wonderful period it must have been to live in.

    All the signs are in ENGLISH!

    • gmen



      Con cuidado !! Ahí viene El Stinko !!

      • stinko supporter


  • North

    Love seeing pics like these. Too cool.

  • Matt

    As an admitted history geek, I really hope I get to travel back in time when I make it to the Great Beyond (which I also hope isn't for a long time)

  • marshall

    I guess the west coast wasn't around 100 years ago. Didn't know that.

    • Elmer Beck

      bitter much

    • ...

      I hadn't heard they moved San Fransisco to the east coast when did that happen

  • JSt31

    Great set of pictures, thanks for sharing. Kinda makes me wish I lived back then. It would be neat to see these pictures next to present day pictures, same view.

  • Flux

    History in the making very cool. Shame no pics of our 2000 year old city. Would love to see how the Romans did it 🙂

    • Underhill

      It would be great to be able to sand a video camera back in time — way back.
      Alamo, Calvary, Troy, T-Rex . . .

      • Underhill


    • Brad

      the aliens did it.

  • Ed Z

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    • Kristen

      Fuck you, Ed.

    • ADHD

      Man way to much to read!

  • Sam

    a time when leaving the house meant putting on a shirt, tie, and a fedora. half the people nowadays don't even put their pants on properly.

  • Nelson Pancakes

    #26 Cincinnati is so far behind the times this picture could have been taken last year.

    • timmyk

      When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Cincinnati because it's always twenty years behind the times – Mark Twain

      • Nelson Pancakes

        I live in the Nati and couldn't agree more.

        • ShakeyTheMoyle


    • WHO DEY

      fuck you

      • Nelson Pancakes

        Good. Good. Let the hate flow through you…

    • gus

      I think that's actually Walnut St, not Valnut

      • Jamey

        Yep, no such Valnut St. in the Nati.

    • ejc138

      Not true. We havent built the new streetcar yet. So this picture looks like it was taken ten years from now.

  • monica

    #19…being that I've visited that very spot and seeing it from back then is really neat! It still looks like that 🙂

    • monica

      I meant #20

      • Kristen

        You're a retarded cunt, Monica.

  • Ipee Freely

    No one cares about New York except New Yorkers

    • @lackofabetter

      You're right, no one, except the 40 MILLION people that visit NYC every year.

      • Project Mayhem

        fuck them and fuck you.

  • Elfantom

    They hate trees or what ?

  • boob_cuddle

    Every person you saw is dead. Creepy.

    • ez-e

      I was thinking the exact same thing

    • Nice


  • Salt

    It must have been nice to be able to walk down the street without fear of being shot/stabbed/mugged. It also must have been nice to not see people with their pants hanging down past their ass and people yapping like sheep on their cell phones.

    • Agreed!

      Amen to that!

    • MrStiggy91

      I agree with the pants and cell phones comment, but I'm pretty sure there was still a threat of being shot, stabbed, and/or mugged 100 years ago.

    • luke

      Had to deal with horse shit everywhere though…

    • Dan

      It was a lot more dangerous back then. The cops didn't have all the technology they have nowadays to catch people.



    Boardwalk Empire

    • MattyDeuce

      If you take a look at the beach in AC now it's riddled with syringes and there is next to nobody who sets foot on that thing…sober.

    • Nice

      I get it….like the tv show.

  • bryanole27

    Man they had great cameras back then.

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