• butters

    Hold me closer tiny dancer!!

    • Decepticons

      Bob … what r u doin … bob …stahp ..

  • ReneUreta

    hahaha! Nobody puts baby in the corner.

  • Shepard Wong

    I bet the other kid's parents weren't laughing!

  • dirty toe nail

    kudos to the performer for keeping calm!

    Parenting fail on the part of the little dancer. Put down your smart phone and control your damn kid.

    • Bost

      The parents of the little girl SHOULD have gotten off their asses, and got that kid off the floor… I know some people think it's "cute" but think about it….. she's being taught that she doesn't have to listen to anyone..

      and people wonder what's wrong with the world….

      • Smokahantis

        Ya no shit, what a crappy job of being a parent. Awesome preformer though. I kept waiting for the kid to get kicked in the face.

      • fiddlemethisbatman

        your face is whats wrong with the world

    • Not Oprah

      To be fair, if the parents had gone over and grabbed the girl, she probably would have started screaming, or even worse, started a game of chase, which is even worse. Maybe they thought it would be better for the dancer to have one distraction instead of three? However, if it were me, propriety trumps embarrassment, so I would have grabbed the kid and high-tailed it out of there. Then, of course, given the child a "lesson" in minding me. 😡

      • fiddlemethisbatman

        maybe it was her little sister….imitation is the greatest form of flattery

    • duh

      my thoughts exactly. I'd be proud of the pink ballerina for keeping her calm, the parents of that little owl should be ashamed that they risked the girls performance to let their brat run around. EVEN if she would have thrown a fit, that's when you take your child outside. It's called responsible parenting.

      • fiddlemethisbatman

        bitch called duh. clearly you know nothing about kids. how was life growing up spoiled like a whore. musta been great. opps i misspelled bitch like great…BITCH

  • StudPhi

    I was waiting for a roundhouse right to the face

    • Capone

      I was actually disappointed when it didnt happen.

    • Aaron

      I was thinking the exact same thing. One kick to the face and she would be out of there.

    • morebeer

      Wtf is wrong with you people….these are kids
      Round house kick to a 2 year olds face, yeah good stuff, asshat

  • larry

    first page

    • bob

      that right

      • fiddlemethisbatman

        that wrong?

  • Blackfiveoh

    Video bomb.

  • larry

    yep first page

  • bob


  • yoddle101

    Haha kids don't have any fucks to give

  • Kids

    Kids are the best, well mine are, your kids are probably assholes

    • _DoC_

      Kids has kids? Clearly your parents kid was a real slut

  • Kegger

    It's a sqweeeeeeelllll

  • http://informedguy.com/2012/09/27/little-dancing-girl-doesnt-give-a-damn-video/ Little dancing girl doesn’t give a damn (Video) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

    […] View the original here: Little dancing girl doesn’t give a damn (Video) […]

  • Bairde

    in Soviet Russia little sister fuck you up.

  • morebeer

    I hope the little kid keeps dancing, never let anyone stop her
    Do what you want….see how happy she was

    • Shoofly

      It was the other girl's show there, chief. What if I wanted to dance around at your daughter's recital and steal her attention? After all, I'd be doing what I want, right?

      • morebeer

        There is a difference between a child having fun and a douche being a douche
        She wasn't trying to steal the spotlight, she was just dancing to dance and wanted to be like the older girl. Notice her trying to imitate the older girls moves. She didn't interrupt her, she didn't get in her way she just danced around. Good on the other girl for just doing her thing too

        • boldspoo

          Sounds like you are or are going to be one of THOSE parents.

          • morebeer

            Hope that was said in your best snooty voice

        • Not NotBob

          A douche nozzle being a douche nozzle. Nozzle is the new bag.

          I smell french fries, but that doesn't make any sense.

        • Get a clue

          Hey asshole, there's a time and place for everything and this was the dancer's time to be center stage. The other kid was definitely stealing the spotlight. People with your attitude are raising a generation of narcissistic self centered little shits.

          • morebeer

            You're an idiot
            This kid is prob 2 years old, 3 at the most.
            You honestly think she is trying to steal the spotlight?
            She is dancing cause she enjoys it and its obvious she wants to dance with the other girl, not take her place. You really think there is motivation beyond just loving music and dancing at her age? Grow up, They are both kids.
            Of the two, the girl giving the performance will probably be the narcissistic one due to everyone else telling her this was her time to shine and she unfortunately had to share it with an innocent child….boo hoo
            People are so f'ing stupid.

            Faith in humanity faltering

            • MonkeyMadness

              You're the idiot. First and foremost, the little kid could have been hurt or hurt the other girl. She could have gotten kicked in the head at any moment. Would you think it was so cute if that was your kid that got hurt? Yes, she just wanted to dance but she needs to learn and bad parents let their brats run wild.
              Quit being a douche.

              • fiddlemethisbatman

                you suck balls

          • fiddlemethisbatman


    • morebeer

      Look at all the downvotes

      <img src="http://www.jeditemplearchives.com/news/images2010b/EmperorPalpatinePFProdBlog.JPG"&gt;

      Good, goooood….let the hate flow through you

  • Fatboy

    First, you've got a little girl working on developing life-long body dysmorphic disorder, likely with a hyper-controlling mom and an uninterested dad. She'll starve herself and not hit menses until she's 24. Then you've got a little a-hole who needs smacked on the butt until she learns to STFD and STFU. You don't always get to be the center of attention, but likely your mom would rather be your BFF and play words with friends with you rather than be your parent. Classy stuff, all around.

    • Adam

      Sounds like someones mad that daddy never let them pursue their dream of being a ballerina.

      • _DoC_

        He's Fatboy….I'm guessing being fat prevented that dream, not daddy.

    • Mark

      Tell us how you really feel

    • this

      how do we know that wasn't the dancers little sister dancing with her?

  • Coralie

    Props to the performer!

  • jasonB

    Poor kid welding all day in the steel mill, just wants to become a ballet dancer and some little snot in a fox costume has to ruin the dream

    • Flashy


  • Loyalnavygfchivette

    Ahhhh! I needed that ! Had me cracking up ! Lil girl don't give a damn

  • Mother Pus Bucket

    Hey! Come get your fucking kid!

  • Steve Grenier

    Her reaction at the end when everyone was clapping was priceless.


    HoneyBadger don't give a f*ck!

  • varu1976

    Mac is that you ?

  • https://www.facebook.com/ben.caffo Ben Caffo

    had me rolling…good stuff….

  • Verbal_Kint

    She dances better than me at 3am on a saturday… Bravo kid.

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