The amazing story of Devon Carrow-Sperduti and his perseverance (10 Photos)

  • Mike


    • carl

      dude, you owe me a new keyboard.

    • Aww yeah!

      Kcco lol dude I say the chive raises some money so if one of the school kids are jerks we trick out his robot with a few pistons that will enable a "headbutt" feature >:)

  • SAChiverSteven

    This is really sad, stay strong kiddo and KCCO!

  • Tiber_Septim

    Amazing story KCCO Devon, Hopefully one day you will outgrow some of your allergies

  • 'Merica

    Natural selection shouldn't be messed with.

    • Rich

      I hope you get testicular cancer……………hey, natural selection.

      • Zander

        I mean, the guy has a point – life sucks sometimes. Deny it and down vote him all you want.

        And to wish cancer on someone to prove your point…. How full of shit can you be?

        • kryvian

          He said natural selection shouldn't be messed with, as in that fat kid should die because he thinks so; not OMG what a shitty life, life sucks sometimes, as you suggest. Your argument is invalid. He's an ass you're a moron.

          Rich wishing for him to get testicular cancer would actually be perfect karma.

          • _DoC_

            Who said anything about him being fat?

            • kryvian

              most commonly the natural selection comment comes to incredibly fat people who would have a harder time surviving, or people doing dumb, dangerous things.

              most self righteous asses who come with the natural selection comment think that way about said individuals.

              that kid is a bit chubby (I mean, he has to stay inside a house, I'm not judging here), so even tho mister " 'Merica " didn't say it out loud, by saying "natural selection shouldn't be messed with" about a chubby kid that is also sick, you don't have to think hard to connect the dots.

              • KyleHeier

                I think you may be stretching a bit here to connect your own dots. A simple "woops, I assumed a bit there" would have done you better.

              • Nate

                Maybe it's just me, but I think he is talking more "natural selection" as in he has fatal allergies. Way back when, he would have just died, hence natural selection. With technology we do everything we can to keep our loved ones around whether it is a burden on us or not.

                Now don't go and take this out of context or anything just saying that the OC i don't think was targeting the kid for being fat.

          • Amber

            Natural Selection is about passing on the best genes and allowing the genes that aren't as effective to die off. As we continually allow the unfit to survive, we will be continually weakening our average gene pool. Over time everyone may have some form of hereditary illness because every sick person lives to possibly reproduce.

            I mean, we don't need to allow people to die to fix this (IMO) quite real problem, but we should dissuade the people who would have died from reproducing. I'm sorry, for the good of the human race, this should happen.

            • Gradaddy

              you sound like a suitable partner to reproduce flourishing offspring with. let's mate

          • GrimGrizzly13

            But he is right, im sorry if it sounds wrong, allergies happen from evolution, they are meant to perfect things that are flawed in a gene code, like allergies, so if an animal or human dies from an allergy, it wont allow them to reproduce and copy their gene code, this is why nature gave people allergies. Not saying that he should be left for dead, he has every right to live and the human species can do it through medicine and developed methods. But it would be natural if we didnt intervene.

      • Victoria, BC Chiver

        isn't natural selection all about survival of the fittest?this boy has super debilitating allergies, and he – wait for it – SURVIVED..
        and to top it off, he not only survived but managed to has at least some semblance of a life..not like morons like you lurking in their basement trolling for attention on the internet coz they know that's the only place they're gonna get it..
        Devon,'re lucky you can't get out in the real world, at least you dont have to deal with jerks like these on a day to day and face to face basis..

        • _DoC_

          Wow…you sir are ignorant and diluted. The OP was being a complete trolling asshole, but being glad this kid will never know what it is to live a real life *just* to avoid a couple assholes from time to time? Also, I hope you were kidding about the "survival" thing….

    • ChukDee

      U suk

      • psilo

        i hope you die in a car wreck..

    • Slim Jim

      i hope this kid lives a better and longer life than you

    • Meertnnn

      I guess natural selection is allready messed up since it let's imbreds like you post comments like that…

      • ...

        Inbreds not imbreds as in they breed with"in" their own family

        • Meertnnn

          Hey don't blame the foreign guy ;)… doing my best over here.

          • ...

            My mistake I didn't know I still appreciate your comment just not the spelling

      • F3n1x187


    • AJH

      It is – this awesome kid and his family are using their incredible strength and the resources available to them to beat death rather than give up. Sounds like the epitome of 'survival of the fittest' to me. By the way, you're an awful person.

      • truth

        Completely agree.

    • Turrebo

      Well, nature selected him to live, and nature selected us to invent all kinds of awesome solutions to awful diseases.

      So in a way you're right, just not in the way you implied!

    • stuart


    • Deep Dish

      While I don't agree with the comment that natural selection shouldn't be messed with, what kind of quality of life is this child going to have? Stuck in quarantine for 60-70 years? It didn't really say, but it sounded like physical contact is pretty much off limits.

      I really don't think I'd have that positive of an outlook if that's the life I had to look forward to.

      • Zip-a-de-do-dah

        I know a few people who have problems that I think would ruin my life; but they've had them all of theirs, they know how to deal with them, and they make their lives rock as much as they can despite the obstacles. Strange how optimism and positivity seem to be so much more a part of people with crippling problems than those of us without them.

    • Mn dude

      I hope a stampede of buffalo comes through you hoarder house.

    • MatteOh

      Man to Man, I hope you get lou gehrig's disease. pathetic.

    • Pr0n

      Plus 1 sir, society is going to help give him children and we're going to have a bunch of china glass people in foam and bubbles

      • Pr0n

        Also, I feel bad for the kid, good for him for keeping his head up etc. but the human race is slowly destroying itself.

    • zimzum

      i bet you wont say that if that was your kid……. butthole

    • GeeROiD

      If you believe in evolution, why would you thumb down the post? Boom roasted

    • 'Merica

      Wow… If I was genetically prone to the cancer Or any medical weakness you have wished on me I would not pass it on to another generation. As for the guy that doesn't like fat kids, where the fuck do you get anything close to me talking about the size of the poor guy?? It has nothing to do with his size. Amber has the same idea as what I mean. The human race gets weaker and more pathetic every generation because of advances medically allowing people that can't take care of themself to breed. If your kid is allergic to everything in the world, I'm just saying don't get to attached.

    • asoians

      Maybe it's only a matter of time until some cure for his allergies comes along.

    • phlatz

      Merica, you sir are a douche bag! So if you stand by your argument. If your mother were to come down with a debilitating ailment that has been lying dormant in her body for all these years, you would take a gun and put to your head and pull the trigger? I mean, you are of the same pool as her… The rest of us wouldn't want you weakening the gene pool for future generations… Fucking idiot. You're what's wrong with "Merica"!

    • jerry

      You're a despicable person. You are entitled to your opinion and maybe that's a conversation worth having, but to say it in this forum? If I were his father and read this I would want to help you understand just how stupid people like you get weeded out via natural selection because you don't know when to keep your mouth shut.

      Also, I think you're wrong. Should Stephen Hawking be put out to pasture? Would Serena Williams produce weak, feeble offspring that because she has a peanut allergy?

      • phlatz

        Well said buddy!

        • 'Merica

          You mad bro?

    • mike

      then why are you still alive?

  • WannabeNAVYbutMechE

    #1 Love the positive attitude (and the Boy Scout shirt)!!
    Keep being awesome and KCCO!!

  • Martini Steve

    His current FB friend count is 58… he's going to have a surprise tomorrow! KCCO!

    • Morten Prang Norup


    • Dan O

      Yep, this is why I Chive.

    • Ben

      You really think this kid needs to see all the pics of you drinking your face off and posting rap lyrics on his Facebook wall?

      • Sethiroth

        thank you for that ben, i cracked the fuck up after i read that

  • Lucillle

    Aww 😥 I wish him good luck!!

  • Zander

  • bErMeNtAl

    Wow that's crazy. It would be terrible to be allergic to so many things! Keep being positive and awesome! Also props to the other kids for being cool with it and not being normal kids and picking on him!

  • Chris

    inb4 BubbleBoy.

  • long

    That kid is going to be a computer genius when he grows up.

  • ChukDee

    Stay strong little dude….u will beat it just like jake Gyllenhaal did

  • BigG

    Shame its just facebook. Loads of ppl don't have it. Awesome kid

    • BigG

      Marked down for wishing him well because I don't have fb? Tough crowd

      • Josh

        Nope. I thumbed up.

  • livewire

    Awesome story .I want one of those robots to go to work for me. where can i get one?

  • MXM

    It is indeed horrible what this kid goes through, but on somebody like him you see where humanity gets with eating overdose of medication, gene manipulated food and so on

    • V4Vendetta14

      Douche…people are now living with diseases that used to be completely undiagnosed, unknown and fatal. For somebody speaking for humanity, you clearly have none.

      • Joe

        That was his point I believe. I don't wish anyone to be dead; it's just that what made us as strong as we are now (natural selection) is being overridden by science. I guess humans just aren't that patient anymore!

    • Me already

      Spare us and this awesome kid your black helicopter nonsense. 50 years ago he would have died as an infant. This is not proof of your conspiracies, it's proof that science (and this awesome young man) kick arse. Nothing else.


  • lat297

    What a sad story – but still reminds me of Sheldon in Big Bang.

    • V4Vendetta14

      Ha Ha, that was my first thought. Great episode. I like that the classmates drew pictures of him, not the robot. We hear so many stories of bullying, it is nice to see his classmates being kind.

    • rae

      lol right! but this kids looks cooler. needs a flash shirt or better a chive shirt hanging from it!

    • Steve Wozniak

      Nice virtual presence device!

  • psilo

    All that and the kid keeps smilin.. atta boy KCCO

  • childishgambino

    best of luck all the way from England… KCCO!!

  • whatwasthat?

    Get that kid a KCCO shirt because he is the embodiment of it!

  • fuzzleg

    Long story short.. Great to see such positivity from all concerned. BUT… thousands of disabled/sick kids don't have access to a robot for their schooling. Yes, he has a shitty life, and I can't imagine what his parents have been through, but….M'eh. Sorry.

    • IDTenT

      True… But this kid, with his robot for schooling, raises awareness of his condition and allows other students, parents, and all of us to be reminded of those in need. The alternative to this would be to have Devon sit at home and be home schooled away from society, society never interact with Devon (or other individuals with debilitating conditions), and society would remain indifferent to these situations. It's not about the robot dude.. It's about the kid's struggle for a sense of normalcy against all odds. KCCO Devon.

    • Conservative

      Yes, not everyone has one. So he shouldn't either, or is it that you just don't care about his life/death because of that unfairness?

      What I'm really trying to understand is, are you mostly a prick or a complete prick?

  • Sade

    I get the feeling that this boy can be a tech wiz xD Stay strong, you'll beat those allergies one day!

  • LeonWolf

    Sad story, Awsome kid.

    To bad there are even more kids like him out there who don't have these solutions.

  • A.J.R

    I was thinking overprotective parents until I saw #7… Stay strong & KCCO Kid

    • Shane

      It sucks that the trolls have learned about Chive. Just try to ignore the ignorant comments and KCCO. Who knows maybe your immune system will kick some of these allergies over time.

  • BBT


  • Pat

    Sorry to hear about your allergies Devon. Stay strong! Your robot is pretty cool.

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