The amazing story of Devon Carrow-Sperduti and his perseverance (10 Photos)

  • Revver

    KCCO little man!

  • ThruMy3Y3Z

    Chive On Little buddy #1

  • breaklance

    That's a pretty clever solution to homeschooling. Idk anything about Devon's affliction but hopefully he can grow out of some of those allergies – like i used to be severely allergic to poison ivy as a kid but now I work at a nature preserve and haven't gotten a single case of it. Anyhow, hope you get better Devon so you can physically attend school with your wonderful friends!

  • Annette

    Very cool Avatar he has. What a wonderful way to keep in involved in school with teachers and school mates.KCCO!!

  • SupremeMathematics

    Science has come along way since David Vetter and Ted DeVita. I'm glad he can keep his spirits up despite not being able to leave his house, hopefully science will find a way to allow him to venture out someday.

  • Rob Tompkins

    Devon you are officially my new favorite Chiver bro! Chive on!

  • Tom

    Saw this in the Buffalo News, I'm sure the family would appreciate if anyone could go or donate.

    "While treatments will likely be covered by medical insurance, the family expenses that will be incurred for both travel and continuous stay in New York City will mount quickly. So, a benefit for Devon is scheduled for next month.

    The benefit, which will include live music, food and various raffles and games of chance, is slated for 2 to 8 p.m. Oct. 20 at the Seneca Babcock Center, 1168 Seneca St., Buffalo, NY Tickets are $20."

  • Newfie Chiver

    KCCO Devon,, hope your facebook has a lot of friends by morning,,

  • Versari

    Reminds me of bubble boy. but good luck to him, and hopes he lives a prosperous life!

  • Brant

    #1 Love the Boy Scout shirt!

  • nuccabay

    this kid is awesome and kudos to his classmates for understanding

  • mirou

    you're a champion, keep on

  • fish

    Awesome Devon is Awesome!. And so are his Classmates! KCCO little pal. Hopefully you'll grow out of your allergies. It happens!

  • Ufftghhg

    Keep calm roll on

  • Anonymous

    Keep fighting big guy, hope all goes well.

  • Gypsy618

    Rock on!!! What a sweetie!

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