Edmonton Chiver wins the Lottery (2 Photos)

I was sent Lance Doyle's story a couple hours ago and thought it was a nice, feelgood story to kick of Monday. Congrats, Lance, love the shirt you wore for the official photo.

Full story right here.

  • FoolOfATook

    I'm thinking A

  • FoolOfATook

    I'm thinking about changing my name to Edmonton Chiver, sounds upper class.

    Sir, Edmonton Chiver to see you about that yacht.

    • NitroKa

      Ah yes good sir ಠ_ರೃ

    • ladypandapookie


    • willy

      If you ever visited there you wouldn't think it was classy anymore lol

  • Bigboi

    Hey this is crazy and I just met you, but give me some money cause I'm the first to ask you.

    • Yeah

      Well that was lame..

  • buttr

    Now all we need is a chive meet up!

  • gameoverjc

    I personally would've opted for the Mystery Box.

    • Timmer

      There could be anything in the mystery box! It could even be a boat!

  • rob

    Great – Now buy everybody a KCCO shirt!

  • tv_paul

    Good for him, now if he'd just use some of that money to put a hit out on Justin Bieber…..

    • mopar_man

      Best idea so far.

    • Stupid Deep

      Nope he's your problem now. We didn't want him!

    • Yerp

      Tv_paul always knows exactly what to say.

  • kenny

    His money let do what he wants

    Chive on, and chive responsibly

    • MylesofStyles

      By "responsibly" you meant "hookers and cocaine", right?

  • modsman

    can i borrow $5 mate…lol

  • http://mobro.co/IainThomas Iain

    Congrats from a Sherwood park chiver! Also good work on the moustache. In mo's we grow brother!

    • SeanYYC

      I'm going to wear my Canadian KCCO and my Mo every Friday when buying a lotto ticket

  • Notknowing

    I play the Lotto Max every week. All I get are free tickets. Still waiting for the big one.

  • Erick

    Congratulations man, make money with that money bro dont blow it!

  • bigcityreem

    It ain't no fun if the Chivers can't get some.

    • Lisa

      A Chiver did get some! 🙂 That's why it's awesome. He's one of us! 🙂

      • bigcityreem

        That was the point of my post. The song reference was completely missed here.

  • Drunkendave

    Right on. With the rig crew in edson splitting $25 mil and this guy, Alberta is the place to be!

    • Stupid Deep

      Plus we have jobs! A guy I know won 5 million a couple years ago. Another edmonton man, unfortunately not a Chiver

  • BCbeaut

    Am I the only one who thinks he looks a little like John Travolta?

    • heyisTi

      Yes, that what I thought too.

  • Dick

    This guy is such a fucking cum bucket

    • Dar

      This from a guy named Dick

  • Jamo

    Big Ben?

    • Yuppp

      Nope, Big Ben is too much of a rapist assbag to be a Chiver.

  • J. Phine


  • Danno

    Enjoy the new house and have fun on the vacation….you lucky devil you. CHIVE ON!!!

  • sfb101

    "feelgood story to kick of Monday"
    That's off Monday John, just saying…

  • Dave

    Congrats from a fellow Albertan

  • Jordan

    Finally something good coming out of my hometown of Edmonton 🙂

  • PiotrXC

    Maybe I'm in the minority here, but whether I won 1 million (congrats btw), or 100 million, I sure as hell wouldn't want my name, picture, or other info released. Quick search on the internet shows that one can hire a lawyer, set up a blind trust and have the "blind trust" collect the winnings. It's not 100% fool proof since someone can always do the research to trace the trust back to you, but at least you can live a humble life with a shit ton of money w/out fear of everyone and their brothers cousins 3rd stepchild asking for a handout…. that and just getting bombarded by every company for something.

    • Hurricane Harri

      Works in the states, but not in Canada. In order to collect the proceeds, you must sign the back of the ticket and present yourself for publicity photos and interviews. No lawyers or other legal entities are allowed to collect on your behalf.

      • Canadius

        HH is correct. The moment you sign your ticket you waive your anonymity

    • Laurie

      These days, one million dollars isn't anywhere near a "shit ton of money".

      • Matt

        Maybe not over the course of 5 years, but 1 million dollars made in 5 minutes is a shit ton of money.

  • Marie

    Is it just me or does he kind of look like John Travolta?

  • MrN00DLE

    Well played, Sir.

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