From Asia, with love (41 Photos)

  • Daddy


    • CheeseMonkey

      Life must suck when you're such a douchebag

      • Daddy

        Lol oh lord, it's so awful being a douchebag. Please help!!! Smh get a life man.

        • ZiaChiver


          • CheeseMonkey

            I just wanted to publicly apologize to daddy. I have a raging inflammation down south, and it makes me a little cranky… Especially when I don't get first comment, so daddy, I'm sorry.

  • Where's Dildo

    #9 #27 Dim Sum sweet ass dumplings

    • Alex


    • ABCdario

      I dont want to break up everything but….

      On internet not everything is what it seems !!!

  • Bud

    whoo! #14 has got it goin on!

  • DOVA

    Herro prease

  • Jake

    #40 must have a nice ass. Meow!

    • HiThere

      She definitely does 😉

  • @DJintheMHC

    Dear Asia, keep up the fantastic work. #38 in particular.

    Love, DJ

  • Rich

    #35 Forget the bat phone, we have the bear phone!

  • NeedleFapper

    I'm diggin me some Asians.

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    I'd do math with her all day long

  • bones

    #27 Faptastic

    • F.B.I.

      What do tits go for in Japan? That's a lot of yen baby…

    • Skermitt

      The gravity!

  • BigtotheD

    #32 Love me long time

    • shogun75

      see her kid on the bed? Yummy mommy

    • Basics

      Fail. If you want to be sexy never have kids.

      • youthwasted

        so funny to know that ideal changes with age…

  • bush

    Asians have lots of pubes

    • yep

      Quite the opposite… Been married to a Thai and a Filipina and both had very little body hair… Guess you're talking about the ladies from Japan?

    • Donkey Punch

      How can you tell? Their genitals are all pixelated…

  • Tiber_Septim

    #37 extremely beautiful even without the nose piercing

  • TX Chiver

    God I want to go to Japan.

  • SuperSoldier

    So how many of these are actually Thai ladyboys? I don't trust female Asians anymore…

  • Anal Vortex

    But the question remains.

    Which one of these was born a dude?

    • ViewtifulJesse

      Don't know why so many people downvoted your comment, especially after the LAST asian featurette the Chive has posted.

      • matt

        #36 is was a dude. Her name is alicia liu and chive gave her a whole spread

  • tjo55555


  • Lucas_Schmidt

    You know your mission Chive, FIND! #5 #14.

    • Anotherwes

      #5 looks like shes 11 years old…..I'm a bit uncomfortable with a request to find….

  • bam

    I need to find myself an Asian

    • dealsealer

      as i understand it, they aren't all that hard to find. getting them to think you're not a creepy Asian fetish perv is a different story…

  • TjRauch

    #1 – #40 everyone on this damn page is gorgeous!

  • chiapet

    Urrrgh, can't stand those fake "big eye" contact lenses and those ridiculous long eye lashes…but other than that, yes I would hit it.

  • Rahm Emanuel

    #21 Asa Akira…whore of the century!!!

    • Ryan

      It's actually Steph Ly… Nice try though

    • CanucksRule

      sorry dude, it's neither asa akira or steph ly. i've met the latter, and she's way prettier in person. fun fact, dunno about asa, but steph is really short.

    • stixnstones

      regardless of who she is, that's not a very nice thing to say… i don't think you'd b on this site if u didn't like ur women just a little on the trashy(?) side anyway.

      • Rahm Emanuel

        Are you serious? Have you seen her work? And yes it is Asa Akira…

        • Jorge

          Zero chance it's Asa or Steph. No idea who it is, but it's not those two.

        • Eli

          As much of an "expert" as you claim to be on Asa's work. You of all people should know what she looks like….and the lady in that picture certainly does NOT look like Asa Akira.

    • M27

      I dunno. Looks like Tiffany Luu to me.

      • Ryan

        That's who it is… I got Steph Ly and Tiff Lu mixed up. Both smoke shows

  • SirCtheIII

    I just got yellow fever.

  • ChiveOn

    I've always been a fan of #39 …. Super sexy. Wow.

  • Kenny

    #26 Perfect!!!

    • bunck

      Shan Shan Maity is her name.

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