Might as well dance. DANCE!! (33 Photos)

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  • TXChiver

    this isn't chive worthy. Better suited for the theBERRY

  • tebow

    for the most part, art is just a total waste of time, $$$, and energy. this is pretty retarded.

    • -T-

      What world do you come from??!
      Then turn off that music you listen to, forget any movies or TV, put your books aside, don't look at any photos or paintings or web sites… These were all created by artists.
      Without art life has no meaning. To me it looks like you are an artist in a closet. If you've never explored any of it, take some opportunities. 😉

  • CanadianPiper

    #14 Hi, yes can I get 200grams of roast meat curtains. Thanks!

  • Dbar

    F N stupid. But Ill keep kcco to the next one

  • Revver

    #25 and #29 Would make me smile.

  • ewinnyc

    #8 I am from NY and that is the dirtiest thing I have ever seen!! These are great pics but that just made me cringe!!!

  • Lauren

    These are absolutely gorgeous pics! Such talent!

  • Cancelation

    #4 I'd pee in her butt.

  • Steve-o

    #19 & #31

    I'm telling OSHA

  • socalmarti

    #7, #22, and #30 Are absolutely stunning. As a salsa dancer I'm always surprised by the people I meet, and from all diffirent walks of life. Everything from cooks, to vetinerians. Music and dance know no boundaries, out on the floor it's just you (and your partner). ❤

    • socalmarti

      And the music of course!

  • Fluffy La La La

    this series should be titled "You're probably thinking the word 'GAY' as you look at each photo".

  • CanucksRule

    #6 – great pic.

  • -T-

    I looooooove these!!!!! Absolutely stunning!!! So creative!
    Thank you!!!! :)))

  • zgl

    #5 – "i offer u to the seagull gods!"

  • Lazy Jake

    fucking attention whores. if dancing out in the middle of the street doesn't yell "look at me", then I don't know what does.

  • James C

    #28 Has amazing legs and I'd like to see MOAR!

  • kmotamed

    #14… that is kind of unsanitary!

  • chris

    why aren't they on a basketball team?!

  • http://www.iraaqna.com شات عراقنا

    thank you

  • ChristophersonofGray

    In your blood it's electric,
    And the power's in your veins,
    You've got a chance,
    Might as well dance,
    You know we're all the same cause…

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