• LeO


    • Jewbag

      $&&$);"@ smart!

  • Tim

    Hannah Hart! man that girls makin the rounds these days! MDK is hilarious

  • Donkey Punch

    Does the guy eat the wrapping paper at 1:37?? WTF.

    • MylesofStyles

      To answer your question: Yes. Yes he does.

      You're welcome.

  • cDubya

    Great to see all that food finally put to good use.

  • Tiber_Septim

    I love that, we're douchebags and we came to help! What's your excuse? Perfect and priceless

  • Verbal_Kint

    I'd put that piglet in a goat and the goat in a cow.

  • Verbal_Kint

    Also, this might be a cool project for chive charities, not just the donating cash part but organizing community events across the country for chivers to participate in. In full chive regalia of course.

  • bored

    Really these douche bags are still around and entertaining people? after the 3rd video it was the same act.

  • Harmonica

    well one EMT meal is enoughfor 7 days actually

  • Rick

    First time he's not drunk

    • socalmarti

      And there wasn't any JD in the recipe!

  • memeGuy
  • beerich

    We had our douchebag day some time ago.

  • Brendan

    What a huge waste of food! We're supposed to be thankful for what we have on Thanksgiving but this is pure American arrogance for a cheap laugh.

    • socalmarti

      They're Canadians!

  • Jahnny

    These guys are Canadian, and our thanksgiving was almost two months ago. Fucking sellouts.


  • Canucks_Rule

    sew that bitch up!!

  • jonah888

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    i think you are right i am with you but anyways happy thankx giving to all

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