This giant chocolate train is a sight for sore eyes (9 Photos)

  • Get Mad!!


    • Get Mad!!


      • Get Mad!!


        • biggles

          Man, a chocolate train.

          I would literally…CHEW CHEWWWW

    • NotFirst


  • McBeastie666

    I heard Bob's a fan of a different kind of chocolate train, if you know what I mean.

    • bob sucks

      Well one thing we don know he isn't a fan of… decent posts… his posts always suck

  • Legion

    Looks like Mr Hankey's Poo-Choo Express. Are we sure it's chocolate?

    • the man with no plan

      Of course it is. You can tell because Bob must be on his rag.

  • sfb101

    I hope that room is climate controlled…

  • tv_paul

    Look out, here comes Augustus Gloop!

  • Tom

    Poo-Choo Train??????

  • amrith777

    First the light extravaganza now this? I always knew Belgium was a place I'd have to visit before I died.

    • Pedro

      Yes, you should. It's awesome.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #3 – 'murica!!

    • kevin

      nop… belgium

      • Canucks_Rule

        i stand corrected. i prob shoulda read the caption above. lol.

        the u.s. will make one with a cream filling.

        • kevin

          … and some bacon 🙂

  • mirou

    what the hell are you watchin? let's eat people…..nomnomnom

  • TheVanityScore

    lets all get a giant glass of milk and see how fast we can demolish this thing

  • Colin

    It looks like the precursor to the Poo-Choo train.

  • Murph

    People are starving and cold just about everywhere you go… but this is important? I hope they eat if when they are done with it.

  • Dan the man

    Chocolate train!
    No one wants to hear about it now
    Chocolate train!
    Wish real hard it goes away somehow

  • emma886

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  • *dash*

  • Mike

    Yea fuck you starving kids.

  • K-1

    #1: This would fit in well in Homer Simpson's chocolate land dream world!

  • Mr. Poland

    That drive wheel configuration is all kinds of wrong….

  • The Truth

    Making a joke about the chocolate train?

    "Ain't nobody got time for dat!!"

  • northerner

    You mean it wasn't built in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Locomotive Factory? I'm crushed. I'm with the guy who said let's get a giant glass of milk and dive into it! Terminal acne here we come! Seriously, that's an awesome creation.

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