Viewing photos from a time way back when feels like entering The Twilight Zone (40 Photos)

  • p1ll

    #7 what a honey

    • chivester

      Those were the days…before any one had heard the term "sexual harassment"

      • MylesofStyles

        I know, right? The good ole days before bullshit like "rape" or "forcible confinement".

    • Smick

      That moment when u get a chub only to realize the woman is 70 years old… It's okay jimmy you can come back out…

      • toofunny

        Get a "chub"? You really say that??


      "Remember Chris, if she smokes she pokes."

      • chub

        Find her

        • Matt (KCCO)

          check the obituaries

  • Tiber_Septim

    #7 #24 timeless beauty

    • trex

      Its not the timelessness of the beauty, its the big tits.

      • Alex

        Those aren't tits- that's all bra right there. Notice they are conical.

    • nola

      Fa Sho!

  • bobo

    #7 Bored @ work olden times. kcco

  • ander

    A simpler time… A pointy bra time… A better time!

  • MonkeyMadness

    #15 Mind blown! Is that how they did that??

    • neil

      Seriously? You can tell that just by watching the show. It was so obviously. This is one of those posts where I'm not sure if you are serious or trolling.

      • MonkeyMadness

        lol of course I wasn't serious. Just being sarcastic. 😉

  • MikeOverHere

    As I was scrolling, I was thinking how awesome it was back then that they apparently kept disgusting fatties under lock and key and out of sight in polite society. Then * POW* number 35.

    • tralfaz

      POW* #35

      • ...

        10 bucks that he ate that dog

      • zorro

        Frontbutt is for lovers

  • Doogie

    #24 MOARR

    • Dr. J. Fever

      Just go find her workout video.

    • Mike

      Jane Fonda

      • YoYo

        I know it's not… but she looks like Kate Upton…

    • FUVC

      Wow, I was actually thinking to my self, "What a hottie" and then BAM you tell me this is Hanoi Jane, the biggest disgrace to the US since, well, just about ever. What a communist POS…. Such a shame, cause she was smokin!!!

      • Nikolai

        U mad, comrade?

        • Ivan

          I guess my reply got edited by the Thought Police… So, for an answer that's not "mad": There's a very good argument that Jane Fonda should have been charged with treason for what she did during the Vietnam War, especially the bit involving American POWs. So, some anger may exist that she's on the usually at-least-somewhat patriotic and pro-American Chive…

          • Cuthbert

            She did nothing wrong, nothing that any other real american would have done. Try reading up on the topic before you start blasting off about "Hanoi Jane" and the anti-aircraft gun incident. You just embarrass yourself.

            • Ivan

              Real American, indeed. Note "American" is capitalized, at least by "real Americans". So, you've already identified yourself as un-American. Need we go on? Of course she did something wrong, namely aiding and giving comfort to the enemy, a treasonous act. Maybe you should follow your own advice and read up on the topic. I'd suggest starting with US Code Title 18, Part I, Chapter 115, Section 2381, Treason. FYI, the triple-A photo op was the least of it. Some American POWs came to great harm because of some of her other actions. And please, keep your judgements about me to yourself. You only embarrass yourself, brother. KCCO.

  • That Guy

    #40 the sneaky ways people used to get upskirt shots of the ladies; before the internets and pinhole shoe cameras came around

    • Mike

      oh you damn dirty ape you..

    • mynameis

      I would say moar but it was just be bones and worms by now FTW!!!

  • MonkeyMadness

    #35 Bring me Solo!

    • professor

      is that ralphie may ????

    • mike

      ….I wash myself with a rag on a stick….

    • phoenixv8

      Don't forget the wookie!

    • CCJ

      I'm glad there were normal Americans too.

  • Mick Taylor

    #10 Typical Krauts, thinking they were bigger and better than anyone else.

    • Zoey

      Looks like the Guns of Navarone!

      • whatever

        Looks like Schwerer Gustav


      Looks like someone is over compensating!

      • Smick

        Looks like hitler really hated jews

        • whatever

          Looked like the indestructible forts were only 6-7 shells worth

  • Schnizz56

    #1 that book is timeless & still relevant today

    • spike

      only has three pages. page 1 get her drunk. page 2 ask her a question about herself. page 3 pretend to listen until it pays off.

      ….kinda still works today..

  • Schnizz56

    #10 Holy F*uck!

    • whatever

      7 ton shells anyone?

    • Guest

      Yup, that's the Gustav Gun. Amazing in some senses, totally useless in others.

  • Dave

    #35 run dog, you're bout to get eaten.

  • Lz123

    #7 mine! #16 ….. Oh shit!

  • Ryan Brown


    • Parker

      You mean CLBP: Current Lower Back Problems.

  • Will Berry

    #1 Barney Stinson's Dad/Grandad?

    • Parker

      Yeah maybe, but my Grandad is Jeffrey Jerome Clark.

  • Thoridin58

    #16 First thing I thought of was Ozzy Osbourne "Crazy Train".

  • Redman

    #16 Go home train, you're drunk.

    • Justsayoyvey

      first thing I thought when I saw that pic, was who was going to say it

  • @IgorPetersson

    #37 – Mid eighties. Not so old. Pac Man!!!

    • Spooky

      Try seventies.

  • Joe

    #21. Uh yeah McDonald's was founded by Ray Kroc, not Richard J McDonald. Ha but I guess everything on the Internet is true right?

    • MikeOverHere

      There were McDonald's long before Kroc came along. Kroc founded the corporation, not the restaurant.

    • MSUBeefman1

      Actually, McDonalds was founded by the McDonald brothers, Ray Kroc just bought the rights and developed the franchising system that made McDonalds what it is today.

    • notsofast....

      Ray Kroc originally sold milkshake machines to the McDonald brothers that started the restaurant chain; and bought the rights to the corporation and started and franchising the hell out of it. Today, you have the mega-conglomerate that it is today.

      I guess everyone on the internet with an opinion is right…. oh, wait.

    • Ronny McD

      Umm actually Ronald McDonald started it with his clown money that he earned from doing clown stuff… idiots.

      • ...

        Clown stuff he learned at clown college may I add. Stay in school kids!

        • griswad

          !st Mc Donalds was on "E" st in San Bernardino, CA. It is now a museum dedicated to Mc D,. Dad took us to eat burgers at the original stand, way back when.

  • testudo321

    This is the best evidence, that the rumors of Adolfs "deficiencies" in certain areas of his anatomy are true.

    • Anomanom

      Hitler, has only got one ball!
      Goering, has two but very small.
      Himmler, has something simmler,
      but poor old Goebbels has no balls at all.

  • jimbob

    #7 #28 find her and their perky breasts lol

    • whatever

      Do not want. these breasts probably cover her knees now.

    • Alumni72

      #28 = Raquel Welch. Still beautiful in her 70s.

      • Csquared303

        #28 Raquel Welch = GILF

  • Blom

    Well, that escalated quickly.

  • sallan

    #3 Anyone else have A-ha stuck in their heads?

    • Handjob Murphy

      I do now.

    • IKnowFunny

      I know funny. And that's funny.

  • dagleja3

    #40 – Where is the photo that the monkey took?

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