Successful ‘White Elephant’ gift wrapping surprise (10 Photos)

Gotta hand it to the wrapper, I was fooled….

Via imgur

  • Hex


  • Eidel

    I'll take a 30 of Budweiser instead. MURICA

    • TJR

      Might as well just as for a bucket of piss instead!

    • dirtysteve

      Why not buy a real US beer?
      Not some conglomerate corporate shit.

      • twd22285


    • @UncleBuck_

      i lol'd

    • 5280Blazin

      Good luck enjoying it tho.

  • Mr.ha

    Lame as cat Saturday.

  • Lauren

    I just wasted two minutes of my life…

    • dutch

      how did that take you 2 minutes?

      • Kato


    • 5280Blazin

      What did you expect? It was exactly what I thought it was gonna be. Make better choices.

    • YourLifeIsPointless

      Oh, please, Lauren. Please tell us what important endeavors you have in the works that was sidetracked by this post.

  • nope

    Duhfuq? Who the fuck wants a rocking horse to begin with? Then you double crush their xmas with a fake horse? Not cool man……not cool

    • nope

      Besides the free beer …..

  • Get it together

    Lame shit CHIVE

  • EggSauceTed

    I could do better

  • @Donnation

    Whomever made that has way to much time on his hands to do un-funny pranks.

  • DJG

    Seems legit

  • KWAL72

    The posters above have probably never been invited to a company White Elephant party. That rocks anything I've seen in 20 years of going to those things… WELL DONE BROTHER!

    • t-moss

      Thats what I was just thinking…white elephant is always kind of lame and this just would make it so much more awesome!

    • 5280Blazin

      Exactly, of course this isn't very funny online but you actually do this at a white elephant, fucking awesome. Use your imaginations people.

  • Cybberia

    This is a perfect idea for my homebrew club's Christmas party, white elephant exchange. Sweet!

  • Ashley

    so fucking stupid

  • ChiTownChiver

    A little too time consuming for me

  • Minha Lenha

    Slow day at the Chive?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #8 #9 – psych!!

  • Tom?

    This wouldn't fool anyone.

  • xaotikdesigns

    Am I the only person who sees upside down beer bottles and shudders?

    Those aren't just bottles of bud, so I'm going to guess that it's someone who appreciates a nice brew. (I could be wrong, I don't recognize any of those b ottles, they may be crap.)

    Not only is this guy going to be devastated that his rocking horse isn't really a rocking horse, but he's also going to find that his beer has had the flavor polluted by having the bottle upside down.

    • TrollinforTrolls

      God dammit man we have been through this before the beers are NOT going to taste like a cap after a day. Or are you careful even when moving your beers to make sure it doesn't slosh onto the cap? Do you pick it up from the brewery yourself? Otherwise that is a long trip and alot of sloshing around on the cap. Just STFU dude, most people don't care, you do, congratulations. Feel free to keep going around trying to show people how into beer you are, makes you seem wayyyyyy cooler.

    • ryan bonline

      Thank you! pay no mind to the trolls.

  • Mike

    White Trojan Elephant.

  • Eder

    You kinda just ruined all the beer. Wrapped in all that tape…. :/

    • 5280Blazin

      MMMMMM sticky residue all around the neck.

  • Moe

    I don't think you guys know what the term "white elephant" actually means…
    A white elephant is a gift that is seemingly beautiful/awesome, but is actually very inconvenient for the recipient (usually expensive to look after). White elephants were a literal gift (I can't remember where) as a sign of wealth of the giver and as a financial drain on the recipient.

    I may not have the story exactly correct but that is the gist.

  • svp

    good luck opening that

  • Ernie

    No everybody, it's just Bob. Bob post dumb shit all the time.

  • JJE

    isnt there one like this but its a duck?

  • Nick Lowe

    Where the hell did he find Efes beer? I haven't seen that shit since I was in Iraq!

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