Great and important historical photographs (23 Photos)


  • B.Rose

    #17 Awesome!

  • SkyVader

    #4 – God Bless Johnny Cash

  • bigyawns


  • TiL

    lol you lazy bastard, I saw the post with the exact same pictures on reddit. atleast put some work in it.

    • 4Chan

      True Story

    • Spike

      Cool! Now I don't have to go to Reddit…because I never do.

    • Boomer Sooner

      Yeah dude, thanks for weeding through the crap that is reddit to find something worth looking at. I don't care if its not original.

    • A BiPolar Guy

      reddit, I suppose never contains copies of anything from elsewhere on the internet? And reddit folks scanned the photos? They took them as well too, right? If not maybe they should go out and create some original content instead of just ripping off the work of mostly dead photographers? (I'm pretty sure I can hear a couple of them yelling "i'm not dead, yet!"

      • TiL

        you're so oblivious. the entire collection is from 1 post. i'm saying he didn't put any work in it. dont get so angry when someone comments a negative comment on your most beloved website. The longer I stay on this site the more I realise that alot of the viewers are complete assholes.

        • Spelling Police

          "Alot" isn't a word. It's "a lot." Stay in school.

        • A BiPolar Guy

          I'm not angry at all. I'm just making fun of your silly comment. Do you know that the reddit poster did any more than copy it from somewhere else? why should I care that it was copied? And he did do something to add value. He found it and brought it here so I didn't have to search around for content I enjoy. I like the taste of the guys here (mostly). That save me time and effort. By the way what's up with that narwhal, anyway?

          • TiL

            You're right.

    • Jrmtiger

      KCCO, dude.

    • rhodytarheel

      Would it have made you happier if the order of photos was rearranged? Or it a few were omitted? Or if they Instagrammed a few for effect? Who the hell cares…the web is one giant land of curated and shared content.

      • theMAN

        I have to agree with TiL, Reddit may have a lot of bad things about it (A LOT of bad things), but no one there makes any money off of what they post. TheChive is a business who's sole purpose is to make money. Again, nothing wrong with making money, but they should at least give credit to the person who took the time find all of these photos and post them in one handy thread for TheChive to take and make money from. They didn't even change the captions or order that they were found on Reddit. Sure, the OP on Reddit doesn't own these pictures either and yes, I have seen postings originally from here posted their but in that case it is clearly marked as so. Frankly, it's just lazy passing it off as work they did. Using semantics in your favor doesn't make it right. Any other type of website and the whole of the internet would enraged.

        • ScottishYankee

          There is a thing called SOURCE under most if not all post theChive do.
          Click on it you'll realize that it takes you to where the pics come from.

          • rhodytarheel

            ScottishYankee for the win

        • gettinIT

          who cares. if you like reddit go there. if you like theChive stay here.

          • Dr. Gonzo

            he right. you guys are complete hacks

    • itsdinger

      riding a bike is the shit

    • IamAfaggot

      Go back to /r/spacedicks. Reddit is full of elitist faggot's who think that they invented all the content on the internet. They also are bigots who hate people that believe in god. TIL redditors are dicks.

  • Jim

    #18 OBEY

    • soho


      • soups818

        Wait, he's a Fascist now? I thought he was a Socialist. I'm so confused, douche.

        • asdasd

          yeah… folks like soho just need to admit they can't stand the fact that we have a BLACK MAN in office….

          • liv

            I could give a shit what color his skin is, it's his views I disagree with.

        • xhulkontiltx

          Theyre the same thing. Learn to history.

          • soups818

            Hahahaha you dumb shit. They are total opposites!

            • xhulkontiltx

              Ahhh, another useful idiot. Lenin is proud of you.

              The nazi party was the National SOCIALIST party, so Hitler was the opposite of a fascist??

              I guess I have learned something today

              • zis

                So Nazi Germany, Sweden, Cuba, France, USSR are the same thing because there is the word SOSIALISM somewhere in the name of the goverment party. You really have no idea what you are talking about do you?

              • soups818

                Man, keep sounding retarded, it's the lulz. Socialism and Facism, while both have "big" government ideals they are polar opposites within the power spectrum. I'm done arguing with a dumbass on the interwebz, I'm out.

                Also, what zis said. Just because they used the word doesn't mean they have "socialist" ideals.

                • Obey, indeed.

                  Just because you call yourself a democrat doesn't mean you're not a communist…

        • pep

          Yeah dude you really need to learn how to history…

      • chuck

        Si. As in sì, possiamo?

  • tv_paul

    #21 The one in the middle looks like Meatloaf? Well two out of three ain't bad.

    • yowza

      and talking on phones!

      • Endo

        Time travelers!

    • jOb

      he does look buzzed like a Bat out of Hell doesn't he?

      • tv_paul

        You took the words right out of my mouth.

        • NebraskaGuy

          Well TV_Paul, I had a great comment for ya that might have even been funny, but as soon as I clicked 'submit comment' it was instantly deleted by the administrator – seriously, this shit is getting old 😦

          • bigbob

            happens to me to alot and i dont know why

          • tv_paul

            I know, certain combinations of words makes it happen. Do me a favor. Try writing on a new post K of the R T. (think King Arthur) and see what happens.

            • NebraskaGuy

              Yep, I typed it and BAM instantly deleted! Makes no sense!

              • tv_paul

                I appreciate you testing. People accused me of doing it but how could I. Certain word combinations seems to do it. I once tried to do a parody of a song lyric and BOOM it happened. Even when I changed the spelling of words . Sorry you couldn't post what you wanted but at least I feel vindicated about some accusations that were made ( not by you) Thanks again.

            • NebraskaGuy

              Same thing happens when you type the word: SHE-NAN-IGANS (without the dashes)
              Try it, it's fun! (sarcasm)

              • tv_paul

                Nice, it makes no sense what so ever. People can use every curse word or nasty remark and that's okay but you try to type our 2 examples and get dismissed.BTW try the word r-a-c-ist (I had to substitute nasty for this word)

                • NebraskaGuy

                  Lol I believe you! In fact, I sent off an email to Resignation Media describing what's happening with posts, asking for an explanation – we'll see. I've already posted anonymously as WhyChive (to avoid catastrophic thumbing down of my post) on a few occasions asking why posts were deleted, but got no response at all. I at least thought the two main guys (John & Leo) would respond online publicly, but so far, nothing. Hopefully this will get resolved. I can see from other posts you and I are not the only one's experiencing this problem. The main issue as I see it is these posts are what brings Chivers INTO the Chive community and it's what sets this site apart from others, like Reddit, for one example. The format is appealing and it's geared toward a more 'community' building layout. So deleting comments with no apparent reason whatsoever kinda kills that ideal. People will eventually get fed up with the commenting system, and popularity in this site will suffer.
                  Ok, enough soapbox … I'm outta here … 😉

      • Gimletmike

        For Crying Out Loud.

    • Castiel

      The one on the right looks like a blond James Roday to me.

  • Courtesy Flush

    #1 back to the kitchen woman.

    • Filbur

      she has pretty nice cans though

  • Jen

    awesome pics!

  • tv_paul

    #19 Looks like John must be thinkin' of Marilyn Monroe in this picture.

    • JanelHR

      And Ted is already drunk.

    • NebraskaGuy

      Goddamn that's funny! I noticed his shirt half stuck into his pants too!

  • TheAssMan

    #10 We will never understand how good we have it. Great post! KCCO!

    • jesus

      a powerful photo…no children deserves to live this…

      • guest

        no PERSON deserves to live this.

        • jesus

          correct! but as a senior, you can understand the situation. But im with you, no one deserves this.

    • allobeyobama

      Enjoy the freedom while you can.

      • bigdeal

        lol forreal

      • lawnguyland

        Shit. Too late!

  • jasonB

    Well that escalated quickly

    • in the face

      were the snowballs made of bricks?

      • Stick

        Nope, but the throwers were from NJ

      • Turrebo

        The throwers may, Idunno, accidentally have wet the snowballs, then squeezing them real tight to get all the water out. Or they may have been throwing icicles when they ran out of snowballs. Or something.

      • Old Man River

        Back in my day… way back when… it was common for snowballs to have rocks in the middle. I'm guessing that's what these kids did.

    • Lukeatmacok

      Looks like Tom Hardy on right

    • TheVanityScore

      seems like kids in highschool were just a little more rough back in the day. seems like they had more fun though

    • ChodeLauncher

      This type of rough play was common back then. Now we're a bunch of pussies.

    • Irish-Man

      I know I thought, oh must be boxers or street fight. Fuckin' snow ball fight damn dude.

  • Mr_liqour_liver

    #20 was also considered the first rollercoaster

  • The Oldar

    Thank you. A very good post.

  • Porkins5

    If this happened today there would be lawsuits, investigations and media outrage . . . and we wonder what is happening to our men #22

    • jasonB

      And they probably had the time of their lives.

    • mmm

      They go to places like this:

    • Sgt. Hulka

      Lighten up, Francis. All that can be said for certain from that photo is that those bitches got pwned.

  • Jesus Christ

    #5 Brilliant #22 What did they do put rocks in those snowballs?

    • Handjob Murphy

      Clever young gents probably packed the snowballs until they were ice. May as well be rocks at that point. I like how they posed, just like the kids today with their Face Books and their Twitters and What Not.

      • Jesus Christ

        Don't forget about the Myspace's. The black sheep of the family.

        • jeff

          people still use Myspace?

          • Jesus Christ

            Believe it or not yes, they recently overhauled the whole site. Still garbage but at least they try.

  • jokerz4fun


    Great shot

  • morebeer

    #22 Is that Tom Hardy on the right??

    • Ryan

      Absolutely. He's looking good for his age huh?

    • Me3PO

      "But, Of Course" – in a high pitched Sean Connery voice.

  • sfb101

    #4 Fuck yea!
    #13 Busted, bummer.
    #18 Looks like something out of The Wall

    • TheVanityScore

      the lumber truck one was pretty freakin smart though lol what a well crafted way to sneak liquor around

  • alex

    #4 Looks like he is reading from an ipad..

    =6 It's an IRA bomb he's heading to, circa 1996

    • alex

      #6 I mean

      • Busternut

        It's northern Belfast in the 1970's

  • twoedges

    Great post, but I don't understand the historical significance of #12

    • jim thorton

      I think it is just some dudes doing cool shit from back in the day.

      • warmwoolenmittens

        Good analysis.

    • m.uch

      This would be during the Meiji Era of Japanese history, when Japan was opened to the rest of the world, primarily Western influences, and some members of the traditional warrior class resisted new technology and techniques in favor of their traditions.

    • Alumni72

      Quite simply, how many photographs have you seen before of 19th-century Japanese warriors? And it's a pretty casual shot, too – not one of those official posed photos (well, not for the most part, anyway).

  • WalterSobchak_

    #10 #15 The best and worst of us.

    • Jakeman

      And it probably only happened a few months apart…

    • allobeyobama

      courtesy of compassionate Socialists

      • pepe

        yes, the US goverment that made concentrations camps for their own citizens (not "relocation center camp" as it's written under the picture) "relocation center camp and "standard" war jails for german soldiers

    • tbone0217

      I would also throw #14 into the category of "not our finest hour"

  • MrSusan20

    #16 and nine, nine rings were gifted to the race of men.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      i like the IDGAF of the 2 with reversed sashes.

  • ZIM

    #21.. The dude in the middle….drunk dialing on his cell phone?

  • fgbsgb

    That was really neat.

  • jshiver15

    Awesome . . every last one of them.

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